Hotel Employees Describe The Most Memorable Things Guests Have Left Behind
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The finite nature of a hotel stay can lead guests to behave in ways they wouldn't normally. And where there is saucy behavior, there are the artifacts left behind.

And who is there to pick up those pieces on the following morning? The hotel staff--cleaners, maintenance people, technicians, even managers when things get unruly enough.

Some Redditors who've occupied those positions recently shared the wildest things ever left behind by guests.

Some were gross, some exciting, and some just downright puzzling.

MichaelJCaboose_ asked, "Hotel cleaners of Reddit, what's your most memorable find left behind by a guest?"

Many people chose to share the times they came upon the disgusting remnants of an uninhibited night before. The guests responsible left a collage of artifacts that looked more like a still-life picture of hedonism than a living quarters.

Alone Time 

"Three empty bottles of wine, about two dozen cherry pits scattered all over the floor and under the furniture, and red-colored puke all over the bedspread."

"There was only one guy staying in the room."

-- OneWayRabbit

The Consequences of Fame 

"Found a human poo in the kettle once. Worse part was it was a 'celebrity' (crappy uk reality show) doing a guest appearance at a local club."

"Him and his mates filled the rooms iPad with di** pics too. Hotel got rid of the iPads shortly after that."

-- Geknock

Taking it Literally

"By the tub: empty gallon JUGS of milk next to empty CONTAINERS of Quaker Oats."

"Ma'am that is not how you have an oatmeal bath."

"If it matters, it was whole milk."

-- elgatodefelix

Of Another Species

"Not me, but my best friend works in house keeping at a hotel chain. I've heard some nightmare stories, but there are two that really stand out. The first was after a furry convention came through town, and there was an absurd amount of sex toys left behind. It's pretty common to come across them from time to time, but this almost had to be purposeful."

"The second was a massive unflushable sh**. She refused to dispose of it, and left the task to her manager. She described it as inhuman, and the size of a football. It took a spatula and a knife from their kitchen to make it manageable enough to flush."

-- Tainted_Taint_

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No Closet Is Too Nice 

"Friend worked a 5-star hotel and found a turd in the closet." -- Boganvillia

"That's not a very nice thing to call your guest, but as someone that worked in customer service, I agree. They are turds." -- theassassintherapist

"Closet poopers are what happens to shy poopers if they don't face their poop anxiety." -- Stunning_Honeydew201

OTC Drug Use

"Packets and packets of ibuprofen. Just everywhere - bottles too. It was football players staying there."

-- Locust45

Work Retreat

"I do maintenance. Had a group of part time housekeepers that are mentally handicapped working with their job coach go into a suite with adjoining door. There were 3 construction workers staying, 2 and their supervisor."

"In the one side with a pull out couch and DVD player, they found a full size blow up doll, empty small bottles of lube, used condoms, several beer bottles, and a stack of porn on DVD. Doll was on the pull out couch and everything else was all over the bed."

-- MacDaddyCheesus

Other former cleaners described the times they came to a vacant room to find some very unexpected objects. These weren't as gross as the previous examples.

But the mysteries of what exactly the guests did with these items are still unsolved.

Steer Clear of Gadgets

"Almost tazed myself with a 'tube of lipstick' that I found under the bed." -- Naprisun

"insert lipstick taser gif here" -- georgiomoorlord

"so nobody's talking about this person using hotel bed lipstick" -- ST4R3


"Wasn't the cleaner, was overnight manager. The morning shift housekeeper called me to a room that had a live diamondback rattlesnake in it. We were located downtown, no way it just came in from outside."

"Found out a week later the guest was part of that snake handler church."

Back on the Road 

"My friend's family owns a motel. He tells me they once found an auto transmission in the bathtub of a room." -- smorkoid

"Yup, I've heard of this before. You go to the town on a bachelor party, take a pill and then wake up and your transmission is in the bathtub full of ice and 3rd gear was removed" -- cavegoatlove

Making it Cozy

"I worked as a hotel cleaner during undergrad."

"My first day of work someone left a hatchet in the bathtub."

"Also, someone completely decorated the room with framed family pictures.. and left them all there. I think their stay was only 2 days. They set some up on the furniture.. but also legit hung some on the walls."

-- Eric_Partman

Finally, some people shared about the times they were pleasantly surprised to find that guests left behind some really nice stuff.

And, of course, finders keepers was in full swing.


"I worked for a hotel that had cabins, so I would be in and out all day in the hot sun. On one of those hot days I opened the fridge to find an unopened bottle of Dr. Pepper in the freezer part.. it was perfectly slushed."

"It made my day. This was years ago, too!"

-- Syndaquil

As If They Knew

"A whole box of magnum ice creams. My fave!" -- nightcana

"If this was in Melbourne, you're welcome. I bought them but got invited out. Checked out the next day and left them in the freezer and I couldn't stand the thought of putting them in the bin." -- hemansteve


"My partner gets apartments ready for the next people renting them out after leases are up, they've found so, so many bdsm toys. One of which (a flogger) is my cats favorite toy over all others now including her very expensive cat toys hahaha"

-- hoteltraumatique

Celebrity Guest

"My girlfriend worked the front desk at a hotel where snoop Dogg stayed."

"He left his drawers and white tees. Snoop also left a bunch of Tic Tacs."

"But the best thing he left was a plastic Tupperware bowl over the smoke detector."

-- niketen

It's a fun idea to think back on all your hotel stays and recall anything you've left behind over the years.

And then, depending on what exactly it was, you can imagine what the other side of that story turned out to be.

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