People Break Down Which Things May Seem Innocent But Are Actually Very Creepy
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Children love playing with dolls because they're cute playthings...until they get possessed and murder your kids.

Why do horror movies always depict toys as scary things? That's because they are absolutely horrifying!

Remember the clown from Poltergeist? Chucky? Portraying dolls as sentient little terrors dates back as far back as a famous Twilight Zone episode in which "Talky Tina," a creepy living doll, terrorizes a dysfunctional family.

Yeah, some of the things that are perceived as cute can be exactly the opposite–a concept that was explored when Redditor TERMINATOR103 asked:

"What seems innocent, but is actually very creepy?"

Aren't kids adorable? Sure, but sometimes, their behavior can give you night terrors.

The Things They Say

"Children. Not always, but sometimes they say really creepy things."

– rachaelonreddit

"Mom, can I sleep in your room tonight? The man with the wrong face and big hat comes and plays with my Legos every night. His face is all wrong, I don't like it. "

– ErdenGeboren

Demon Child

"When I worked in customer service I was helping someone and their maybe 2 year old was sitting in the cart. He turned and looked at me and just slooowly drew down his eyebrows and scowled at me in the most evil way and just stared at me like a freakin demon kid. Kids are definitely creeps sometimes."

– Anticrepuscular_Ray

Exploitation Of Innocence

"Child beauty pageants."

– reigndrops17

New At Conversation

"Children. I mean small children. Just learning to talk. They can say things that will put chills down your spine for the rest of your natural born life. Past life, 'Imaginary' friends, ect. Way too much creepy sh*t comes out of their mouths for me to fully think that they are just 'Cute.'"


These innocuous interactions between people are strange the more you think about it.

Physical Contact

"Touching a pregnant woman's belly."

– boppy28

Charity For Show

"People who record themselves giving food or money to homeless people. I get the whole point but the idea of recording someone on the lowest point of their life then posting it on social media sounds creepy. The fact people think 'Hey a homeless person' whips out camera"

– nivem94


"Posting pictures of yours kids in the bath on Facebook there's alot of f'ked up people who can get those pics."

– Ben62194

Young Love

"Little kids trying to kiss or touch eachother when one of them clearly doesn’t want to and all the adults are like 'aw they’ll get married when they’re older.'"

– yourmumhasIBS

Disrespecting Boundaries

"Women touching men without their consent. It’s not ok just because the genders are switched."

– atamicbomb

Why are stuffed animals so popular? Because they're cute in inanimate form, that's why.

Friends Of The Deep

"Dolphins. You look into news articles etc about them and they really aren't nice."

– Mystictempacv

An Ulterior Motive

"Find it creepy that cute animals are manipulating us by being so cute."

– D-Rez

Beware Of Bears

"They're the most dangerous type of bear, probably because food is scarce where they live so they will actively attack humans for food unlike most other bears."

"The super general advice is:"

  • "Black bears:. Make yourself seem as big and threatening as possible while slowly getting away. Shows of aggression can scare them off. Attacks are rare but black bears may attack to kill."
  • "Brown bears: Make yourself seem as nonthreatening as possible while slowly getting away. They're territorial so shows of aggression will provoke them but they may ignore you if you are clearly no threat. Attacks are rare, but Brown bears are not usually attacking to kill, more to scare you off, so people do survive maulings, and many encounters have the bear just walk on by."
  • "White bears: No real advice. If you cannot get inside a bearproof structure before a polar bear gets to you, it will kill you."

"'If it's black: attack. If it's brown: lay down. If it's white: goodnight.' Is the version I'm used to."

– SteamboatMcGee

Everyone loves McDonald's. But I've always wondered why the franchise's mascot was a clown–not even a cartoony clown, but like, a human harlequin.

Any of the characters from the burger chain really.

Imagine, Hamburglar or Grimace standing in your bedroom doorway at night, with only the hallway light illuminating them from behind.

That imagery used to keep me up at night, that one day I'll be visited by one of them.

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