Gullible People Reveal The Dumbest Lies They've Fallen For

Gullible people are a special breed. They are so open minded that they will believe anything, no matter how big of a lie it is. These people share the craziest lies they fell for.

u/SileiVola asks:

What is the dumbest lie you've ever fallen for?

Always proceed with caution when there's free food

In 1st grade I was super shy and had maybe 1 friend. A random kid in class said I could have his Swiss roll. I was super excited of course and ate it. Then another kid comes in and is searching for his Swiss roll and 1st boy tells him I ate it.

What a cruel dad!

Where to begin... My favorite is when I found a really huge and beautifully shaped icicle. I broke it off and showed my dad and he told me to put it by the fire to preserve it. I was 3.

Older sister trauma

When I was ~5 and my family was driving somewhere, my older sister convinced me that you could tell someone had died because their hands would be cold.

Cut to my sister patiently waiting for 10 minutes with a can of ice cold soda in her hands, then to her pretending to die in the backseat with me next to her, then to me feeling her hands, then to me freaking out hysterically.

A simple play on words

I used to believe everything my dad told me until I was about 8 or 9.

We lived in a few really sketchy areas before my parents bought our first house. My dad was telling me stories about crazy stuff that happened in our old neighborhoods and he snuck in a story about a serial killer who used to break into houses and pour dry breakfast cereal down people's throats while they slept. I believed it for years until one day I was thinking about it and ... cereal killer. I immediately called him and yelled at him. He laughed so hard he cried.

Well, why wouldn't they be busy!?

When I was five, a kid told me he knew the Power Rangers and he'd ask them to swing by my house later that day and say hi. I sat on the curb for over an hour. I asked the kid if he was lying the next day and he told me they were just busy.

I still believed him.

When the cheat code is not what you thought

This cheat code makes lara naked.

Turns out it makes her explode.

Good parenting

When I was a kid, my dad told us he put special tablets in the pool that will turn the water bright red if someone peed in the pool. My sisters and I believed it for years.

Well played

A guy in a parking lot on his phone saying something like "don't worry mom, i'll be okay" then asking his mom to hang on a second to ask me if I had $5 to help him get a bus or something. I totally fell for it. About 54 seconds later I was sitting in my car and realized I had just been had.

This is just false advertising

That my mom wouldn't get mad if I told her the truth.


Ur handsome

Thanks mom

Time to expand your dating pool

When I was younger, I had several boyfriends tell me they were allergic to latex... fell for that one. But the worst was a guy that told me he was allergic to latex, so when I went out and bought non-latex condoms, he told me he was allergic to them, too. And, I fell for it.

Eating vegetables is hard

When I was 5, my older sister told me peas tasted like bacon so I would try them.

I ate the peas and they, in fact, did not taste like bacon.

It be your own family sometimes.

We all want them to be real

When I was in like, 3rd grade, my friend convinced me that Pokémon were real and he could TOTALLY give me a couple. But every day it was like "oh they waited at your house for HOURS but you didn't show up!" "Oh you just missed them!" "No, I can't bring one to school, it wouldn't fit in my backpack!" It was so dumb but I got strung along for weeks because I wanted Pokémon to be real SO BAD.

What a cheap tale

My parents told us that the ice cream truck was just the music man, who drives through the neighborhoods playing music. I don't know when I finally figured it out.

Get outside a little more...

Friend walked up to me in high school with something in her hand, told me it was Japanese candy. Then she watched me chew it, her eyes widening slowly.

Turns out it was an acorn. I'd never actually seen one before. I just thought it was really bad Japanese candy.

Trust your gut!

"Those aren't my drugs"


"I got rid of all the drugs"

Wish I had left my ex sooner. Lied about everything... anything. Especially drugs.

That's mean to fake out a fan girl like that

In grade 5 on April fools day my teacher had put "Jonas Brothers concert" on our daily schedule after lunch. I was so stoked! I love them! Then she said April fools. I actually cried.


"I'm on the pill."

Adore that little bastard, though.

No, dogs cannot talk in sentences

I used to love that movie air buddies and there was a special feature where ""the dogs talked about what it was like to act for the movie."" I thought this meant they really could talk, because they were being interviewed like real actors. Not necessarily a lie, but hey.

potentially very dangerous

When my husband and I were dating I blew a stop sign in a shopping center. He said, "Oh that's cool. Stop signs with a white line around them are optional". I'll admit I can be a bit of a ditz & a horrible driver, I bought it for a minute.

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