People Reveal Which Historic Events They Wish They Could Travel Back To Witness

Mount Rushmore at sunset
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Going back in time is a concept that we've all entertained at some point, often to make the living situation better for ourselves or soemone we love.

But there are so many other reasons that someone would want to go back in time.

Redditor ishouldwriterightnow asked:

"If you could go back in time for a day to witness a historic event, which would you choose?"

A Day Out with Dad

"I would go back to Monday the fifth of August in 1996 to spend a day with my father. He passed on the seventh of August that week."

"I want a day with him to ask questions, get a hug, and to express my appreciation of him."

"He was my best friend and was the only person who seemed to understand me and respect me."

- Trying_To_Adult_101

To See Freddie Mercury at Live Aid

​"To see Queen at Live Aid in 1985."

"From the footage, you can tell it was an amazing event, but to be there and experience it, it must have been something else."

- Duldain92

To See Freddie Mercury Perform... Anywhere

"Queen 1985 Live Aid. Freddie died before I was even born, so even if I could just see him perform live anywhere, anytime would be such a dream come true."

- JakobiiKenobii

The Pre-Divorce Years

"My biological parent's wedding."

"It would be so interesting to see a couple I've only known as being divorced instead being in love."

"They shouldn't be together, but it would be fascinating to see the emotions behind where my brother and I came from."

- sassyphrass

Feeling Religious

"The Crucifixion of Jesus. I am not Christian or Religious. I am just curious about a man that changed the world. Or maybe the Resurrection day would be better. Did he really come back? How many 'witnesses' were actually there?"

"During Orientation week at a Catholic University, they asked if you could have dinner with anyone living or dead who would it be? I said Jesus and everyone was so impressed and thinking, 'I should have said that,' But, As an atheist at a Catholic University, I had a very different agenda."


The Designated Driver

"This isn't historic for anyone but my family. October 27, 2018. I was in Colorado 'celebrating' Halloween. My younger siblings in Texas were at a party."

"One of my sisters, 15, left the party with an older boy, both drunk. The older boy was driving, and he ran off the road and hit a tree. The older boy broke his back but lived. My sister died instantly."

"I'd go back in time, stay sober, park down the road, and wait for my siblings to need a ride and drive them home."

- butterfly_burps

Seeing Extinct Animals

"I'd love to see a dodo. A one-meter tall ground-dwelling pigeon that has no fear of humans."

"As long as it doesn't peck me or try and sit on my shoulder or something."

- ThePhoenixBird2022

JFK Assassination

"Just imagine: You’re there. You find a spot to get you a clear vantage point. The motorcade approaches… he’s nearing the location… And…"


"They drive by. Nothing happened."

"You turn around and notice a person behind you, shuffling through a bush. Hurriedly packing a long, dark, narrow object (a rifle, maybe?) into a case."

"You were blocking his line of sight."

- alphaomega0669

Revenge Fantasy

"January 13th, 2007."

"I'll be on the patio outside my kitchen in Brussels."

"I will find out, once and for all, if she actually locked the door when we left for Rome as she claims. To see if that burglar chose our apartment out of all the others to use their lock-picking skills to enter and steal all my CDs."

"Or she didn't and a burglar who tries to see if doors are locked or not found ours."

- cote112

Regret Stings

"There are a few times that I need to shout at myself. Does that count?"

- ReleaseTheBeeees

Jack the Ripper

"Whitechapel 1888. Finally see who Jack the Ripper was."

"It was definitely just some guy. I'm not in the way of thinking it was anybody famous or high status as some conspiracies suggest, but I'd still like to know."

- nomiselrease

A Trip to Egypt

"The building of the Pyramids."

- EssexEnglishman

The 9th Symphony

"The premier of Beethoven’s 9th symphony in Vienna."

- Ghost-Lumos

"Welcome to..."

"I would love to see and hear dinosaurs roaming around our land."

- rci_ancilla

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