People Break Down Which Celebrities Are Impossible To Hate
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There are other celebrities who people simply cannot get enough of.

Be it for their acting skills, their singing voices, their charitable donations, or simply for their Instagram page.

Making it appear that these film, music or political stars are simply impossible to hate, no matter how hard one might try.

Redditor matiignr was curious to hear which celebrities people think are absolutely impossible to hate, leading them to ask:

"Who's a celebrity no one can hate?"

Name a movie he ISN'T In!

"Steve Buscemi."- KVirus89

"During 9/11 the man went down to his old firehouse and volunteered. A f*cking hero! No one can hate him." - pazuzusboss

"Which was only natural, because Steven Buscemi was FDNY before he was an actor." - Mooniedog

"True! And he never talked about it either for the longest time. He went to do it because he felt a sense of duty." - pazuzusboss

"He is actually still very actively involved with supporting firefighters, particularly through the union, he was arrested in 2003 for protesting the shutdown of Engine 204 by blockading then occupying the station along with several others after it went offline."

"He also made an excellent documentary that covered both some of his own time as a firefighter as well as many others in the FDNY he is friends with, it’s called 'A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY'." - admiral_sinkenkwiken2


Hollywood's Good Guys

"Brendan Fraser."

"Dude went through hell, both physically & emotionally from back injuries and is finally coming back to Hollywood."

"Dude is as friendly and humble as he ever was and I wish him the best."

"Additionally Rick Moranis, who was once a big name as the nerdy guy everyone loved, Even Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds."

"Dude gave it all up to raise his kids after his wife died."- bajablastingoff

Paging Dr. House!

"I’ve only ever heard good things about Hugh Laurie."- TonyDanzer


Definitely One of Everyone's "Favorite Things".

"Julie Andrews."- PlanktonOk4846

The Man Behind The Wizards and Vampires and Siths...

"Christopher Lee."

"Fought in WWII, played Dracula, a wizard, a Sith Lord, and many other roles."

"He also was in a metal band."- Icy_Wildcat


Author Extrordinaire!

"The late Sir Terry Pratchett."

"Amazing writer and generally an all round nice guy but also not a pushover."- Awesomevindicator

The Late Greats

"John Candy."

"John was my very favorite actor."

"The warmth, love, and honesty he brought to all of his roles was second to none."

"If I die and go to heaven, it will be walking into a warm bar on a cold day and John turns to me with that big smile and offers me a beer and a seat next to him."

"Cheers!"- paulnofx


"Alan Rickman."

"He made an a**hole like Snape somewhat likable."

"But honestly, never heard anyone say anything bad about him."

"But I am young, in relative terms, to his career."- BurnBabyBurn07


"There Is Nothing Like A Dame!"

"Maggie Smith."- AlternativeAd1984

"Dame Judi Dench."

"I never see anyone talking any sh*t about her."

"She's renowned for her acting and her personality all things considered."- Misterwuss

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Small But Mighty

"Danny DeVito, how can anyone dislike him."- Dynatronic

Who Everybody Wants To Be Their Friend.

"Jennifer Aniston."- Global_Lime_95

Some Certainly do Idolize him

"Bobby Bones."

"The dude is a saint."- Gregfromva

Be He A Doctor Or A King...

"Matt Smith."- BooWee33

matt smith cowboy hat GIF by Doctor WhoGiphy

Everyone's Favorite Neighbor

"Mr Rogers."- RTRS21

Dancing Into All Our Hearts

"Dick Van Dyke."- Springlockkitty_09

You Know He'll Protect You

"Dean Norris."- Nitro128369

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And His Need For Speed


"No need to explain."- Totally_normal

"Keanu Reaves."

"Literally donated millions to children's hospitals in secret."- OleCanoli

America's Favorite

"I’m sorry but HELLLLOOOO?"


"I just read an entire BuzzFeed article on this and his name was not in there? "

"Ridiculous."- teridactyl122

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