People Break Down Which Crappy Foods Are Actually Delicious

Hot dog with ketchup and mustard
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There's a reason they call it junk food.

Being high in calories and saturated fats, and likely made with ingredients of fairly low quality, eating these foods is almost the equivalent of filling your stomach with junk.

However bad for you it is, however, that doesn't mean it isn't delicious.

Indeed, who hasn't from time to time indulged in food that we know won't be beneficial to our weight or cholesterol, but pleases our taste buds to the max?

Often resulting in judgmental glares from others.

Redditor Mister_Moho was curious to learn which foods the junk food which they hold in a high, almost gourmet like regard, leading them to ask:

What "crappy" food is actually delicious?

Two Cheap Meals Make One "Chef's Kiss."

"I had a buddy who’s would combine a box of Kraft Mac and cheese with chicken flavored ramen."

"Put in all the noodles and seasoning and powdered cheese stuff."

"He called it cheesy-chicken and was a treat after a night of drinking."- zaqufant

Mac And Cheese Cooking GIFGiphy

Much As We Hate To Admit It

"Lets be real, most fast food."- MightOk6869

Certainly Convenient

"I like an old roller hot dog from 7-Eleven."- DahvRom

"7/11 Taquitos."- SBonnar

Seven Eleven Shopping GIF by PIXIESGiphy

Don't Be Fooled By The Price

"The cheapest of ramen noodles are still delicious."- shaidyn

Some Things You Just Never Outgrow

"I’ve been a pizza nerd since I bought my first Uuni years ago."

"Geeked on flours, yeast cultures etc."

"Built a wood burning oven."

"Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s in a financially struggling household, Friday nights were pizza night.'

"Mom would bring out the Chef Boyardee Pizza kits and I have fond memories of ‘making’ my own pizza as a kid."

"Every once in a while, I’ll pick one up and make one on an old cookie sheet."

"Surprisingly still tastes the same after all these years."

"Still love it."- dolfox

Vintage Dancing GIFGiphy

Just Add Water...

"Boxed Mac and Cheese."- soon_zoo55

It's All About The Seasoning

"Properly salted McDonalds French fries."- FireWoman89

If It's Deep Fried, It's Likely Delicious

"I love onion rings!"- djkhan23

San Antonio Texas GIF by Bill Miller Bar-B-QGiphy

The Monty Python Gang Would Agree


"Spam fried rice, or spam musubi?"

"Outstanding."- PM_Skunk

Inauthentically Mexican, But Who Cares?!

"Taco Bell."- twoplustwoisfourr

Pizza Pizza!

"Little Caesar's Pizza."

"Is it as good as other chains?"


"But is it a third of the price and tasty enough to justify getting it?"

"F*ck yea!"- gag0399

pizza pickup GIF by Little CaesarsGiphy

No Fruit, No Problem!

"Grape soda."

"Technically a beverage, but I feel like it fits the spirit of the question."- edemamandllama

Better Than Most Delivery Chains...

"Frozen pizza."- lbug02

A balanced diet is important.

But as long as we don't make a habit of it, there's nothing wrong with indulging every now and again.

Especially if it's on Pizza Hut breadsticks...

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