People Explain Which Common Practices Shouldn't Even Exist
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There is certainly a lot people put up with they shouldn't have to.

While these "common practices" are generally accepted in day to day living, stopping for one moment to think about them for more than a second could lead to you going, "Why do we put up with this? Why is this acceptable?"

Turns out there's quite a few practices like this.

Reddit user, ImproxAi0li, wanted to know what we shouldn't be on board with when they asked:

Whats a common practice that shouldn't exist?

Why is it okay to be a jerk? Obviously, it's not, but we sure let a lot of people get away with it, don't we? Maybe we want to avoid conflict or maybe because it's easier to let it go while we focus on our own business.

Still lets jerks exist in the world.

You're Just A Bad Driver

"Road raging. Not worth it, not changing anything. I don't think anyone has ever seen a middle finger, and thought "Gosh, I should improve my turn signal usage". I've known people to go out of their way to follow a car to scream at them. I just think "Way to go, this person inconvenienced you for 3 seconds, now we'll be spending the next 20 minutes circling around because we missed our exit because you just had to get your say in". ~ gh0stm4k3r

Behave Like A Child, Get Rewarded Like An Adult

"Being rewarded for throwing temper tantrums in public at retail or service workers" ~ aflowerandaqueen

"Pisses me off to the Max. They should be treated like children. Negative behavior=negative consequences" ~ Kkmiller_

"My boss when I worked in retail would usually give in when we had to get her involved but she would always be super b-tchy about it and make sure they knew she was not pleased. I miss her" ~ AffectionateBug5900

Litter, Litter, Everywhere

"I'm from Switzerland. If we're out in the middle of nowhere drinking beer and eating food, we will carry empty cans, cigarette filters, bottles and empty packaging it for hours if necessary to find a bin, often by hand."

"When drinking with Americans from a large part of the east coast and part of the west coast of the US they seem to LOVE throwing empty beer cans on the roof of buildings or chuck cigarette filters on the floor..... it's a bloody shame & I despire Literring. ((IT'S SO EASY TO AVOID FFS))"

"If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Singapore, take note of & get inspired about how clean their streets are; not 1 chewing gum on the ground & I bet they'd reprimand you severely for throwing a cigarette filter on the floor." ~ legalizenuclearwaste

How you spend your money on what you want is your business, until it starts to hurt other people.

Tough, But Fair

"buying single ply toilet paper for your employees. Like, f-ck free coffee, f-ck free snacks, f-ck free beer, I just want to be able to wipe comfortably." ~ PrisonIsOppression

"My sister started a business and she promised me she would only have nice tp for her guests, she runs a wedding venue. Then her septic system got clogged as it can't handle nice tp at the rate it gets flushed at weddings. I now understand why businesses use crappy tp. They flush way more than an average home." ~ Mean_Parsnip

Yet Somehow Exactly The Same

"Purchasing political favors directly with cash AND somehow it's not a bribe" ~ reb0014

"That's a campaign contribution and it's totally different. Totally different." ~ 251Cane

You're Caring For Another Living Thing

"Buying a pet out of boredom"

"In my opinion, you should need to pass an aptitude test and have a license to own a pet or raise a child. Only reason that isn't the case is because it would be impossible to implement or enforce" ~ LunarLeopard67

It's hard to accept things when it affects children. Somehow it feels worse, as if they had zero say in the circumstances now surrounding them and the adults should know better.

Yet, here we are, in the year 2021, where family vlog accounts are still a thing.

Time And Money That Could Be Going Elsewhere

"Child beauty pageants" ~ Adventurous_Yak_9234

"All beauty pageants. Why are genetically inherited features even being judged?" ~ cheesedessertsrlife

"Parents spend ridiculous amounts of money on these pagents." ~Asleep_Case7854

Look At My Cute Kids But Love ME

"Using your children for social media clout" ~ BlackenSphinx

"So disgusting! Then they get upset if something is said about the kids or them using the kids. Their children don't have a say in the matter and shouldn't be targeted. But, of course there is always going to be trolls." ~ Apprehensive_Lead755

Living Their Entire Lives On Camera

"Family vlogs. Absolute disgusting" ~ xmoxi69

"Selling their children's childhoods for that sweet YouTube money." ~ Jealous-Network-8852

If you see something you don't agree with, don't engage with it. It's as simple as that.

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