Americans Break Down The Best Things About Living In The U.S.
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Do we have a health care system that is held together by anything other than a lick, a prayer, and the sacrifices of some seriously overworked nurses and other medical professionals? No.

Do we have common sense, reality-based laws that aren't archaic and rooted in norms from a society that doesn't exist anymore and truthfully may never really have existed? Also no.

Do we have anything resembling a functional or even up-to-date infrastructure system? Three for three, still no.

Do we have the ability to have cannabis and 5 boxes of cereal delivered to my house at 2:47 AM on a Tuesday? This is 'Murika - f*ck yeah we do! (in a lot of places - restrictions apply.)

Reddit user Leon2778 asked:

"Americans of Reddit, what's a good thing about living in America?"

People around the world still hold onto ideas about what America really is. Let's hear it from the Americans themselves, shall we?

Spoiler Alert: there are cats in America and the streets are not, in fact, lined with cheese. Feivel and his whole singing family lied to us all.

Natural Diversity

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"I like the diversity of the landscape & natural world."

"I’ve been to mountains & deserts & mountains in deserts."

"Been to the ocean with a sandy beach, to lakes with sandy beaches, to lakes with rocky beaches."

"Been to the woods & to forests."

"I’ve seen so many different native plants, all kinds of animals, & bugs. It’s pretty damn cool."

- ghosts-go-boo

"Some people say Americas greatest idea was national parks."

"Yah it’s highly commercialized, but it has preserved some awesome nature and in the US we have some of the most amazing and diverse national parks."

"We have forests with trees so big you can drive through, crazy arched rock structures you can drive through, hundred foot tall sand dunes, beautiful Jurassic park style steep mountains, arctic wonderlands, giant canyons, and so many more amazing forests mountains waterfalls deserts and so much more."

- Pristine-Ad-469

"National and state parks."

"National parks are beloved destinations for both citizens and visitors from around the world, even more people visit the state parks."

"With sweeping vistas, stunning forests and incredible wildlife, amazing hiking and camping adventure, parks are one of the brightest jewels of America."

- SuvenPan

"I’m Mexican and I live in the USA. There are plenty of national parks in Mexico too, but they all get filled with houses."

"There’s no real authority stopping anyone from building their house on a national park unless it’s one that brings in the dough, like the monarch butterfly sanctuary. The US does a great job of protecting its landscape."

- youburyitidigitup

As An Outsider

"Not American but I’ve lived in the US for 15 years. As an outsider:"

"Closets. I love all the built-in closets. I was never a wardrobe fan."
"Separate laundry areas."
"That most housing is detached. On the one hand it does mean a huge reliance on cars. On the other hand I never ever hear my neighbors."
"Accessibility of toilets is a heck of a lot better than any other country I have visited. During the day I can usually rely on finding a Target or Starbucks or something. Even if I have to buy something to use it they’re easier to find than in Europe."
"The casual way everyone dresses. My fashion-conscious friend is appalled but especially as a parent I appreciate that I can dash out in my pjs if I really, really need to."
"Convenience. Every time I visit my family now I forget that not all shops are open until 9/10 pm."

"I also live in Washington state currently and have developed a deep love for all the coffee stands around here."

- anyaplaysfates


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"Wheelchair accessibility."

"As someone who uses a wheelchair for all ambulation, I can say the US has a leg up on that compared to the other countries that I have been to."

- hisamsmith

"I've had multiple European friends visit me here in the US and each one, at some point in the trip, commented that one of the big differences they noticed from their home countries was that the ADA was shockingly effective compared to its equivalents elsewhere."

"Almost every public building had ramps, elevators, etc. as needed."

"Obviously it's not like other countries all dislike people with disabilities--just the fact that we did it on such a large scale seems representative of the same kind of inclusiveness that people are also talking about in the comments about American citizenship."

- darkshiines

Turning Right

"With a few exceptions, we can treat red lights as a stop sign if we are turning right."

- SmartAlec105

"As Jeremy Clarkson said 'It's America's only contribution to the western world.' "

- N8_Smith

"I can always spot the tourists when they're just sitting waiting at a red to make a right turn."

- [reddit]

"Not gonna lie, visiting Florida made me hate that rule because I always felt like I'm about to be run over any minute by someone without any patience in a pick up truck bigger than the local Starbucks."

- Night_the_Noivern

"First time I visited Europe and rented a car, I was turning right on red every time."

"No harm caused as far as I could tell. I legitimately didn't know you couldn't do that."

- IAMAdot2

Just Wear Whatever

"I can wear what I want."

"Sure I have strict parents at the age of about to be 21. But coming from the middle east, most people in America don't realize the blessing we have here to be able to wear shorts or jeans or tank tops."

- DarkenedProdigy

"True, I guess Americans just have to deal with the societal taboos of doing so in the Bible Belt and not any violent consequences. Purity culture still exists here but it is less extreme for the most part."

- carissadraws

"I feel this. I love wearing shorts and cropped/tanktops, especially on a hot summer day, to walk around like nobody's business."

"If I do it in my conservative country, shame and all types of degradations will be blessed upon me and my mom will cry while pulling out all sorts of dramatic scenes."

- [reddit]


"I was very young when my parents and I immigrated here, and I have far more opportunities here than I would in India. So I’m very thankful for that."

- sunsetskye_

"I was almost born in Mexico. Since then I’ve visited often and appreciate what I have in the states."

"In Mexico if you aren’t wealthy it’s gonna be an impossible task to become a professional. People in the states take for granted what they have."

- Occhrome

"Completely agree!"

"My parents moved to Canada from Serbia for better opportunities. When I was 14 we moved from Canada to the US."

"I’ll never forget visiting my family back in Serbia and noticing how well educated everyone is, but then they end up having to work retail or manual labor jobs because there just aren’t opportunities there like there are here."

"I think it’s a bit better now that we have remote jobs as a possibility but it’s not like in the US where any ordinary bloke can own a company with a bit of ambition and some paperwork."

"Truly amazing!"

- wrong_world_666

Talk That Talk

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"I can talk sh*t about the president and not get arrested and disappeared. So that's pretty nice."

- Its_All_True

"Talking sh*t about the president is pretty much a national pastime, even when you generally agree with them."

- Sad-Frosting-8793

"Criticizing our 'leaders' for their bull is essential to the American experience."

"We have a large amount of Somali migrants in my area, they would come in to buy weed and always enjoyed our raucous talks about how our public servants abuse their power on the backs of the common person."

"Turns out hating ridiculous power structures is something everyone who smokes weed in any place hates with a passion."

"Seeing Somali couples go on libertarian rants with you makes you shed a tear of American ideals like no other experience. Open them borders and let some f*cking freedom ring yoz."

- jpz1194

Too Nice?

"The people here are actually very nice. There are a few turds that make us look bad, but most people are friendly and helpful."

- Actuaryba

"Was going to say the same. There are some jerks, but most people here are really sociable. At the very least, not rude."

"Knew a friend (here for school) from Finland. Had to keep telling him not to be suspicious when somebody holds the door open for you, or strikes up a conversation in line at the grocery store, or whatever."

"He said he was having culture shock because people were being 'too friendly' and he thought they might have some ulterior motive for it. He got over it."

- atx00

"Friend of mine is from Germany and said he had a similar experience when he went on a business trip here once. Now, though, he loves such trips because he really likes the culture here."

- Drakmanka

We're Open

"Everything is open, all the time."

"I realized how nice this is when I lived in Europe and stuff is closed on Sunday and at 5-6pm every day."

- mam630

"Funny, I moved to the US and the one thing I really miss from back home is that Sundays have a special Sunday feeling."

"Not sure how to describe it. Everyone is off, everything is closed. It's like, you have no option but to relax, it's out of your control, it's imposed rest."

"In the US, the closest feeling to that is snow days."

- deepuw

"Vegas local here. Wanna have a burger and a beer at 3am on a Tuesday? Done."

- EnricoPalazz0

"That's what I was going to answer with. If I want to go buy a big screen tv and a large milkshake at 3 a.m., I can."

- Trentorio

Alright fam, what American freedoms are you in the mood to celebrate?

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