Jobs That Don't Allow For A Single Error According To Employees
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When starting out in a new job, we often have some concessions when it comes to finding our footing.

Therefore, we are often forgiven for most mistakes we might make in our first few weeks of the job, often being sent home with a warning.

However, not all jobs allow for the same leeway, even on the first day.

Generally speaking, these are the types of jobs where people are responsible for the safety of others, sometimes even in life or death situations.

As a result, there is literally no room for error, even with the tiniest mistake.

Redditor quickebap was curious to learn which professions cannot tolerate any mistakes whatsoever, leading them to ask:
"What job allows NO f*ck-ups?"

Consequences Could Be Cataclysmic.

"Underwater Welder."- Aberrant_Being

A Skydiver's Worst Nightmare...

"Parachute Rigger."- Richuational

Maybe Is Not An Answer...

"The person who checks the safety on a bungee jump."- quickebap

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Why Some People Have A Fear Of Flying...

"FAA air traffic controllers."-


"Aircraft mechanics."

"Every tiny oversight may lead to a disaster."

"Emergency landings are also disasters, think of all the lost money and confusion."- Just_your_FBI_agent

Being Meticulous Isn't Enough...

"Minesweeper."- Frea_kingweeb

Never Get Between A Man And His Car...

"People who swap broken garage door springs."- MrJuniperBreath

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One Wrong Word Is All It Takes

"Hostage negotiator:"- MysteryMan999

They Literally Have Your Life In Their Hands!

'Anesthesiologist."- rikutosashimi

No Room For Shaky Hands!

"Brain Scientist and Rocket Surgeon."- DustinDeWind

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Everyone has made a mistake once in their life.

After all, as the saying goes, "to err is human".

Even so, certain professions simply do not allow for even one simple mistake.

Particularly if that mistake could end up costing someone their lives.