When your siblings have a problem, are you the kind of person who has a problem too? Or do you feel you’re separate enough that their problems are their problems? A Redditor wasn’t sure if she should warn her sister about an upcoming event. Amithea**hole7125 felt she was caught between her sister and her parents […] More
Redditor blowbakoka has always had a dog in their life, whereas their previous boyfriend had previously never had a pet. Based on this knowledge, you would think one was more qualified than the other about an important decision pertaining to their pet dog. But alas, a unilateral decision was made that contributed to the dissolution […] More
How to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex-partner is a very complicated matter. If the relationship ended amicably, it might not be so difficult to remain on friendly terms, even remain friends. Then too, keeping one’s distance isn’t a terribly difficult thing to do should the relationship have ended on acrimonious terms. It’s everything […] More
Redditor alt_account_ad is a 31-year-old woman who with her 30-year-old husband purchased their first home together. But because her husband travels a lot for work, she was unable to handle all the new furniture orders being delivered to their new home. Enter the woman’s mother-in-law (MIL), who happily volunteered to lend a helping hand while […] More
There are two types of ex-spouses. One has accepted the end of a marriage and moved on. And then there are those who just refuse to let go of the dissolved relationship and continue making others miserable. The latter is especially true if the ex remains single while the other has remarried. Redditor mickey-lala and […] More