People Break Down Which Things Are Illegal In Europe But Not In The U.S.

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Whenever a person is getting ready to travel, one piece of advice they should always listen to is to read up on the local laws of the place they're visiting.

Because there are activities that might be acceptable back home that will land a person in jail in another country.

Curious, Redditor Judgmental_Squirrel asked:

"What is something illegal in Europe but not in the US?"

Baby Names

"In Denmark, we can't just name our babies anything we want. We have an approved names list to pick from. We can request a name that is not on the list but it rarely gets approved."

- Healthy_Highlight_71

No Medicine Commercials in Europe

"Pharmaceutical companies marketing directly to consumers."

- ConstantlySlippery

Aesthetic Dog Changes

"Docking dog's tails and cropping their ears."

- Penguinair

Also Cat Aesthetics

"Declawing cats. Most countries here do not allow that."

- DreamingDragonSoul

Crate-Training Animals

"In Germany and in other European countries, it's illegal to lock dogs in cages or crates for extended periods of time. As in daily while you are at work, for example. It's considered animal abuse."

"So many people in the US do this and I've always thought it was abusive. It amazes me how they justify it as, 'Oh, my dog loves the secure feeling of being in his crate' when it's only done for the owner's convenience."

- KookyPiccolo1661

Enough Said.


- squirrelrap69

Predatory Pricing

"Selling something below the price you bought it for (with the intention to sabotage other businesses). For example, Walmart tried to do this in Germany to destroy their rivals, but they failed miserably and completely retreated out of Germany."

- Lord_Gelthon

Washing Eggs Pre-Sale

"I'm in the US, and a former workmate has chickens as a hobby and gives away the eggs, unwashed. They are in the carton and obviously straight from the nest, because there are all sorts of particles of an output nature on the eggs."

"In Europe, eggs at the stores have sometimes a bit of poop or even feathers on them. Either rinse them before or just wash your hands after. But usually, they're quite clean."

- rncookiemaker

Not Okay in Europe

"Well, Colorado just made it legal to grow psychedelic mushrooms in your own home."

- ITRabbitHole

Additives in Food and Drinks

"Brominated vegetable oil."

- Marijn_fly

Satire Not Allowed

"In the UK at least, showing footage from parliament in a comedy show. More specifically, 'No extracts from parliamentary proceedings may be used in comedy shows or other light entertainment such as political satire.'"

"I only learned that when I tried to watch an episode of 'The Daily Show' that was blocked in the UK for that reason.US comedy shows can show congress all they want."

- Moctor_Drignall

No Sick Days

"This is the main reason I quit my job at Walmart. I had strep throat, so I got a doctor's note and asked that my absences be excused. The managers there refused, and so I quit."

"By the way, Walmart counts your absences as points against you. For example, if you're absent and call in to let them know, you still get a point. Get five points and you're fired. Really makes you feel like a worker drone in a dystopian novel."

- stellaluna-37

The Impact of Additives

"The US has a use it until it's proven harmful policy, and the EU the other way around. Prove it doesn't harm (in given and reasonable quantities) and you can use it."

"Fun fact, some friendly Americans after moving to Europe started realizing they did not suffer from suspected lactose/gluten/you name it intolerance but simply had their guts harmed by additives and seen their symptoms improve here. Check your additives, kids."

- ArtichokeFamiliar205

Candy Distribution

"Various ingredients found in lollies/sweets/candy e.g titanium dioxide. There are tighter restrictions on food production in Europe resulting in American companies having to alter their recipes so they can be sold in European countries."

"A lot of US-based companies partner with foreign companies to meet these laws (so the healthier versions rarely reach US soil). In French Polynesia for example, Coca-Cola partners with La Brasserie de Tahiti, and all of it is made with real sugar and sold in glass bottles that you return to any store for a discount on your next purchase."

"I can't remember for sure if the glass bottles are a law or just the standard for La Brasserie de Tahiti. Either way, it's a great example of how easy it is to cut our reliance on plastic. The public will adopt it quickly, it's really just corporate greed getting in the way."

- A0ma

Sale Sale Sale

"Artificially jacking up prices of things only to then put them 'on sale' when the sale price is really just the always-intended price."

- peachpinkjedi

While the word "illegal" may make most people think of illegal activities that a citizen might perform, most of the illegal acts here were in regards to public safety, as well as allowing the general public to live a healthier life.

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