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People Who Earn Six Figures Explain What They Do For A Living

Reddit user Luffy_Tuffy asked: 'For everyone making six figures, what do you do for work?'

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"I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain't it sad?
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That's too bad"~ "Money, Money, Money" ABBA

Money is either the root of all evil or the key to happiness, largely depending on whether you have any.

So how do people with money get it? One method is a job that pays the bills.

Reddit user Luffy_Tuffyasked:

"For everyone making six figures, what do you do for work?"

Fly the Friendly Skies

"Air Traffic Control"

~ yadayadab00

"That was a super popular job in the Army when I joined in 2007."

"They stopped letting active duty sign up because they’d get just one enlistment (so 3-5 years) out of them before they’d bounce and go to the civilian side making a lot more money."

~ Affectionate-Arm9547

0/10 Would Not Recommend


"250k student loan. Super stressful job that I hate. Would not recommend."

"When I was starting school, even Walgreens took care of their people and had plenty of tech hours."

"Now you don’t even get enough help to staff the window, the cash register, entering, and filling scripts."

"I’ve worked weekends at the busiest store in the district with only one tech. It’s ridiculous."

~ XThePariahX

What Life?

"Doctor. But I sold my life and my youth. It’s not worth it."

~ euphoric-alpaca

"My husband wants to be a doctor. He's 43."

"I tell him it's not worth it because he would be paying off his student loans until or after retirement. At least that's how I imagine it would go."

~ Public_Honeydew_8997

Belly Up

"Bartender for 16 years, started making around $80k and have slowly moved up to $110k."

"I recently made a pivot to a new career but still bartend to pay the bills for now."

~ dj_destroyer

10/10 Would Recommend

"I'm in heavy construction. Class A Driver/Equipment Operator."

"My CDL (Commercial Drivers License) got me in the door, and I slowly learned to operate everything from excavators to directional drills."

"I can give some advice to anyone interested in trying it out, the money is there if you're willing to try."

"The trick to succeeding in heavy construction is to be confident. Not necessarily outwardly (though it does help), but confident in YOURSELF."

"Do not be intimidated by any tool or machine. Raise your hand and ask to learn EVERY chance you get.

"You'll see a lot of miserable old 45-year-olds that have been swinging a shovel or broom for 25 years and complain all day about their situation. Don't be that guy, treat this job as an education."

"Remember, the more you can do, the more you're worth."

"Keep your nose clean. Stay off the drugs and alcohol. Failing a drug test will ruin your reputation in the industry, companies talk to each other."

"And showing up hungover every morning will effect your performance and cognitive function. You do not want that."

"Never, EVER get a superiority complex about your rank/position. Operators can help use a shovel or broom too."

"Don't ever be that guy sitting in his truck/excavator watching everyone else work. Be the stud that will hop out and help carry something when you're not operating."

"Even if it's just cleaning the interior of your rig while on standby, it shows that you're part of the team."

"Going union will ALWAYS be your best bet, but its not necessary at first. I've seen guys work their a** off at private companies for a couple years, work their way up to foreman, then jump into the union as a foreman."

"It would have taken 10x as long if they had done that within the union, seniority slows things down. Go operators union. Laborers is good too, but operators make much more money."

"IBEW is also great, especially on the west coast. If you're not scared of electricity, try it out."

"Remember, this is a field that you can get into with a GED and no experience and make a damn good living, but you cannot slack. You'll pay your dues and endure some rough days."

"You'll go through some sh*tty companies and meet some sh*tty people, but eventually it will pay off. You'll meet the good people, find the good company, and be comfortable in your job. It's worth it."

~ EatMyGrandma

Let's Try It

"Staff scientist at a national lab, but don't get too excited. You go to college for 9 years first, and lots of analysis shows the better money is taking an undergrad engineering job, getting paid sooner, and working up the corporate ladder."

"I basically get to chase down whatever cool ideas I want though, within reason."

"Shoot positrons through magnets to make X-rays? Let's do it."

"Can we make a better jet engine using //redacted// for compression blades? Here's 20 million dollars, go find out."

~ Pr0methian

Crane Mode

"Crane operator in the oil industry. Easiest job I've ever had."

"$3000 to get your NCCO and $6500 to get your CDL."

"I work 12hr days but only on the crane 1-1.5hrs a shift. The other 10.5-11hrs is spent sleeping, playing Xbox, watching movies, etc..."

~ wildarcher69

"Yeah my dad is a crane operator, too."

"Six figures in his salary alone but also gets $150 per diem, since he has to live in whichever city his crane is, and his crane is nowhere near his state of residency."

~ Affectionate-Arm9547

All The Nuts And Bolts

"Aircraft mechanic."

~ gimplegs

"I work as a machine mechanic and my uncle's best friend works in aircraft."

"His schedule and on-call pay makes me suuuuper envious."

~ meetmeinthebthrm

Grow Your Own

"I own a commercial gourmet mushroom farm bringing in high six figures. Zero student debt, no wage ceiling."

"I have land right outside of a large metropolitan city where the farm is. It’s a small/medium sized farm, I have two guys working for me."

"We do four large farmers markets in the city per week and sell at around 20$ a lb and also wholesale sell directly to many restaurants in this city at 10$ a lb with deliveries going out two days a week."

"We produce around 1000 lbs a week but my goal is for that number to keep going up. My overhead is very low because the farm is on my property and all expenses I have are tax write offs making my taxes extremely low."

"I started the farm two years ago and it’s growing very fast. I’m pretty capped out at the moment with what I can directly sell to my community so I’m working on connecting with a local distributor at the moment to keep growing."

~ Brave_Badger_6617

Banking On It

"My best friend is a senior underwriter for Chase Bank. He makes about $115k."

"What's really a slap in the tits is he's a high school drop out."

~ cjtripp1433

"It seems like there is a lot of room to grow at a bank."

"A friend started an entry level job at a local bank and a few years later got hired by a mortgage broker and made $750k in 2021."

"They're having a bad year now and only making $200k. Wild."

~ 2050orBust

A Fresh Coat

"I own a house painting company. 20-30hrs a week of manual labor a week and about 10 of office/paperwork. 2 employees."

"From my perspective it is a very rewarding and fun job. I work with two of my friends, or rather one of my friends and one guy who became my friend after being hired."

"I do the jobs we want to do when we want to do them and generally have fun most days. There is a lot of stress too but I honestly like that as well, I love problem solving."

~ FlowBjj88

Reading Is Fundamental

"Public librarian in California."

"I’m at the top of our salary scale for non-managers, since I’ve been here (current job) for 11+ years."

"Gross salary is right around $100K + full benefits and a pension."

"And I actually enjoy the work, too!"

~ ZoyaZhivago

Seen Things

"I'm a court reporter/stenographer in the US."

"I was researching being a paralegal then saw an ad for this."

"I looked into it more and found a school nearby and decided to try it."

"A big part was that it was something I chose and not something I felt I was being forced into."

~ paramore814

While 6 figures isn't the boon it once was, it's still enough to live comfortably in most places.

Were you surprised by any of the jobs earning over $100k?

Things People Secretly Love But Would Never Admit To In Public

Reddit user sweet_chick283 asked: 'What do you secretly love that you would never admit to in public?;

Collection of VHS tapes
Bruno Guerrero/Unsplash

What makes us all unique is our passions and the things we love, whether it's singing in the shower, reading books, or listening to specific music artists.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are judged for our various tastes and interests thanks to social media, and it makes us consciously selective about sharing the things we love on the internet.

Curious to hear about people's personal desires under anonymity, Redditor sweet_chick283 asked:

"What do you secretly love that you would never admit to in public?"

These aren't really chores for the following Redditors.

Good Clean Fun

"Mopping, im a janitor and generally hate my work... but damn mopping is so good."

– MrDDog06

"When you have a great rhythm going it is something special. I get the same feeling while I vacuum, but won’t let my wife know I enjoy it."

– Bogus_34

Act Of Unwrinkling

"Ironing clothes. A dozen of them. Can’t explain how it relaxes me. I told one person and they looked at me like I’m crazy."

– eerie_white_glow

"My mum misses the days when dad would be out on a Friday night, my brother out with friends and me upstairs quietly playing PS1. She would pour herself a Bacardi & Coke and do the ironing while watching her TV shows."

"I'm sure she doesn't really miss it now that we've moved out and they've retired but it was her wind-down after a busy working week so I can see how people can find it relaxing."

– xdq

Our solo actions can spark joy.

Big Brother Is Watching

"pretending to be on the Truman show and whenever im in my house i act all inconspicuous so they dont know that i know that they’re watching me."

– Bec_121

"C’mon man, you’re not supposed to let him know. You signed a contract when signing up for live views. I’m reporting you."

– doeswaspsmakehoney

The Multi-Tasker

"Playing video games naked at home while eating cheese."

– thickening_agent

Releasing The Kraken

"I love the feeling when you've eaten good fibre and let out a solid long train log in the toilet. That feeling is heavenly."

– therapoootic

"Even better when it’s a clean wipe and not a poo crayon."

– TheWarmestHugz

Ultimate Comfort

"My (male 41) weekend routine is coming home from work, make hot chocolate, start a fire, dress in a ugly pink nightgown made for old ladies and watch forensic files."

– crazyloomis

Some people are obsessed with collecting things.

So Kawai

"Sanrio stationery stores. All those different multicolor pens, a thousand kinds of erasers, spiral bound notebooks galore... my kids sadly have absolutely no appreciation for this wonderland..."

– HavingNotAttained

It's A Staple

"Office supplies have a weird, special place in my heart ever since I was a kid. They don't even have to be 'cute' necessarily."

"Japan's legendary stationery stores is unironically a reason I want to go."

– _CozyLavender_

Not Caring Anymore

"The older I get the shorter that list gets. Not because I love less things, but because I don't care about hiding it."

– Bi-Beast

"YES!! I'm 53 now. I'm working my first job in public since 2006. Today is Halloween and we're allowed to dress up so I am sitting here waiting to go to work dressed as a VERY bad Wednesday Addams. My bf said I'd 'look stupid' because no one else will probably dress up and I'm like, 'WHO CARES!' My makeup looks horrible and not like I practiced, but I DO NOT CARE! I'm having fun with it anyhow and I don't care if my coworkers dress up or not. I'm bein' ME! :)"

– deanie1970

Honorable mentions start here.

The Savior

"Picking up worms from the street and sidewalks when it rains and moving them into the dirt so they don’t burn in the sun, every time it rains I do this."

– sky_kitten89

Hero Of The Moment

"Yoooo I scoot SO many snails and worms. I work as a tech/mechanic at an automotive shop, I had a peoject car towed to my house the other day and it was covered in snails. I saw them when the tow guy/coworker was unloading and I was like, 'oh! It comes with free snails!' and began moving them. He laughed then realized and said, '... Oh, you're serious. Uh... Okay.'"

"I don't care who knows it. These little things barely can look out for themselves, why shouldn't we if we can take a moment to help? I don't care what happens next, it probably doesn't matter overall but I can help this moment."

– chris14020

Why should some of the hidden desires mentioned above have to be secret?

Redditors opening up about some of these would make them a hit at parties–no shaming.

As a matter of fact, I'll totally be down for a Forensic Files viewing party where we all make hot chocolate, light the fireplace, and cozy up together in our respective pink ugly nightgowns for old ladies.

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