Guys Share Their Instant Dating Profile Turnoffs

Attraction is almost always instant.

So is losing attraction.

I once lost interest on a date because of how they held a fork... long story.

So when surfing the apps, we often find turnoffs immediately.

It could be a pic or a profile.

People really need to put more effort into looking at these sites.

Redditor GIazednConfused wanted to hear about all the things that make us lose our attraction immediately, so they asked:

"Men of Reddit on dating apps, what’s something you see on a woman’s profile that instantly turns you off?"

Turn ons/turn offs, it's all so easy.

I hate rude profiles.

You first

Valentines Date GIF by BumbleGiphy

"If they say 'I don’t contact first' on Bumble."


"A lot of profiles are copy/pasted from other dating profiles they've made but I also like to think Bumble has acknowledged this by allowing gals to make the first move by sending an emoji instead of making them write something."


More than 1

"When it's 2-3 of the same people in every single picture and I have no idea who she is. That level of obliviousness is so unattractive. Disturbingly obvious filters."


"Group photos make sense as PART of a profile. Your first picture should be just of you, but shots of me actually on stage or with my performance troupe are about as 'real' an image as you're gonna get of me in my element."

"A bunch of pictures of me playing video games by myself alone is a much worse sell than 'look at my huge assortment of friends and adventures we go on together.'"



"If you have to state that you hate drama specifically, you LOVE drama."


"In my experience, the ones who hate drama are constantly surrounded by it because they started it. The ones who love it have distant friends or acquaintances who start drama, so all they have to do is sit back and watch the fireworks."


"I never realized this until you said it, but yeah, I f**king love drama, but I'm always the guy making popcorn and just watching it all unfold. If something comes up that involves me and could lead to drama, I nip that s**t in the bud before it sprouts whenever possible."


Hey. NO!

"I remember a profile like this, saying 'don't just say hey.' She referenced something about birds on her profile, which I like, so I opened with that - 'top three favorite birds, go' and then gave my list."

"Her response was 'my list: 0 birds.'"

"I recently went through a period in my life in which I got hundreds of matches, and out of them I'd say I could count on my fingers the number who actually knew how to have a conversation. It makes me so mad because before this, women had always told me that was specifically a male problem."



Happy Bugs Bunny GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"‘Entertain me’ - ‘don’t be boring.’ Typically these people are the dullest and most entitled people I’ve ever interacted with."


No YOU entertain ME.

I like Catwoman

Harley Quinn Dancing GIF by DCGiphy

“'I’m looking for my Joker to my Harley Quinn.'"

"Sorry, but unless it’s for cosplay or Halloween, that tells me you’re rather dysfunctional in relationships and somehow thrive in it."



"I love when every picture is a group picture and some have the same women in each. Bonus points if everyone is wearing sunglasses. Great... which one are you?"

"'Looking for my partner in crime.' None of the women who put that are actually down for armed robbery or money laundering."


I Got Goals

"One profile I saw a while back, the woman stated that she wouldn't consider any man who makes less than 100K. There are more subtle ways to convey that: 'I want someone ambitious, driven, and successful in his career.' The way she phrased it made her look like a gold digger, especially since she wasn't making anything close to that amount."

"Edit: This was back in the early 2000s. These days, I'm sure the goalpost has moved to 200K."


Rules First

"It's been a couple years, but back then I had a few 'rules' that were instant passes."

"My main rule was any corrected age. If their profile said 22 and the first line of the bio was immediately '19. Who knows if they're even the age they say they are now."

"My other rule of thumb was not having their face in their first pic, i.e. neck down shot. You'd be surprised how many had this."



"Cigarette smoker. No offense to those who smoke. I personally do not like it and wouldn’t want to be with someone who does it. I’ve tried it like twice out of curiosity and instantly knew it wasn’t for me."


It takes so little to like someone a little less.

These Redditors can't be alone in their turnoffs.

Do you have any non-starters? Let us know in the comments below.

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