I have three cats. It's a non-stop bonanza of drama and cuteness and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Pet owners are used to this, and some of them have shared their recent goings on with Reddit - such as cats whose schedules change, and guinea pigs harboring resentment over watermelon.

vicious_viridian asked, What drama is currently happening between you and/or your pets?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

How dare that foot?


My dog is mad at her own foot. Not sure why, but she's determined to show it what for.


Pro tip: use a squirt bottle.


Every time my cat starts scratching the couch my family and I give a quick, stout, "hey!". Because of this, my dog has learned to get all huffy and run over to stop the cat when she hears the scratching start. However, my dog can't differentiate the scratching on the couch vs the scratching on the cat post, so now my cat feels like no place is safe and there's a lot of tension.


My cat is exactly like this.


Had a talk with my puppy about bathroom privacy but he hasn't listened. Offered a compromise- he can come in the bathroom but don't lick or otherwise touch me while I'm in there. He is still insisting that his presence and licks are necessary.


Cutest drama ever.


Our old lady rabbit has decided that the (human) baby is actually hers, and gets very upset and mopey if separated from her. They only get supervised interaction time, though, as the baby is 9 months old and very grabby. If we try and stop her grabbing, the rabbit will come and put herself back against baby's hands to ask for another fur pull.

And yes, the rabbit has a second rabbit to play with - he's much younger and smaller than her too, so it's like she has a baby rabbit too, but she prefers the baby human.




I moved recently and my dog has not gotten used to all the new neighbors and their dogs yet.

Everyone is super nice and other dogs bark at her too but she's a basset hound which doesn't seem scary, she's so short and adorable but her "HELLO FELLOW DOG" bark sounds like she will eat you and your whole family. Her tail wags the whole time so she's not trying to be ferocious or anything but it sounds intimidating to everyone.

It's just like, this why you don't have new friends yet dog... Calm your floppyass.


Now this is just gross.


My dog keeps stealing cat poop out of the litter boxes to eat it and it's driving me crazy. He is not being a good boy.


And you think you have a crap job.


I'm the only one who knows the difference between our dog's normal bark and his "I need to go sh*t" bark, and I'm at college rn.


This is drama.


My bird is pissed at my guinea pig for eating all the watermelon.


This slutty cat.


Our well-fed and well-loved cat broke into a neighbor's house and rolled around on the floor, exposing her belly to the old man who lived in said house like some common gutter tramp. This cat now shoots daggers at me every time I refuse to indulge in her floozyizms and let her out, but she's already made a name for herself on that Nextdoor app and is known as a sort of a neighborhood tart. Enjoy a few days indoors, you brazen hussie. :(


This cat's career is waning.


My girl cat has been late to her job recently. We took her on for the position of after-shower greeter; she's always sitting on the toilet by the tub whenever I get out and meows at me, but lately she's been tardy and had affected her most recent yearly evaluation.

I told her that the boy cat was looking to change departments lately, and while we didn't want to lose her, she had to make more of an effort to keep her position

As of this week, she's been showing up early, but I still wonder what's going on in her life. I hope she's okay.


Oh, the drama.


My mom has 2 humming bird feeders that she is obsessed with watching. She is super concerned because one is "being a bully" standing on top of the feeder and attacking other humming birds trying to feed.

Become a real hot topic of conversation


This owner betrayal.


The dog is currently not speaking to me because I did not give him the pizza crust like I usually do. But I covered the slices with garlic sauce. He is upset and betrayed.


It's flea season.


I just put her Frontline on and she'll be pissed for a few days. Plus we're camping tomorrow so I've been packing and she's angsty thinking we are leaving her with family (we are not.)


This is impressive.


My guinea fowl family had a close call with a hawk today. They were on the open hill above our home having a morning stroll and hunting breakfast. Then the parents noticed a hawk circling and calmly told their 12 young keets (4 weeks old) to play hide and seek, hunker down in the grass, and not make a peep until they came back to get them.

The parents then hiked a ways away and distracted the hawk with their piercing warning calls. This caught my attention, and when humans started getting involved the hawk gave up and flew away. When I saw the hawk, I was certain that the baby birds had perished and that this was the cause of the parents' cries of distress.

However, as I scoured the landscape for what I was certain would be the site of a massacre, I found myself instead in the midst of 12 small grey rocks covered in feathers. They were so still and well camouflaged that I would never have seen them if I weren't specifically looking for them.

After the coast was clear, the parents went back to gather their young ones and brought them back to the farmhouse, where I offered them a meal of fresh chick crumble and a special treat of white millet for dessert.


This is the best kind of drama.


My cat has finally figured out that my alarm going off means I'm making plans to leave the bed so moves up closer and burrows in while batting my hand to be petted while purring and being extremely warm thus making me not want to move.


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