Thanks to a lot of bad press and well, a really rough couple of decades, America's image has tarnished a bit.

So we need to get some clean up going.

There are things other countries just don't understand about us.

We can guide them.

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People Share Myths Passed From One Generation To The Next That Some Folks Still Believe
Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

It's truly absurd how many people out there believe all sorts of medical myths. Believe it or not, there is no magic pill designed to help you lose weight.

For most people it's as simple as diet and exercise—and yes, what that looks like will depend a lot on your own body, which is why meeting with a dietician or speaking with a trainer might be a good option if you want to delve a bit deeper.

There is no crazy new diet or detox regimen that will help you out... unless you want to risk your health.

Sorry to disappoint.

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People Break Down The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe In
Photo by Tom Radetzki on Unsplash

The UFO crash art Area 51.

Marisa Tomei didn't actually win the Oscar.


These are only a handful of outrageous, some might even say ridiculous, conspiracy theories which continue to be spread across America, and which people continue to believe.

Though some of these cases have been debunked by scientific evidence, people still continue to believe them, and will simply refuse to hear otherwise.

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If you make too many funny faces, your face will stay that way permanently.

Watch too much tv and your eyes will fall out.

Break a mirror and it's seven years of bad luck.

These are among the many myths and superstitions we heard as children, more often than not from our parents and teachers as a way of scaring us into behaving.

But while there is not one ounce of truth to any of these tall tales, there are many who still believe them, and many more.

Redditor RedditPersonIf was curious to learn what superstitions people continue to believe are true, leading them to ask:

"What myths are obviously false, yet most people still believe they are true?"
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People Break Down Which Common Cooking Tips Are Actually Completely Wrong
Becca Tapert/Unsplash

As an experienced cook and someone who is passionate in the kitchen, I'm gonna need every single one of you to stop lying about this whole "no such thing as too much garlic" thing.

There absolutely *is* a such thing as too much garlic, especially if it's improperly timed and bitter, chewy, etc...

Especially, especially if the recipe is ice cream.

Garlic ice cream should not be a thing, but it is.

ANY garlic is too much garlic for an ice cream recipe, in my opinion.

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