Men Share Their Best Responses To 'Sorry, I Don't Date Short Guys'

People are attracted to who they're attracted to.

We really can't control what revs our engines.

Everybody has a type of what they like in another person and what they don't.

Well, most people do.

There are a rare few who like anyone and anything.

One big attraction issue is height, particularly when it comes to dating apps where people can exclude certain heights.

Redditor xanzznax wanted to hear from all the guys who have been unceremoniously turned away because of height, so they asked:

"What is the best response to 'I don't date short guys?'"

I just like to be the shorter one. Sorry.

But... I'm the small spoon.


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"Bite her knees."


"Couldn't reach, went for the ankle instead."


No Hard Feelings

"When on Tinder I wrote my height because I know women have preferences (and some dudes will ridicule the tall woman, short man relationship)."

"When I matched with taller women who also wrote their heights, I would always ask if they where ready for this kind of long distance relationship. They always responded with a laugh, and if they didn't want to date, no hard feelings, they don't owe me anything."



"Adding in a non self-deprecating joke is helpful because it implies you know your height & that some women have preferences but you're still confident and you haven't made it your identity. It shows you have a sense of humor which is very attractive."

"Some shorter people have an insecurity complex and this is what gets in their way of dating compared to the actual height, and when they're like this they're typically unaware that it's their personality that's doing them in but blame it on the numbers."


Is what it is...

"If a woman says I don’t date short guys it’s understandable, a man might feel a bit insecure. I’m not short but I’m skinny and I’ve had many women say things about my size and I’m still a bit insecure about it. I don’t let that insecurity become a problem anymore. I’m of the mindset that I can’t control how I feel, but I can control how I react to my feelings."



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"Laugh loudly, disappear with the use of smoke bomb."


If we could all just "Poof" away in difficult situations.


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""Hang a 'you must be this tall to ride' sign around her neck."





"Exactly, if that's their preference, move on."

"Ironically, I've never been 'rejected' in this way by a woman I asked out. Only women I haven't asked out. I have had women tell me they only date tall men or they couldn't date me because I'm short, but it was seemingly random. Like, I hadn't asked them out or shown interest. It's actually kind of hilarious."


Cool Beans

"Short guy here, I'm 5'4, I used to get rejected by taller girls a lot, my favorite way to deal with it was just to say thanks for being honest. For some reason they would later introduce me to their friends who were maybe my height or something. A lot of them said that when you handle it like an adult its very attractive, and while they might not like short dudes, they def have a few friends who do."


Move On...

"Because disliking short guys, tall girls, skinny guys, fat girls etc... is at the end of the day a matter of personal preferences. No matter how much you cry, scream and sh*t yourself about how unfair it is, it won't make you attractive to that person. Just move on with your life and find someone who'll love you for who you are."


Leave it...

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"I dated a guy who was like 5'6" or something (I'm 5"4'). It super wasn't a problem for me in and of itself. What was a problem was that HE kept BRINGING IT UPPPP!!!"


Rock It!

"All you short guys out there, I always found it EXTREMELY attractive. There are plenty of women who do. So rock the shortness, someone out there is admiring the cut of your gib!"


Be calm in who you are.

Do you have any similar experiences? We'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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