Shortly after I turned 21, I remember thinking it sort of odd that I could now actually drink in public and not get in trouble for it. I think it would have felt more exciting had I not grown up in a family where enjoying a drink during a social event was just not considered a very big deal.

By the time I was 21, I had already drank with relatives so being able to do so legally–at least in the United States–was not this life changing experience for me.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor IPlayBongos asked the online community,

"What feels illegal but isn't?"

"Driving next..."

"Driving next to a cop at the speed limit."


Or overtaking a cop that is driving below the speed limit!

"It's totally legal..."

"Card counting in a casino. It’s totally legal within the law, but the security and management will make you feel like a criminal for doing it."


It's my understanding that they'll escort you right out the door for it. And this is something I don't understand.

"Your boss..."

"Having fun at work. Your boss walks around the corner and everybody scatters in the most totally not suspicious way."


The best managers in my experience have been the ones who've encouraged their employees to have fun and let loose while setting certain standards and expectations.

"It feels illegal..."

"It feels illegal getting out of my wheelchair. I’m not paralysed but it helps having a wheelchair, but people always think I’m faking a disability when I get out my chair."


This is really a good example, and people like to judge easily, and you feel the need to explain, but then you think you dont have to, because they are strangers. It should be normal for a person to do both without being jugded.

"Telling your barber..."

"Telling your barber that you don't like the haircut."


And that's when it's time to find a new barber shop!


"Driving with the interior light on."


Dads everywhere are seething!

"Your employer..."

"Your employer will tell you you're not allowed to discuss your wages but legally you are and you cannot be fired for it."


Not only can you not be fired for it, it’s actually illegal for them to tell you that you can’t discuss wages!

"Watching a video..."

"Watching a video on your phone at full volume in a public place, I've done this a few times on accident and I wanted to crawl out of my skin and die."


Nothing is worse than noise cancelling headphones + watching a video and not realising the sound is coming out of the phone not the headphones.

"The first time..."

"The first time driving a car after you've got your license."


To add to that, driving on main roads while under your provisional license!

"Bringing your baby..."

"Bringing your baby home from the hospital the first time. I remember thinking, “They’re really going to let me just walk out of here with this fragile infant and no experience?!”


It's crazy, huh? Parents do not have it all magically figured out!

There are so many other things we can think of, like asking someone for the money you lent them... or eating and drinking things on the shelves of a store before you buy them (don't do that).

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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