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I'm not a kid person in general. No, I don't want to hold your babies. I'll wait until they can hold conversation until I engage them thank you.

But I don't mind children being around me, unless... they're on a plane or in a restaurant.

As a consumer, children drive me crazy, especially with parents who seem to be oblivious to their child's insanity. And don't get me started about my days in restaurant services. The things I have seen with families.

I support a ban. There are plenty of places for all of us to dine.

Redditor u/woodsexy wanted everyone to share our thoughts on kids and dining... yeah or nay... by aksing:

What is your opinion of restaurants that ban children?

Some spaces are just meant for humans who are old enough to be there. I get that families need to get out, especially parents, but there are already plenty of places to go. Let's discuss...

Adult Time

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"Adults should be able to go out and enjoy a quiet dinner. There are plenty of family restaurants that allow children... should be nothing wrong with having a few for adults."

- JohnnyJohnny1111

A Disney No

"Where can I find such a restaurant?"

- ttyy2000

"Disney World's Victoria & Alberta's restaurant requires all diners be at least 10. Partially this is because they expect dinner to take about 3 hours. That's way too long for 99% of kids to sit."

- mesembryanthemum

Thumbs Up

"As a parent I'm ok with it. You've got family restaurants, casual restaurants, smart restaurants that ban people in trainers, fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, seafood restaurants, steak restaurants, nose to tail restaurants, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, home-cooking style restaurant, hip and trendy restaurants, any number of restaurants that cater to a single cuisine. Different people want, and like, different things so if a restaurant wants to be adult only then I don't really care."

- TheWrongFusebox

A Police State

"I'm the oldest of five kids. I remember numerous occasions when waitstaff would say things like "Wow, your children are so well-behaved!" because we weren't throwing fits. The thing is, we were self-policing. If one kid threw a fit, then everyone had to leave, and we knew it. So I think each sibling acted up once or twice in public, and then the rest of us made said sibling's life a living hell, so it wasn't repeated."

- quartersprouts

Taking Liberties...

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"It's their right. Kids can be real nuisance. Bars that ban kids are the absolute best though."

- ThomyMustard

So much truth here. Private businesses have every right to say who may or may not come in. And there are other people in world beside your family unit. Continue...

Family is Covered

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"There's already enough family restaurants everywhere you look, if you're looking to take a date out for a romantic evening you don't exactly want kids hanging around. If it's a high class sort of establishment that's sort of a given, let me enjoy my overpriced alcohol in peace."

- SnooStrawberries279


"I usually don't mind kids at restaurants, but I think there should be more that are child free. Most of the time they're okay, but it's really annoying when you're trying to have a nice dinner and conversation and some kids are running around/screaming and the parents just sit there and ignore them."

"I'll ignore it for awhile, because sometimes kids just act a fool, but if it gets to the point it becomes ridiculous or if they start to play around my table/invade my space, I'm going to ask for a different table without caring whether the parents overhear me say it's because of their poorly behaved kids."

- False-Guess

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No Tolerating Allowed

"Strongly agree. During all my uni life I've worked in several type of restaurants, from silver service ones to right out fast foods. Some restaurants are simply put not child friendly, as often children can be a problem for the custumers (they can ruin your experience) and for the staff (especially when they're poorly managed by their parents). Additionally (it's not an absolute but it does happen) some parents tend to second the poor behavior of their kids."

"I had a case of kids jumping around the seats in the waiting area of the restaurant, shouting, while the restaurant was quite busy. When I asked politely to the parents if they could recall their kids their answer was "but this is an Italian restaurants, you should tolerate those things. No Karen, we shouldn't."

- SmallApplication8043

Ban Everyone!

"I'm cool with it. If I go to a family restaurant, I expect families, some with loud kids. If I go to a bar, I expect adults, some of whom will be drunk. If I got to a quiet, fancy restaurant, I expect other quiet, respectful diners. A family restaurant won't allow drunks. A bar won't allow kids. A quiet restaurant should be able to ban noisy, misbehaving guests."

- EarhornJones

My Time

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"Most of my working life was spent dealing with other people's children, and most places I go people are there with their children. It's nice to have a place outside my home where I can leave them behind, and enjoy myself."

- Monk-That

Welcome to All

"As long as there's somewhere suitable for most average folks to pick, what does it matter? I wouldn't want to go for a romantic dinner and be surrounded by screaming kids, and equally I wouldn't want to take my kids to a place where they felt uncomfortable because it was ultra sophisticated and they weren't allowed to move or speak without being shushed every two seconds. Sometimes I like to take my dog with me, but appreciate others may not want to eat surrounded by animals. Everyone likes different stuff."

- cari-strat


"Mother was a waitress and this woulda been the dream for her. Think I remember her telling me one time there was an incident where the kid basically b lined into someone's legs spilling a massive tray of waters onto some people. Thankfully nothing hot to burn anyone and the kid didn't get any glass coming down on them. But of course the parents didn't really seem to care that their little brat was running around like that."

- Lady-Hood


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"I think they're great. I have had many meals ruined by screaming kids, or parents lecturing or threatening their kids with some kind of punishment. I breathe a sigh of relief when I walk into a restaurant, and I don't see kids."

- lj6877

Be Considerate Parents

"Freaking crying children should be taken outside regardless of restaurant policy. It's a courtesy to the people in the restaurant who aren't obnoxious."

- JoeYoung2

"Totally agree! I have 2 kids myself and anytime they have cried or gotten loud I take them outside to calm down. I don't get parents who just let them carry on. On top of this can we talk about parents who let their kids watch iPads or phones at full blast at restaurants."

"Wtf is that even. My kids are 6 and 2 and Ive never gave them devices while out to eat because it's family time. And if I did I'd give them headphones so no one had to hear it instead of blasting that at full volume. Honestly annoys me more then kids crying."

- Poctah

No Babysitters Here!

"As a father, I'm okay with it. We don't really go out to eat much anyway. I've read about parents that treat the waitstaff as impromptu babysitters. Some mom groups on Facebook even had the nerve to put out a guide to waiters on how to keep their little ones happy. Hello! It's your damn job! Waiters get paid to bring you food and extra napkins. If you want a babysitter, hire one. I respect parents who have the guts to tell the kids that if they don't call down they'll go home and then go through with it."

- ChronoLegion2


"Can confirm: Am parent to two under-five children. ;P. Seriously, my 4 year old is generally excellent in a restaurant, but I also know he's an exception and he often receives compliments from the staff for his behavior. My 2 year old? Forget it. I learned long ago nobody enjoys that ordeal. Nobody."

- Bwe0empo

To the Chains

"If I'm paying a lot of money for my dinner I do not want your kids to ruin it for me. Even if they aren't crying, they are being loud or running around and just being annoying. I know it isn't the case with every family but I am absolutely for banning kids under the age of 10. On a different note, I don't expect this to be the case when I'm at Perkins or Texas Roadhouse, but I don't visit chains anyway."

- JoshuaJames2


"Awesome. Because not everyone wants to go out to eat and be seated next to someone with a screaming child. I know that sounds harsh, and yes, parents do deserve a night out and sometimes cannot get a babysitter. And there are plenty of places that will accommodate you and your kids."

"Also, some places are designed for it. But if a place is upfront on that policy and designed themselves for it, I'm good with that too. Sometimes you want to be in a loud sportsbar type place, others it is nice to have a quiet sit down meal in a nice place."

- TheGentlemanLoser

Spending in Peace

"If I'm paying a lot of money I don't want my kids ruining it for me! I live my kids but I can't expect a 3 year old to pontificate about a veg puree and a nice sauce can I? We almost exclusively eat at chains or local family restaurants with the kids as they cater to them better too. We can have the best of both worlds and I want to sit and enjoy my nice wine with a nice meal!"

- orange_a**burger

Just in case...

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"Should be more of them tbh, imagine wanting to have a conversation with someone but there's toddlers screaming, running around, having tantrums and crying. I once was in a plane flight where a baby decided to throw his food on me, so I try to avoid kids that are eating. Just in case."

- l3m0n3225

There has to be a way for all of us to dine out. Let's look at it less like a ban and liken it to an age limit. It's about establishing who can and cannot enter for the right reasons. Mangia everyone!

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