Gay Teen Asks Straight Football Captain To Homecoming In Front Of Cheering Crowd—And Our Hearts Just Melted 😍
@theriseofhorus (Instagram)

Alexander Duarte is a Scorpio, "noobie" makeup artist, and gamer who attends Valley High School in Santa Ana, California. He's also a proud gay man whose homecoming proposal is equal parts shocking and heartwarming.

Alexander will be going to homecoming with the football captain, Erick Pineda.

But here's the twist. Erick isn't gay.

The pair are good friends and earlier in the school year, Erick told Alexander:

Yo, take me to homecoming.

True to his word, Alexander will bring Erick to the dance.

Alexander decided to ask his friend properly by setting up an extravagant proposal.

In an Instagram video, Erick can be seen walking through fellow students toward his friend with Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" playing in the background.

The crowd is cheering, and one student can be heard yelling:

You go, Erick! You're my hero!

Alexander stands in front of a poster that reads:

I know I am gay but can I take you straight to homecoming?

When the pair finally meet, they embrace and the crowd cheers.

Erick explained why going to homecoming with his gay friend was so important to him:

It's very important for me to be going to Homecoming with Alexander because I'm setting an example for not only my school, but also my community.

He continued to explain his feelings about his decision:

I was definitely excited to be asked to homecoming because I knew how important this was for my friend and seeing the support from the staff and students was amazing.

Erick also confirmed that the football team supported his homecoming date choice.

I'm very grateful to be the captain of the football team. The team is very supportive and multiple teammates have approached me to congratulate me and have given me 'RESPECT' for my actions.

Watch the adorable homecoming proposal below.

The internet can't handle how much they love Erick's and Alexander's example of true friendship.







This is the kind of news we need right now.

H/T: Instinct, Instagram

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