Fed Up Professionals Reveal The Fastest They Ever Quit Their Jobs

Fed Up Professionals Reveal The Fastest They Ever Quit Their Jobs

Fed Up Professionals Reveal The Fastest They Ever Quit Their Jobs

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There are literally millions of job opportunities available all over the world. At any given moment one can be trained and find a paycheck and a career path. But no matter how desperate times get and many of us are in DESPERATE times, some jobs, situations and co-workers are not worth the mental torture. It's just easier to go without meals until the next gig.

Redditor _speakersneakers needed to know... What's the fastest you've ever quit a job? Take note employers, learn how to find and "KEEP" good staff.


Half a day when I realized it was a scam to sell overpriced medical beds also after the owner told me I'd be "well compensated" and pulled out a flush of ones I laughed and walked out.


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Interviewed for a job at a grocery store. During and after the interview I mentioned that I couldn't come in before 9 because I had to take the bus and it was the earliest I could possibly get there. Was told multiple times that that was just fine and they could schedule me within the time frame I needed. Only made it to the training day, afterward they sent me the schedule and had me starting at 7. I called a couple times and tried to get ahold of the manager to change it, he wasn't available and never called me back. I took this as a red flag about how they treated their employees and didn't bother showing up.


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Worked at a discount clothing store for 2 days. Apparently they interpreted me telling them I have class on Mondays and Wednesdays as the days I'm available to work. I told them about it when I noticed, they said fine. Called me on Monday wondering where I was at and I told them I have class and can't work today or Wednesday, then they call me on Wednesday for the same reason.

So, I found the reason why turnover way so high. They were all dumb as hell and can't even remember basic information, or to write down things they can't remember.

I had gotten a better job anyway, but damn.


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One day. I got hired as an assistant manager at a GNC. I showed up my first day and found out the only other employees were the manager and another assistant manager. The three of us were supposed to split shifts and work alone. You couldn't take a break because you were the only employee on shift. Also, most of my pay was supposed to come from commission. That first day I had two customers all day long. Nope.


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Before my first training shift even started.

It was a restaurant in Houston. The interview was really bizarre and uncomfortable and, based on that alone, I figured I probably wasn't cut out for this place. I remember the interview having a lot of riddles and hypotheticals. That was weird but I wanted to give it a shot; I had never been a waiter before and the allure of tips kept my interest.

Literally right before my first training shift was to begin, the dude who had interviewed me walked into the main dining area (the place wasn't open yet) and started screaming and cursing at the staff. They all looked terrified and, after the yelling ended, I asked if this was normal and they all said that it was.

I took off the staff shirt, walked out, and immediately got a job at the burrito place next door. The burrito place wasn't the best job but I never got screamed at.


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Wife and I started working for a survey group. Basically had to try and get people who owned private jets to complete a survey that was expected to last an hour. Do you know how valuable time is for someone who can afford a $20M jet? Anyway on the 3rd day of completing 0 complete surveys my wife stops by my computer gives me a kiss and says going on break. She follows with oh, and I'm not coming back. I said wait up I'm coming too. We never looked back.


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Got hired by a telemarketing firm; they didn't even really give me an interview they were so desperate for workers. Get to the orientation class and realize after four hours that its basically a sham company selling fake life insurance over the phone. They gave us a test at the end of orientation and I failed on purpose and noped the heck out of that.

A week later, the company got shut down by the police.


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I worked one shift as a bartender at a restaurant that was supposedly swanky in the down town area.

I showed up for my first shift when the owner told me to, and the other bartender showed up an hour late and told me that it didn't matter since no one was gonna be there anyway. I thought it was a little weird but what ever. The entire night went by and not a single table showed up. Seriously, not a single customer walked through the door. I told the other bartender I had an interview to be a bar manager at a place across town and she asked if could get her a job...

Didn't show up to my shift the next day lol


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I washed dishes for a day at a restaurant. The former dishwasher came back from jail and they rehired him and got rid of me. He must be amazing at washing dishes.


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A fast food joint for two weeks when I was 16. They made me clean toilets all day, and they were a**holes to me because I couldn't make 3 burgers in less than 20 seconds. I literally just got there and couldn't memorize all of the sandwiches that fast, such BS.


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Hotel front desk. Only one day. The people that were there to train me were in the back eating and on Facebook while I was upfront trying to book buses of people with out a clue of how the process or computer system worked.


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Company basically soliciting RBC (Canadian bank) credit cards in office towers. I quit after my supervisor told me I should put on a hoodie to hide my uniform and sell across the street at a food court where it was illegal to since we weren't contracted to sell there.

He told me to "avoid the security guards and not get caught." I quit.


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Worked in a restaurant as a cook for 2 hours, after I was told to take lasagna out of a bin under a counter and put it on a plate then warm it in a dirty microwave, I went on a 15 min break and well... Technically I still work there because I never really told them I quit, and I still haven't collected my 14.50 they owe me.

That was 14 years ago.


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My old friend got hired as a programmer after graduation. On her first day of work, the receptionist told her how their senior programmers (maybe 4 or 5 of them) how their coffee would like to be and what time of day they prefer to have it. She quit the job the next day.


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I worked for years at an amusement park airbrush t shirt shop. Left there (not the quick one) after my 3rd year, when the season ended. Started my own successful online airbrush shop, had been my only income since. Last summer, lots of years since, they needed artists. Everyone had left and they had no one qualified to paint orders for the new season. I loved the job in the past, and thought 'why not? I'll go back, the master of the trade I am, help these guys learn to paint, and the management how to fix they're poor system.'

They hired me knowing who I was and under the premise that I'd be in charge around those parts. Instead, I was treated lower than low and as if I had no place working there. The new artists listened to me and learned a lot, customers very happy with everything I made. management, however, insisted I stand in the path and Hussle customers, something we'd never done when I was there. I told them no, I'm here to teach. They said no, your here to do as I say. I said bai. Gave the artists my info and said if they make it through the season and still want to paint, give me a call. They all quit too.


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3 months selling high end caravans and motorhomes. I had no sales experience, walked into the job with no training. Was basically told "there are some customers, go have a talk to them."

I had no idea what i was doing. After 4 weeks i was told that i had to sell 3 units a week, at the 2 month mark i had to sell 4 units a week and at month 3 and each month thereafter i needed to sell 5 units a week. 45k-135k for a caravan, 120k-500k on the motorhomes were their prices.

I did ok, selling our most expensive caravan and a 270k motorhome and a few other sales as well but it wasn't going well. Boring as hell, i hated it, i hated trying to sell something to people that really couldn't afford it. The other sales rep there told me that every other sales guy was sacked at the 3 month mark, and i should be prepared for that.

At that guys 3 month mark he was sacked. Anyway, my 3 month mark comes up and i needed to put in for 1 days leave. I literally got told "don't bother, we are terminating your employment by then." I called the boss a stupid twit and went back to my desk. Anyway, almost at the end of my last 2 weeks (i spent the time looking for a new job) the boss approached me and said he needed a favor. Can i come in to cover the floor the day after i finish up for 3 hours. Having nothing on i said no worries.

So now technically no longer working for these guys i came in to look after the sales yard. It was 9am. I cracked a 6 pack of beer, gave 3 to the maintenance guy and 3 for me. I sat in the sun drinking beers for a couple of hours. When a customer came in i told them the truth "sorry, don't work here. No idea where anyone is."


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Joined a digital content publisher last month as the director of content strategy. Basically #2 in the creative team after the Creative Director.

At the end of day one after orientation, they ask me to sign a contract stating they could fire me with one day's notice (no salary required) but I had a notice period of 60 days. I asked for that to be negotiated, they refused.

I walked out and am now unemployed. :)


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Two hours and ten minutes. I was offered a job as a typing assistant for a local law firm, typing what was dictated on mini cassettes. After an hour some of the stuff I was typing seemed... Odd. Not legalese odd, like some random Latin phrase I couldn't understand. More...creepy. Another half an hour in, it had become downright disturbing. Turns out as The New Guy, I wasn't trusted with anything important, I was writing this guy's personal correspondence. Which wouldn't be so bad if a) he wasn't quite difficult to understand due to talking so quickly, and therefore every now and again I'd have to get the typing pool head to explain what he meant to me, and b) some of the stuff I was having to ask was disturbing. Both violent and sexual. After two hours of this, I stood up, went to the type head and said "look, this is starting to get weird, what's going on?" only to be told "you're lucky, the guy who started and quit yesterday got told to type up what the boss wants to do to his mistress and he has some f! up kinks. I wouldn't complain unless you don't want the job." I quit ten minutes later, after going back to my desk to find out I had to exactly that, with some pretty f***ed up stuff... And message his wife about their date night. I may have accidentally transposed the two email addresses as my last act there.


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2 days. I got hired on at an air filter company. My second day, after driving to Missouri from Memphis with what I hoped was the right air filter to install one air filter, in one dollar general. I got back at 7 at night, and the owner of the company told me everyone had quit over pay disputes. He then informed me that I'd have to be back there at 3 a.m. to go pick up an 18 wheeler, the first of 2 (which I am not licensed to drive), and bring them both to fed ex, and change out all the air filters in several buildings and facilities with the filters in the back of the 18 wheelers. I did not show up.

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