People Explain Which Activities Get Put Down For No Good Reason
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People tend to judge the actions of others but seem to draw a blank when confronted about their perceptions.

A person may not think on the same level as other individuals who behave differently, but that doesn't mean those individuals are lacking in morals or ethics.

Yet, people sure can be critical without explanation. What's their deal?

Curious to hear examples of generally misunderstood activities, Redditor fren-z703 asked:

"What things are frowned upon for no obvious reason?"

These work-related situations got the stink-eye.

Well-Deserved Time Off

"Taking all of your earned PTO."

"As if by scheduling 10 days off in a year you are somehow taking advantage of the company."

– ernieball

Work Stigma

"Certain jobs. If you tell someone you’ve been a janitor for 6 years there’s a good chance their response will be a frown."

– Jabber-Wookie

Shocking Turn Of Events

"My parents frowned upon me for years after I dropped out of college and became an electrician. They would ask about how my day was and I'd tell them it was rough, lots of labor and hard work (that's just how it works when you're fresh and new in the industry) and they would berate me saying things like, 'well, this is what you chose instead of college like your brother!'. Then I started doing work on their house at their request, and they saw the kind of profession I have. They thought differently of me after that."

– Mr_Wizard91

Everything In Moderation

"Not being a part of hustle culture. If you want to work restless towards something, that's great, but don't hate on somebody because they don't. For me, I value sleep and want to have time to myself where I don't have to think about working and just enjoy doing nothing."

"There's no problem needing time to rest and literally not work yourself to death."

– Jewbacca071

Some people have a problem about those who may or may not be sick.

Makes Me Sick Thinking About It

"Calling out sick when you’re actually sick… especially when it’s more than one day."

– Snoo-6071

It Doesn't Concern You

"Lol I never understood lying about being sick. Ill just tell you the truth and if you have a problem with it thats your problem. I've worked enough jobs and paid my dues and now I get benefits."

"A 'mental health day' or 'just need a day to get organized' is perfectly valid IMO and if u want to press me on it, ill find a job that values and respects me."

"Especially when the person pressing you about it is not the one writing your checks. It's understandable in certain circumstances like if there was a deadline or something needs to get done. But otherwise, chill out dude."

– Calm-Respect-4930

Stay Home For Everyone's Sake

"Ignoring Covid for a second, I feel like showing up to work when you’re clearly super sick should get you in more trouble than making a sick call. Especially in casual jobs I’ve worked where people are desperate to make money they’ll show up half dead, coughing and sniffing because they don’t want to miss that juicy Sunday shift etc. Few days later half the team is sick because they all caught it from the prat that refused to stay home."

– cheapdrinks

"You do you" is not a manta shared by the majority.

Why The Stigma?

"Confidently buying pregnancy tests."

"I'm 26, in a stable relationship, lived with my SO for a few years, yet when I go to buy tests the people behind the counter (often women 50-60ish) become sheepish and try to do their best to conceal it."

– foampiano

This Causes Some To Raise Alarm

"People who choose to sleep late."

"My mum thinks it’s some kind of reflection of bad moral character if my younger brother who does a physical job lies in on his days off."

– AberNurse

Different "Body Clock"

"Being a night owl instead of an early riser. I’m not lazy, just have a different body clock. I’ve always felt guilty about it, though."

– wimpy_one

Budget Choice

"Getting the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu."

– fizzytangerines

Being Switzerland

"Not having an opinion on a subject."

– flacocaradeperro

Our Lips Are Sealed

"Confidently being quiet/silent."

– Celq124

"Yep. Realized that in my teenage. The shy or intoverted person gets percieved as arrogant."

– mysixthredditaccount

The Wallflower

"My ex husband's family said I was stuck up because I would just listen and take in the conversation around me. If I didn't have anything to contribute, I would just listen. But, they took it as me being a snob."

– Chevy3Girl

Solo Moviegoer

"Going to a movie by yourself. You literally sit there quietly watching a screen for hours. I usually catch them by myself, but people act like I'm disposing of a body when I do that."

– yankstraveler

Private Time

"Going out alone. Anywhere. Park, cinema, restaurants, concerts.... All my friends and relatives think I'm weird, but I just want to have some good time with nobody I know around."

– North_15_

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