time travel

Tilted clock
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Of all the entertainment tropes out there, an endlessly popular one has to be time travel.

With a surge in movies centering around time travel, multiverses, and simply time-bending, it's time to vote for the most elite of the trope.

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Mount Rushmore at sunset
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Going back in time is a concept that we've all entertained at some point, often to make the living situation better for ourselves or soemone we love.

But there are so many other reasons that someone would want to go back in time.

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People Divulge The Main Reason They Wan t To Go Back In Time
Deb Dowd/Unsplash

As someone who was forced to watch Butterfly Effect more times than should be legal, I've developed a bit of a knee-jerk NOPE reaction to the idea of time travel.

They say shows jump the shark when they start including ridiculous stuff just for the shock views (fun fact: that phrase comes from an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie literally jumps over a massive shark while water skiing.)

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People Share The Prank Message They'd Leave On A Cave Wall If They Could Travel Back 100,000 Years
Cole Marshall on Unsplash

Ever feel like traveling through time?

Ever think time travel gives you the perfect opportunity for an epic prank?

Then take notes—ideas ahead.

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What would you change? What would you warn against? What mattered and what didn't?

Some of the many questions we think about when reflecting back on our lives. How would we do it better?

Is there a way to do it better? Was doing our best the best way?

What if we could tell our younger self the truth? What would we say in a quick message to let that child know... about everything yet to come?

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