There's nothing quite like the day you meet the person who will become your best friend.

Some people I've met over the years who became best friends:

  • The guy I met dancing at the club one night.
  • The woman with whom I worked on the same editorial team.
  • The guy I sat across from on the subway
  • The woman who sat behind me in a college language course
All these people are still in my life, by the way!

After Redditor Glueak asked the online community, "How did you meet your best friend?" people shared their stories and we have to say they're all quite heartwarming.

"I got a prank call..."

I got a prank call from a random number. He asked if my refrigerator was running. The next day, I called him with the same question. We repeated this for a month, and then had some actual conversations. I've known him for 4 years now.


"The day I moved into my college dorm room..."


The day I moved into my college dorm room, a guy went through the halls rounding up everyone for a group trip to Walmart. I went with even though I didn't need anything. We stopped at Taco Bell and I was weirded out that he only got meat and cheese on his Mexican pizza. That was 24 years ago, and he lives across the country now. We still talk every day.


"Both of our families..."

Both of our families were at the same family homeless shelter. He hung out with my sisters and I, and we made a digital story on his laptop once. We got re-homed and his family stayed, and I forgot all about him. Then I saw him three years later as he was in my high school math class (our school has about an average of 200-250 people). I didn't recognize him at first, then we finally figured it out. He didn't look as nerdy as he did then.

He's my daughter's God-father and my roommate now. And I just graduated college last December, so we've been friends for almost 10 years now.


"I saw her around school..."

Early high school, very awkward phase in my life. I saw her around school and knew we'd hit it off based on things I overheard her talking about, but didn't know how to approach.

One day I walked by her while she was in front of her locker putting up books. I don't know what compelled me to do it, I still don't, but before I knew it I just took my hand and gently pushed the back of her head forward a little bit. When she turned around to see who just grabbed her, I was already speed walking down the hall.

She did it back to me in the middle of lunch, and then we started talking. Been friends over a decade now. It's become a long-held inside joke between us, saying that we "tagged" each other into being friends.


"Then in sixth grade..."

We met in elementary school and hated each other. He always tried to participate in the games my friends and I were playing but he didn't really get along with us very well and it usually ended in a big argument.

Then in sixth grade (when recess on the playground was no longer a thing) we sat next to each other in math class and realized we had a lot of similar interests. Before long we started hanging out at each other's houses and kept finding more things we both enjoyed.

Here we are years later and he's going to be a groomsmen at my wedding. I've always found it funny that out of all the friends I've had over the years, the kid I couldn't stand on the playground outlasted almost all of them.


"This mutual acquaintance..."

This mutual acquaintance told her I didn't like her because of a difference in how we parent. She emailed me thinking she'd offended me which she hadn't. That chic was trying to start s*** for no reason. We got to talking and 10 years later here we are.


"I fell asleep..."

I fell asleep on a stranger's shoulders in the front row on the first day of our organic chemistry class. To this day she won't let me forget about it!!


"I was in kindergarten..."

I was in kindergarten, and both of us were walking backwards on the blacktop. We bumped into each other, and both kinda stood there staring at each other for a few seconds. We then had the following conversation

"HI" "HI" "I like dogs." "So do I! Wanna be friends?" "Sure!" "Bye!" "Bye!"

We've been friends for almost 15 years now.


"We started hooking up..."

We started hooking up, then going out, then stopped going out, then stopped hooking up, then stayed friends.

It's mad how many people find it utterly baffling that I'm best friends with my ex.


"I was at the bar..."

I was at the bar with my friend, and we had 3 guys walk up to us throughout the night to hit on one or the other of us. Kept letting them down easy, we had boyfriends at home.

This one guy sees us doing this, watching the guys come up and walk away, laughing with the people he was with about it.

He gets drunker than hell, comes and leans up against the table and slurs out "hello, ladies." My friend and I just look at each other like "oh boy, here we go." We say hello back.

This dude goes "my friends are third wheeling me super hard, do you mind if I hang out here and see if they miss me?"

He spent the next 3 hours talking to us, convinced me to buy the ticket to go to Japan, and the rest is history.

He's been my best friend ever since then. Don't know what I would do without him.


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