People Divulge How They'd Respond To An Ex's Text Saying 'I'm Dating Someone Better Than You'
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Texts from your ex are pretty much everyone's favorite genre of horror.

Here's the thing, if you're really friendly with your ex you don't even think of them as your ex. You think of those people as your friends and texts from your friends are no big deal.

If they're "an ex" ... yeah ... that's a different story.

Texts from exes can be minefields of awkward, and figuring out how to handle them can be the absolute worst.

Reddit user katmio1 asked:

"Your ex texts 'I’m dating someone better than you.' How would you respond?"

We don't know if they were asking because they had gotten that text and needed a snappy comeback, but they certainly got all of Reddit's wisdom, sarcasm, and awful-ex stories; so they've got plenty of material to work with if that was the case.

Why Would I?

"I don't respond. Why would I?"

"That kind of text is meant to get petty reactions and it's not worth my time. The fact that they're still thinking about me enough to try to rub something in my face is pathetic."

- WoodlesMoodles

"Silence is power."

- Thebadmamajama

"Exactly. If the ex is so happy with their new partner, why the f*ck is he/she bothering you?"

"Actual happy people go about their lives and have better things to do than text their exes how happy they are."

- PotatoAlternative947


Wasting Time

" 'You really shouldn't waste time thinking about people who never think about you.' "

- Gonergonegone

"That's a very pointed way of saying 'I've moved on WTF is your problem? Grow up and get over it.' I like it."

- Misdirected_Colors


The Opposite Of Love

" 'I'm happy for you.' "

"The only reason they are texting you this is to get a reaction. Don't give it to them."

- Slack76r

"One of my good friends once said the best way to react to an ex is indifference. That will bother them the most.”

"It's so true."

- Boringdad

"The opposite of love is not hate. Those are both strong emotions that come from caring about someone."

"The opposite of love is indifference."

- Zeyn1


Legitimate Joy

"This actually happened to me after I broke up with a guy!"

"He was telling me how much smarter his new girlfriend was than me and I was just so overjoyed that he has moved on that I was beaming and congratulating him!"

"In retrospect, it would have been kinder to look a little jealous, but I was so relieved to be done with him bugging me that my reaction was legitimate joy!"

- chihuahua-mama


Old Toys

" 'I was taught to donate my old toys to the less fortunate.' "

- CaViDeM20

"The mission was to answer, not to kill lol"

- _Lemurian_

"This one’s as old as time and kills every. single. time. Fatality."

- Common-Consequence-6


RuPaul's Words Of Wisdom

" 'Good for you. Don't fuck this one up' "

- lokishhhake

"That is more or less what I said to my ex-husband when he rang me just to tell me he had a girlfriend. Then I asked for her name so I could pray for her."

- frahnley

"Lmao. The girl my ex-husband thought was worth breaking us up over was apparently ‘the one.’ I said something similar."

"He f*cked it up within 8 months. Idiot."

- bunnykitten94


Lower-case For Maximum Impact


"Whenever someone replies 'k' I feel like it shuts the conversation down."

- Wooowaaat

"My favorite part of just typing 'K' is it shows they're not even worth the time it would take to type the second letter. It probably wouldn't even be capitalized if your messaging app didn't do that automatically."

"Truly the perfect response."

- Pammyhead

"I go for the lowercase k, because it shows I've gone to the effort to show I don't care..."

- Tomatetoes97


Better For Them

" 'Good. I told you you'd find the right person for you.' "

"Your ex never finds someone better than you. They find someone who is better for them than you were."

"I wish my most recent ex nothing but happiness, and I hope it works out with the girl he's been talking to because they seem like a good match."

- scaly_friends_4me


The Combo

"A combination approach:"

" 'I think It's a little sad I'm still such a significant person in your life after all this time and that you felt the need to reach out.' "

" 'I'm glad you've found someone else and I hope you can make this time work for at least a little while. With enough luck, soon, your new partner might find someone better too.' "

" 'Happy Holidays, Your Ex' "

"Followed by a block."

- Son_of_Wallace



"I’ve had this happen. Except my ex texted me saying 'You were right to tell me I would find someone else. Who will make me happy.' ”

"I don’t even know how he got my number at that time. We weren’t talking for a few years at this point."

"I wrote him back and said I hoped all was well thinking that would be the end of it."

"But I am not done with this story yet!"

"He writes back 'It isn’t like I’m going to marry the girl I’m with right now anyway.' ”

"Then he tries to flirt with me!"

"I screenshot his texts, sent them to his ex, and told him off."

"She didn’t believe me at first because my ex deleted the messages he sent me. Not the ones where I told him off, though. He made it look like *I* was contacting *him.* "

"Then the girlfriend who I tried to warn told me off and blocked me when I warned her."

"Not even a week and a half later he dumped her."

"Then cheated on that new-new girlfriend and went out with someone else whom he now has a kid with."

"I found out that after dating me he would propose to girls he was dating. Not because he thought he was in love. He did it so they would sleep with him."

"F*ck you Josh."

- InformallyGuavaCado



I mean, we love to end on a story but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW JOSH.


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