People Break Down Which Professions Are Criminally Underpaid
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While a number of people lost their jobs when the global pandemic hit in 2020, and others had to switch to working remotely, there were those who literally had to show up to work.

Their time and effort thankfully did not go unnoticed for the most part, as they would become known as "essential workers", without whom the world as we know it literally would not function.

If only their value was also noted in their salaries.

Indeed, for far too long it's often been that the hardest working people all over the world are also among the most egregiously underpaid, which in contrast often leads people to wonder if certain professions should be as lucrative as they are.

Redditor kushkakes77 asked:

"What profession is unbelievably underpaid or overpaid?"

Those who help others should be helped with bigger paychecks!

"Basically any job that asks you to assist disadvantaged individuals."- Upstairs_Toe_1402

"Most professions where you're helping people, in my experience, are chronically underpaid."

"Speaking as a social worker, high stress, never ending workload of emergencies, and low pay."

"But, I enjoy what I do."

"I love the clients I support, and can't see myself in any other field."- FoxxyCleopatra75

"Most, if not all, of the human services jobs."

"I have a few friends in social work and they are so vastly underpaid for what they do."

"Like these people work to make the lives of children better and I make more walking around half a block of property."

"It's honestly gross."- Sanguiniutron

Seriously, for the amount they give, they deserve more in return!

"Social work is almost always underpaid."- Witch_Covfefe

"Nursing home workers."

"Minimum wage to clean old people sh*t.'- nedeta

Saving lives, and criminally underpaid

"EMTs make like fucking $11/hour or some sh*t.

"Maybe it's gone up a bit over the last year, but it is alarmingly low considering our lives are in their hands, even if we're just driving nearby while they speed through red lights."- Shermione


"Pays less than McDonalds presently, requires school to do and usually has rough hours."

"Physically demanding, psychologically difficult... the list goes on."- Carpaltunnelsnake

An fancy office should not always mean higher pay...

"Overpaid: hospital administrators and health insurance executives."- titanmd315·

As if the US healthcare system didn't have enough problems...

"Pharmaceutical reps."

"When I left 15 years ago, I was bringing in over $120K per year, and on an average day."

"I would work 5 hrs., including at least 45 minutes for lunch."

"Four times a year, I would be flown to some 4-star resort location where we would have sales meetings, dinners at the most expensive places in town, pricey after-dinner drinks in the hotel bars, and hook-ups with co-workers in the room."

"At the time, the industry employed the hottest women to be found because they thought they could command the physician's attention."

"I left because I had a real problem with my employer buying $800 bottles of wine for docs and calling it 'research and development'."- SnooBooks4898

One of the US legal system biggest flaws...

"Public Defenders are extremely underpaid where I live."

"It's still a good amount of money, but you could get a job at a fancy library for around the same salary."

"Kind of sad really since they work their asses off for unfortunate people and aren't paid much."- EugeneVanSnorky

It is sad to think how those who work the longest hours or the most grueling jobs still find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

And it's even more sad to acknowledge this could be a problem that might never change.

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