Getting rejected can hurt, but it's the sort of thing that happens to everyone and you're going to have a much better time in life if you have a sense of humor about it.

One reddit user asked:

Guys, what made you realize, "this girl is definitely not into me"?

and honestly a lot of the responses had people cracking up. There aren't a lot of signals any clearer than faking amnesia or an official "wristband of friendship."

So kick back and have a read and a cringe. And please, if you'e got a hilarious rejection story share it. I mean, I once had a dude move all the way to the other side of the country rather than just tell me he was done. My friends still laugh about how ridiculous that was, but that's a story probably best saved for a whole other article...

Camping And Consequences

We flirted for several weeks, hung out every day, I kept feeling a closer and closer connection but due to circumstances I could not control we were never alone enough together for me to test it. Had some friends plan a camping trip and I invited her and she said yes. I even specifically told her there's gonna be two couples there so we're gonna be in a tent just the two of us, she said yeah she knows.

Get to the trip, we have a few drinks and I ask her if she wants to take a walk with me to look at stars (I get it, it's corny, shut up.) Once we're a little away from everyone I tell her how much I like her and attempt to go in for a kiss.

NOPE: "Sorry...I'm not what you're looking for"

That shattered me; utterly gutted.

We ended up going to a different area that weekend, met another group and I ended up meeting a girl who actually was into me - which made the first girl act wildly jealous and leave.

- chipsconqueso

An Ego 180

I was with 2 guy friends at our mall one time (years ago in jr. High). A small group of girls started following us. So we stopped and waited to see what they would do. Eventually 1 comes over and says that her and her friends think we're cute and can they have our numbers. I remember feeling pretty bad@ss just then - I didn't realize yet that I wasn't included lol.

So one buddy says he has a girlfriend (he did), girl looks at buddy #2 and he gives her his number. She says ok thanks and leaves. Didn't even look at me. Ego did a 180 that day. Lol

- TenGHz


faint fainting GIFGiphy

I told em I had feelings for them they responded with

"I'm dying"

They followed it up with a joke about corona and pretended like I never said anything. Which to be honest hurts more than proper rejection, at least acknowledge it.

- pls-hug-me-im-lonely

If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It

Gave a girl at work my number on a piece of paper and she handed it right back and said "We talk at work all the time so let's keep doing that"

- Askafishy


At least she was clear about it though...

- DrunkenPangolin

That sucks, but gotta give it to her, she ripped off the band-aid fast, no ambiguity in that rejection.

- Ijumpandkick

One Sided

Stopped texting first and realized that she never texted me for three days. It was totally one sided.

- Kaivan189

An actual girlfriend ran this experiment and found that I didn't text her for a week... some people are just sh*t (ie. me). My bf status didn't survive this experiment, but I learned from it.

I was 18, fun loving and carefree, and I've always had a poor grasp of passing time... I had no idea. We lived a 30min drive for her/60min bus for me apart, so it wasn't unusual to go a week without seeing each other. She suspected that she was the one driving the text conversations, and apparently she was absolutely correct.

I was soooo into this girl, and it sucks that I made her think otherwise. I'm 35 now, and we're still friends. I'm very happily married, in no small part due to some post-break up coaching from the first girl on how to be a better human.

- DasWulf23


My roommate encouraged me to ask this girl out. He said she really liked me.

So I ask her out and set a dinner date. I pick her up and at dinner, she barely responds to me. I ask questions about her major, her family, etc and all I get back are short answers and no follow up. I'm frustrated and she's unhappy and I guess we both look miserable when the waitress tells us that we need to perk up and be happy!

She then asks how long we've been dating. Her face falls when I tell her this is the first date she goes "Oh..." and walks away and doesn't really talk to us again.

After dinner, we were supposed to go to a friend's house who was having a party but I look at her in the car and say "Look, obviously neither one of us had a good time. Instead of going to the party why don't I take you back to your dorm?" She said yeah and that was it.

The waitress really did put her foot in her mouth but it was good for me to hear that "Yes, yes this is a horrible date and it's obvious to other people too. Time to cut your loses and go home."

I went back to my roommate FURIOUS and asked him why he thought she had a crush on me. He said he thought she would catch a crush on me once she got to know me, making me realize he hadn't even talked to her.

Yeah, well she didn't.

- Centris650

The Wristband

She gave me a thin paper wristband she has made which said "the wristband of friendship". Like literally printed on it.

- Naistpreorea

This is the best one by far. Sorry but also thank you. I might have not even been upset 'cause it's just so funny.

- HobKing

I feel like if it got that far for you to realize she wasn't into you then you probably deserve the blunt message at least a little bit since whatever else she tried obviously wasn't working.

- FlyOnDreamWings

Lock Screen

Oh snap. So, last fall I went to class and ran into this really cute girl and I thought "hey, I'm gonna try to talk to her more" and over the next 2 weeks I found 0 openings until we were told to get into groups for a project. Small class, but I wasn't in her group so I asked her if it was cool if I joined her group because they seemed more serious than my other group. (Bunch of losers)

She said yes. So it was me, her best friend and another girl I'd talked to for a bit. We agreed to meet up on Friday at the library. We talked a bit more before then and became friends. She's really touchy so she'd grab my arm, lean on me etc. I thought she was into me. I show up early and she was there alone so we began to talk and she's sooo much like me. Has a weird sense of humor, very smart, and super friendly. She even liked Dragonball. That's the dream!

Then the other two girls arrive and I see her phone and her lock screen is of her best friend. The other girl comments "Aww, your best friends your lock screen?" And she says "nope, my girlfriends my lock screen"

So that really made me realize she totally wasn't interested in me at all.

Funny thing is, we all are still really good friends. We've tried to take classes together and she's helped me out when I had trouble. I accidentally ruined her surprise birthday party, we hung out while we could, she'd buy us lunch, invite us to her place and we really have a good time together. Those 3 girls are the best friends I've made in university.

It's kinda sad but before I went like 6 months without anyone in college saying my name or even talking to me. They weren't mean. They were just not my friends. But I met these girls and I have a friend network, I have a constant study group and she's even helping me lose weight because I couldn't do it on my own.

She wasn't into me but I honestly couldn't care less. I'm way happier now than I was before I met her.

- Finito-94


music video amnesia GIF by VevoGiphy

I have to tell this because it's hilarious and I know for a fact it's true because I witnessed it.

A girl I know was dating a guy who turned out to be married. The wife found out but stayed with the husband. So the guy gets in a car accident and the side chick girl calls to see if he's ok.

The dude tells her he has amnesia and doesn't remember her and he's with his wife now. Homeboy done said he got amnesia to get rid of the side chick!

- saydizzle

Bathroom Breaks

I was in a club and wanted to go to the bathroom. He kept pulling me back into his lap. I tried to explain and he wouldn't listen. So I peed in his lap

- gigila

A Slip

When I accidentally let a fart slip as we got out of the car to her crib and then suddenly had to sleep in the guest room.

- igobydotgatsby

Let Me Stop You Right There

Female colleague at the beer garden: "Awww, cute. But let me stop you right there. You are more like a cute little brother."

She was 28-29, I was 21-22. It didn't hurt as much as I thought/excepted. Still in contact with her.

- genji1234

Thanks Dad

Kinda sorta on topic, but 180 degrees different:

I once lived with this very beautiful woman, and my dad, who hadn't visited much, suddenly started visiting me once a month (flying his plane to the local airport). I thought,'s good to get to hang out more. When that relationship ended, suddenly and immediately dad stopped flying there to see me. So...yeah, I found out my dad definitely wasn't into me, just my girlfriend.

- Kurt300

Aging Well

Not a girl, cos gay etc. But heard this guy I worked with had a crush on me, which was awesome cos I always liked him but didn't think I had a chance as I was about 8 years older.

We went on a few dates and got on really well, looked like it was going somewhere until I dropped my age into a conversation and saw the horrified look on his face. Turns out his roommate told him I was MUCH younger than I actually was and from that point on it was pretty clear it was going nowhere.

On the plus side, found out I still look young af 👍

- djcraiglaw


its happening almost famous GIFGiphy

I asked a girl out to see a movie and she turned up with a female friend. I only had two tickets, and this was a very nice movie theatre so the seats were allocated . I bought another one, but it was now late, so the seat was at the back...and yes, that's the one I sat in.

She called me later and said 'they had tried to find me..' but from my crows nest seat I had seen them leave. They had quickly walked straight to the exit, not even looking back.

I can't see 'Almost Famous' without feeling that same disappointment.

- TruthFlavor

Eye-Snapping Karma

I had never been dumped, I was always the one to end it. So the first time it happened I didn't even realize it.

It was only while clearing an email inbox, running across an old message from someone I had left, recognizing the language—someone else had been saying all the same things to me that I had been saying to this other girl.

...Oh—I am being ghosted! And I'm acting like one of those clingy "psycho" girls I used to date...

...Oh—being ghosted sucks. Those girls were not psycho, I am just a terrible person...

Opened my eyes. Hard. Not just snapping to the fact that the girl I loved did not want to be with me (ouch)

But also that I had done the same thing to so many girls without even realizing (yikes)

So not just hurt, shock, embarrassment but also shame on top; a real seven-layer burrito of trash.

In the long run it made me a better person. When it came time to end things in later relationships, from either direction, I handled it better.

...too bad I didn't realize it before I spiraled and burnt a bunch more bridges... sigh

- levieeleven

Fell Flat

After taking her out to dinner, having a great time, making out with her and slowly our clothes came off and... she was super super dry.

I noticed she had an odd expression on her face. Like you lost a loved one or had your heart broken -and then I realized everything like the end of a SAW movie:

She didn't really get over her ex-fiance who died of cancer a year before.

I knew her for 10 years and I always had a crush on her too! Out of circumstance we just both were always seeing someone else. We were never single at the same time.

I just hated how it fell so flat lol. UGH.

- secondswing


Actually initiated the hug for once and she tensed up, recoiled and let out a little yelp. I think about that girl all the time. She was the perfect height for me to rest my chin on her head when I hugged her. I wish I was less awkward back then.

- yabboirabbi24

Addition By Subtraction

When my 60 year old female neighbor and close "friend "of 5 years told me not to come near her after I got the flu shot, but wanted to hang out during the Covid-19 quarantine. She then went after another man.

Addition by subtraction. There were many other quirks like ADD, germophobia, possible bipolar and others - but that was the last straw. Too much baggage for an attractive woman that age which; explains why she was never married.

- mdjake

A Crumb Of A Hint

Uhhh once me and a guy i was friends with kept matching on dating apps, and we would be playful and I would ask him to hang out and he would say he's down. Once I ran into him at a bar and sat with him awhile and he looked at me deeply and said, "You know, I think about you a lot."

And idk he was drunk so I didnt want to make a move when he wasnt sober, but I told him the same and we flirted a little. Then on Instagram i got bold once and called him attractive and flirted, and all he did was "like" the message, so I just stopped. If I cant tell if they return an interest, and if they're not making any obvious indications, why would I even want them?

Part of dating is wanting to feel wanted. I genuinely really liked him for a few years, even before the dating apps. But if someone wants you, you shouldn't feel confused about it. You should have more than a crumb of a hint.

- rosegoldquartz

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