People Who Don't Want Kids Share The Real Reason Why

People Who Don't Want Kids Share The Real Reason Why
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Being a parent isn't for everybody.

That is a life lesson well learned.

Not everybody wants to have kids.

That maybe hard to believe, but the sooner we learn, the better.

If you want kids, please have them, just be sure and ready.

It's a hard journey.

Raising my dog has been stress enough.

Maybe if some of you hear why others don't want kids, you'll appreciate yours more.

Redditor Celestialsmoothie28 wanted to discuss why many of us don't want to bring a new generation into the world, so they asked:

"People who don't want kids, why?"

I will never have kids. You're all welcome.

Who Cares?

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"Why would I want kids? Personally, I can’t think of a single compelling reason to have them. Kids deserve a parent who wants them, not someone who just tolerates them."


“test out”

"Kids are a lifelong commitment to raise and care for another human, and I don’t think I’m capable of handling that. I like kids, but I don’t think I could raise one well, so I’m not going to try."


"Agreed. Every child deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a child. For those who think 'if you never try you never know”' are just plain selfish. So you’re gonna bring a kid to this world just to 'test out' if you can be a good parent?"

"You should know yourself better than anyone beforehand, whether you can be a good parent. I certainly not gonna use a person’s life for my own amusement since I know I wouldn’t be able to give the best to the child."


Learn Sooner

"I grew up with a brother 10 years younger than i am. Went from changing his diapers to teaching him how to mod Minecraft."

"Left to go to college. I call him nearly every night, and we still watch anime an play video games together through discord calls."

"I already had my kid. He's called my little brother. Just wish I understood my family's financial situation sooner."


Be Prepared

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"As a parent, I always tell people that wanting the responsibility is the most important part. My baby daddy and I separated, but we co-parent so well, people are always shocked. We work together well because we both know we planned to have a child and raise her together, despite the status of our personal relationship."


The responsibility! The biggest lesson of all.

My Life... My Rules

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"I enjoy freedom, I enjoy my relationship exactly as it is, I have a major fear of being pregnant, I like having money. Oh and I don’t like babies or kids. The reasons are endless."


Issues of a Saint

"I struggle with anxiety and anger issues and I wouldn’t want to pass that on to my child or have them have to grow up dealing with my anxieties and anger episodes. I just couldn’t do it and it wouldn’t be fair to them. Plus it’s real expensive. I’d rather have a life of peace and quiet and travel to figure myself out. To the moms: you guys are tough saints."


Stability Fail

"I have back and hip issues that would have made carrying a child (and then also literally carrying a child) difficult. I like my free time and expendable income. I didn't feel like I was in a stable enough place financially, wasn't with the right partner at the right time, never had baby fever."

"I look around at the world, and have no desire to bring another life into this s**t show."


Today's Drama

"In this economy?"


"I'd also like to add. Into this world? Our age pyramid is upside down. Only way to fix to is either by overpopulation, or bracing for difficult times for a while until it fixes itself."

"It isn't like I dislike children, at work I love to take care of them. But I don't have the heart to bring in any more. Otherwise, if my life situation would be better, I would totally love to foster or adopt. There are so many children who don't get parents."


Just... WHY?!

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"Why would I want one? I get that it is the social default, but in a vacuum it sounds terrible. I barely feel like I have my sh*t together, and I never feel like I have enough time to do the things I want to do."

"Why would I want to give up on my free time entirely to raise a kid? Children are fine in small doses, but they are exhausting, stressful and the benefits seem minimal. I guess the biological drive skipped me."


Not everybody is meant to be a parent.

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