Foreigners Explain Which Things They Admire Most About America

With the way things have been going in the US of A, it can be hard to find things to like about the country. We, who have been living here throughout the past four years (and particularly throughout the last year), we've seen a Nation divided, broken, beaten down.

We've seen our worst devils win over our better angels over and over again. We've seen the renewed and emboldened rise of white supremacy, and of the evils dwelling in the darkness making contact with each other in the information age.

But from an outside point of view, there may be more to love here than we are able to see from the inside.

Redditor Rebuildingz asked:

"Non-Americans of Reddit, what is something about America you admire?"

Here were some of those answers.

A Word For Everything

"Verbal Communication skills. When people are interviewed on tv they can really explain in detail what happened and it is easily understood. It's like everyone has a communication major."

"In Australia we generally are really bad at this. For example - interviewing eye witness to shark attack in Australia 'yeah nah it was pretty bad'"-Alpacamum

Green Spaces

"I had lunch with some Chinese friends who gushed and raved about the National Parks system. And I asked them What about China? China is as large (larger?) than America and has all the beauty, history, and different geography, etc."

"They said that unfortunately there is no National park system like in America. That if you want to visit a beautiful mountain range, for example, you have to pay an entry fee to access each individual mountain."

"Not just a general entry fee for the whole park, mind you. Everything costs money. Made me realize how fortunate we are to have the system in place."

"My husband gets a National Park annual pass for Christmas from his mom every year and it's so awesome to visit a park and just whip that card out and get waved through. Highly recommended."-crabblue6

Amber Waves Of Grain

"The amount of nature. Mountains, forests, valleys, deserts, water falls etc."

"Where i live we got a few hills and theres no place anywhere in the country that is completely untouched or so far from a civilization that you cant hear traffic etc."-BombBombBombBombBomb

It may surprise you to hear from an outside source about what they love when we take it so for granted.

It's All Bigger Here

"The scale and grandeur. I'm used to nature being small, but everything in America is bigger - bigger storms, bigger mountains, bigger horizons. Even the sky seems more."

"People in America are casually dealing with everything from alligators to bears, pitching tents on the sides of cliffs and walking their dogs through literal wilderness."

"I genuinely feel like a hobbit watching Aragorn saunter through Middle Earth like it's nothing while I've never been beyond the end of farmer Maggot's farm before. I love it."-coffee_up

Too Many Options

"The variety of options."

"I'm happy to live on my island but it means a lot of beauty and skincare isn't as available, and what is is more expensive than the drugstore America gets."

"And shipping it is expensive too. I think it would be overwhelming though."-lorr99

Noms For Us All

"I always hear complaints about the portion sizes, which is fair, they're big."

"But we gotta give America credit how socially acceptable it is to take the leftover food home. As a frugal Dutch person, this mesmerizes me and I'm very sad this is not as acceptable here."-MarieLoew

"You shouldn't take unfinished food home? That's odd to me. Sometimes I'll order a large meal with the sole intent of taking some of it home for later."-icutthegrass


"The variety of groceries!"

"I want sugar free? Boom...everything. Oh there's something we have at home but here's 30 varieties of it! Special dietary restrictions? Don't have to order's the stuff at the local target!"

"I'm in Canada and although there's a decent selection of these things, it's much better in the USA, cheaper too."-Feralcrumpetart

And when we travel abroad, this might be the stuff we very much miss about home.

Nature Put Against Urban Decay

"Indonesian here. The rugged wilderness and national parks. The fact that seems like in most places you can get away from dense urban jungles to the forest in just an hour or two drive is amazing."

"And also, dense urban jungles like NYC and their street culture and bike messenger culture."

"And also, car junkyards and LS swaps of course."-KampretOfficial

Worldwide Pop Culture Reach

"The absolute juggernaut that is the American softpower."

"Doesn't matter if what I'm lookin at is sh*t or not, if it's American, people are going to talk about it. Sport, food, various social media trends, a huge part of the western culture is influenced by America nowadays."

"It's like South Korea in a sense, for all the horrifying things that happen in the K-Pop industry, every new MV of a famous band is directly put on top of the charts."-PeterTurBOI

Are We Actually Nicer?

"The hospitality. Americans get a bad rap for being xenophobic, which I think is unfair and just based on the bad incidents we've seen in recent years."

"I go to the USA pretty often (I'm Irish/British), and everyone I meet is always so welcoming and friendly. Well, not EVERYONE, everywhere has bad people, but it just seems like Americans generally are a lot more open and hospitable to strangers than I'm used to at home."

"Like, they'll just strike up a casual conversation with you just while you're standing at a street crossing or whatever."

"I remember one afternoon I went into a bar in Austin for a beer, and the guy next to me just sits down and says 'Yep. So I just drove a truck down from New York. Helluva trip.'"

"And we chatted for like an hour about his road trip hauling wood (or something, I can't remember lol). That doesn't happen where I'm from; just shooting the breeze with a stranger."-kutuup1989

So there you have it. While every country has its problems, and the USA is certainly no exception to that, there are things to love about us after all.

It might take a lot of conditioning to become thankful for these things, since we just naturally live with them, but even hanging onto the tiniest things to love about American culture can really change our approach to the good work we want to do for the country.

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