What is minor to some is major to many. And that's ok. We all process feelings differently. One's last straw is one's last straw! The smallest things can often be the spark that ignites the powder keg. That is why we all need therapy and meds. The "small" things add up. And when emotion is unchecked.... the small can lead to a HUGE explosion!

Take cover y'all!

Redditor u/visualsplendor wanted everyone to share about those things that drive us up a wall though they might not seem like that big a deal by asking.... What minor thing offends you the most?



Couples/groups not switching to single file on the pavement when people are coming in the other direction.

Freaking move ya bag of crap. ushouldcmoiinacrown

Lacking Humans.

Then there are people that lack the compassion and humility to moderate their behavior based on the effect it has on the people around them and the world in general. TocTheEternal

Speak Less. 

So I'm a terribly shy and quiet person even with friends and family. I get a lot of comments on "how I should talk more" or "why don't you talk more" or "all you say is yeah" so it really offends me when I actually do talk and either no one listens to me or they cut me off and talk over me. It hurts and actually makes me want to speak less. uninvitedwhitechick

Thumbs Up!


When I work really hard to accomplish something, tell someone about it, and they say something wow that's lucky! Outrageous_Claims

Dirty. Dirty. 

When I'm almost done with dishes and someone brings me a dirty dish. RiaModum

I'd rather that happens than when you've done the dishes, wiped down the counter, the sink has emptied and then BAM! A dirty plate on your nice clean counter. SkyScamall

No veggies Jesus!

When I was like 5-10 years old I wouldn't eat any veggies. My family always talk about how picky I was and now that I can eat most any veggies (not lettuce or onion they still suck) we will be out and when I eat something i normally don't they act like it's the second coming of Christ, its pretty humiliating to have your family in shock because you ate a carrot. Trixieboi

Hey Brad.

Being called, "bud" or "buddy".

I'm not your dog, my name is Brad. BradS2008

My former landlord used to call me "champ." I would pay my rent and he would say stuff like "thanks champ." It was kinda awkward. Reddit


Dog-owners who let their mange poop anywhere it wants., if you call them out, it's "oh, I don't have a bag with me and I didn't know he was gonna do it" yeah, why you walking it around the block 4 times. SFBushPig

I bring handkerchiefs and are not afraid to pick up the sheet and drop it in a bin. dope_tastic

Gee Thanks.


Sometimes People don't understand why this is a backhanded compliment but if you say "you're pretty for a black girl" it's implying that I'm pretty despite being black like it's a flaw. Chickensandpumpkins

Dog. Barking.

My neighbor's dog barking. Then I go backpacking. I walk many miles to a secluded area to relax and still. Dog. Barking. Someone brought their dog, and it will not stop barking.

I go on vacation far away from home and somehow the same barking.

There is no escape. There is only barking.

Trying to do school work? Might as well relate it to the constant barking in my ears.

Important phone conference? You guessed it: dog barking.

Trying to relax in my own yard? Dog. Barking. LethargyLord

MOVE, I can't wait for you!


When someone pushes you to move faster, but it is the person in front of you that is holding everyone up. Fluffiddy

People stopping when they get the top of an escalator. "MOVE, I can't wait for you! The floor below me is literally moving!" DrKnowNout

I'm talking. 

being interrupted while speaking.

I know I'm not anyone super special or of nobility but still. Felo-DeSe

My in-laws were doing this all the time whenever I came over for dinner. One night I was so done and asked them politely 'I'm sorry, do I interrupt you in the middle of my sentence?'. I know its sassy but it did work. DD0805

Be Kind. 

People being condescending. MeAnIntellectual1

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will only cause... permanent psychological damage. lordpookus

Don't Toss....

Littering.... Vohdre

Most of the other answers are pretty brief annoyances. Littering, on a case by case basis, might be a minor thing but the apparent widespread willingness to litter has an enormous negative effect on our living spaces. Damn litterers. Lazy selfish PoS's. TocTheEternal



Spelling you are as your and not you're. hellosamish

You're Mouth!!

People slurping or crunching foods loudly. salad_hater_117

This isn't even mildly offensive. This is just blatantly offensive.

Once, at a Starbucks, this man inexplicably had nothing but ice in a cup. No water. He'd violently stir the ice then spoon out an ice cube and open mouth crunch. He just sat and finished his cup of ice like it were a bowl of cereal. When he was done he just walked out.

It was possibly the most bizarre thing I've seen. spacesuitz

Hands Off! 

Being touched by someone without permission. It just sends me over the edge, it's rude and I hate it. Keep your hands to yourself damn it. Whitewolf023

Yes. I really hate being poked or jabbed with a finger. Especially in the belly! Hey pokers, how is it that you even think that's an acceptable thing to do to someone else without their express consent? BubbhaJebus


People screaming at completely inappropriate times. Some people just never learned what an inside voice was or slept through that lesson. mondriart

The kids who used to scream when the power went out during school. viking162

My neighbors children just SCREECH constantly as they play in the backyard. I simply don't understand it. I don't allow my daughter to do that, it's unnecessary. I can't imagine it plays into their games—they're just being awful to everyone around them. And mama Karen sits out back with her margarita and headphones without a care in the world. ObserveTheSpeedLaw

Be Kind. 

People who think being offended is grounds to stop others from doing what offends them. pisspoorplanning

But also people that lack the compassion and humility to moderate their behavior based on the effect it has on the people around them and the world in general. TocTheEternal

Park Elsewhere.


Shopping carts in the parking lot. A pastor once said "leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot means you think you're better that other people." shaka_sulu


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