People Share The Best Examples Where The Villain Was Ultimately Right

People Share The Best Examples Where The Villain Was Ultimately Right
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Every good story needs a villain.

Someone viewers and readers love to hate, who makes it their mission to get in the way of the protagonist fulfilling their ultimate goal.

But... are all villains truly evil?

Of course, no one can condone world domination, kidnapping or vile acts of violence.

However, not all villains do what they do just to be mean, and their actions might even have a semblance of logic to them.

Making viewers and readers question if they were ultimately right.

Redditor 1ntern3tP3rs0n was curious to hear examples of when people believed the villain was, in the end, the voice of reason, leading them to ask:
"What's your best examples of when a villain was right?"

As If Bees Don't Drive People Crazy Enough

"Ken from 'The Bee Movie'."

"I too would go absolutely berserk if a talking bee stole my girlfriend and gaslit me into thinking I was crazy."- NoahT5

If You Look At The Whole Story...

"Mr. Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents."

"Sure he was a bit crazy and did some bad stuff, but if it weren't for Cosmo being his stupid annoying a** self as usual, Mr. Crocker wouldn't have lost Cosmo and Wanda and his life would have been great again."- VisitSecure

Animals Have A Right To Be Weary Of Humans

"Shere Khan from 'The Jungle Book' (the 2016 live action version)."

"He comes during the drought, sees the man cub and warns everyone of the damage he can do, that he's a cub now but will become a man and man is forbidden from the jungle."

"So what does Mowgli do?"

"He steals fire from the human village, brings it to the jungle and causes a fire that probably killed a lot of animals before the elephants showed up and put it out."- Namocol

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The Powerpuff Girls

"Mo jo jo jo from the Powerpuff girls."

"He wanted to bring free energy and advanced technology to the people."

"And in one episode he actually did."

'He made the world an amazing place."

"And then the Powerpuff girls ruined it all."- LiamQ3

It Was The Booze Talking...

"Jim Lahey just wanted a clean, quiet, reshitivist-free trailer park."- inagadda

It Wasn't Their Fault They Ended Up There...

"The sharks from 'Sharknado'."

"Can you imagine you're just swimming around, minding your own business, then all of a sudden a tornado picks you up out of nowhere, drops you on land, and now you have to deal with Tara Reid?"

"Yeah, I would start biting people too."- Laoxpa

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The Least They Could Do Was Knock


"It did appear to be his castle."- Hip2jive

He Was Just Worried About Her.

"Baby’s dad in Dirty Dancing."

"Baby’s like 16 in that movie."

'He was absolutely right to be wary of a dude in his mid 20s hanging out with his teenage daughter."- bguzewicz

It's A Cat's Job To Chase Mice...

"Tom Cat, from 'Tom & Jerry'."

"Tom: trips over Spike’s pup."

"Spike: 'Don’t touch my kid, Cat!'"

"Tom: lies down to take a nap"

"Jerry: starts annoying Tom who just wants to sleep."

"That sequence is probably 80% of the episodes."- jabber2033

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The Dangers Of Playing God...

"Roy Batty, the man just wanted to live."- whyyou

More Complex Than He Seems... Maybe...

"Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) in Hellboy 2."- muchomojo_tx

Classic Older Brother...

"Rodrick from Wimpy Kid."- CristinaKleinn

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Still Doesn't Excuse What He Did To New York...

"Loki wasn't wrong about Thor being unfit to rule Asgar."

"I mean, in the end Valkyrie ended up ruling while Thor ate cheetos."- AffectionateCable793

He Has Been Through A Lot...

"Magneto is my favorite villain of all time."

'Every time his motives are brought to light I get that 'yeah, I kinda get it' moment."- Alconbn


"General Hummel (Ed Harris) from 'The Rock'."

"Maybe not his tactics, but his reasoning was solid."- EggsAndBeerKegs

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