People Divulge Which Bits Of Information They've Learned Feels Almost Illegal To Know

People Divulge Which Bits Of Information They've Learned Feels Almost Illegal To Know
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Information is more widely accessible than ever, large in part thanks to the internet.

Want to know which famous actor got their start in a low-grade horror film from 1988? That's quickly within your fingertips. Want to understand how a group of people online could completely tank the stock market just to prove a point while also learning what it means to "short?" You can also do that.

Want to learn how to make a big explosion using sugar? Well, sometimes it's not always a good feeling knowing things.

Reddit user, Corinne_d, wanted to hear what feels wrong to know when they asked:

"What's a piece of information you learned that feels illegal to know?"

Let's Star This Party With A Bang

"How a nuclear bomb works."

"Apparently it's just a uranium bullet being fired at another piece of uranium."


"You have to fire them at each other really hard. If you try to just gently push them together, a small nuclear reaction will start that will heat the air enough to blast them back apart, but not a proper nuclear explosion. That's called a "fizzle". You fire the uranium bullet with enough force it pushes through that reaction and causes an even more extreme reaction. That's the big boom."


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"But not too hard otherwise the fission will blow the uranium apart before too much of it fisses, so you have to put some metals in the way to slow things down. I learned about this on an episode of Sliders."


Check Your Local Laws On This One

That ducks at my park are free


"Depends where you live! In the US almost all birds you will ever see are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. However, Muscovy ducks are technically feral and exist in a gray area. I am constantly tempted by their presence..."


First Hand Window Breaking Experience

"If you put a wet jolly rancher on a cold window and let it freeze then pull, the window will break."


"This sounds like something you learned by accident"


Breaking The "Law," One Digit At A Time

"Out of date now, but some users might remember the AACS encryption key controversy. Back in the HDDVD days, you couldn't just clone a disc to share a movie with someone else because you needed an encryption key. Someone figured the key out and put it on Digg (which at the time functioned a lot like Reddit), which then got a cease and desist order. That backfired, as users spread the encryption key far and wide. Sharing the key felt like you were participating in a huge crime network, even though there's nothing wrong with copying and pasting a hexadecimal code."

"BTW, it's 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0. This whole episode was the beginning of the end for DRM."


Listen To The "Office Ladies" Podcast

"What was written in the teapot note in The Office"


Really Looking Forward To A Few Birthdays

"Probably the laws on weed ownership and gun laws in California, whenever I say that you can have AR’s at age of 18 and smoke weed at age of 21, everyone thinks that I’m fucked up. The best thing is that I’m 15 at the moment and usually just add it as an interesting fact"



"You’re allowed to drive a train in high water. Water that is over the rail by several inches."

"If a locomotive’s engine dies you can keep it rolling as long as you reduce speed under 25 mph."

"You can shove rail cars without watching the point as much as you need. Provided the area is ‘known to be clear’."

"You can ride on rail cars at any speed."

"Just a few from the railroad"


Use The Red Tape Against Them

"Went to a quickbooks conference, one presentation was about auditing, such as how to avoid being flagged, how to keep books maintained for the potential of an audit, what an audit entails, blah, blah, blah."

"The guy straight up says, and by the way, if you are notified [of] an audit but you aren't ready or want time to get all your documentation together for them, it is legal to request from the IRS all documents and evidence that caused the flag before the audit occurs. Because of all the bureaucracy, red tape, and disorganization, this can delay the audit for up to 6 months."


Farther Than You Hoped, Closer Than You Think

"Even though the joke is 'tastes like chicken', humans actually taste like pork according to cannibals e.g. Arthur Shawcross."

"Which made perfect sense to me when I found out. In med school we dissected cadavers including human muscle and fat, and xenografts (tissue transplants from one animal to another) are generally pig (or cow) e.g. porcine heart valves are still used for heart surgery in humans."


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Something A Little Lighter

"Shouting Shotgun when driving with friends gives you the legal right to sit on the front seat and makes you the master of the aux."


All Of The Vietnam War Says, "Yeahbuwha...?"

'That the Gulf of Tonkin Incident didn’t actually happen. I know the info was declassified years ago, but knowing about it feels wrong."


This Is Why Basic Math Is The Most Important Math

"The mcdonalds closest to my house sells 6 piece chicken nuggets at less than half the price of a 10 piece. Meaning 2 6-piece nuggets (12 total nuggets) is cheaper than a 10-piece"


You Horrid Monster!

"You're allowed to rip the tag off your mattress."


"Lol yeah it's funny to me that people don't know this. They read "do not remove under penalty of law" but completely miss the "except by consumer" underneath it. Unless you're some kind of mattress middle-man who buys them up to re-sell to end users, you can take the tag off your mattress and it's perfectly legal. Source: I work for a bedding company and my job (supply chain) involves compliance/QA."


I Just Need Another Minute

"Learning to hack is legal (and taught in universities), but hacking is usually illegal."


"To add to this excellent point: there’s three types of hackers, white hat; black hat; and grey hat. Black hats do illegal hacking to get into things. White hats are legally hired by companies to hack into their systems to find their weak spots so the companies can then improve their defenses against black hat hackers (think of the 90s movie Sneakers). Grey hats do both!"


Leave Me To Do My Dark Bidding

"Dark web search engines, they are open source tools which are publicly available and can be lawfully accessed but the dark webs content is often illegal"


Bring This Whole System To Its Knees

"Suppose you were a member of a jury."

"If you were persuasive enough, you could convince your cohorts to render a verdict of "Yeah, well, the defendant totally did the thing that they're accused of having done... but they shouldn't get in trouble for it, on account of the law itself being stupid."

"That's a bit of a dramatized oversimplification, but jury nullification is a real thing. It isn't illegal to discuss, but as you can imagine, there are quite a few folks in the legal world who would really prefer that jurors not know about it. For one thing, the knowledge has led to a recent rise in acquittals for drug-related charges... but more important still is the fact that people who bring up the practice tend to be – and this is a technical, legal term – annoying as all hell."

"TL;DR: You can legally piss off judges and lawyers while freeing criminals."


Spinning Mice. Spinning Mice As Far As The Eye Can See.

"If while handling laboratory mice during an injection or earmark or whatever, you accidently squeeze too hard for too long and the mouse starts dying of asphyxiation, you're supposed to helicopter them by the tail as a quick revival strategy."

"Edit: no, this maneuver does not harm or kill the mice. To clarify, it's very mild and slow helicoptering, at 0.5 to 1 revolutions per second. Not rapid centrifugation.. And this should never be done to rats. Mice are light enough for this to be okay."


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If the justice system ever comes to your front door, we will disavow ever sharing this information with you. This article will self-destruct in 10 seconds. 9...8...

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