It's hard to imagine a cuter scene than the one Australian dog-owner Kerry McKinnon encountered when she woke up one chilly morning.

As McKinnon tells it:

"It was quite early in the morning, and my husband yelled out to me to come have a look at something."

McKinnon wasn't sure what to expect, but was delighted when she saw her five-year-old golden retriever Asha had made a new friend during the night!

A tiny koala had climbed onto Asha during the night for warmth and comfort.

Though Asha seemed confused, she was also too nice to try and get the koala off of her.

McKinnon commented to CBS News:

"She looked a bit guilty when I came out to see what was going on."
"Her expression was hilarious."

In the early hours of the morning, temperatures in Strathdownie, McKinnon's hometown, were low: around 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). The family believes the tiny marsupial must have fallen out of its mother's pouch then wandered over to the dog for help.

It took some effort, but Asha and her new friend were eventually separated and the McKinnon's took their new koala companion to Koala Control, according to their Facebook post:

"Asha looked extremely guilty this morning and couldn't come up with an explanation on how this baby ended up on her back. Took bub to the vets and she's now been passed onto a Koala carer. Hopefully we find out how she goes."

McKinnon also pointed out:

"It was really an amazing thing to see and so uniquely Australian."

It's not hard to understand how McKinnon's photos went viral so quickly. They are absolutely adorable, as hundreds of internet commenters pointed out.

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

Kerry N Raymond McKinnon/Facebook

The undeniably cute images of Asha and her koala spread across the internet quickly, making smiles wherever they went!

What did we do to deserve dogs?

Or koalas for that matter?

Maybe someday we will learn to be just as caring and adorable as they are.

H/T - CBS News, Facebook

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