Dealbreakers When It Comes To Dating

Everybody wants a happy ending in life.

A happy love story ending that is.

But it may take longer to find than we'd like.

And we have to have standards and lines that are not crossable.

Know your boundaries.

Be able to say...

"That is my limit."

Redditor arbetarbladet wanted to hear about the reasons people will leave the search for love behind.

They asked:

"What's a dealbreaker when it comes to dating?"

Draw a line in the sand and stick to it.


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"They don't initiate ANYTHING such as dates or intimacy."



"The date being obsessed with themselves or continually talking about their ex partners."


"Went on a date many years ago. This was one of my first dates after my wife left me. On this date the woman kept asking about my ex. Probably half of her questions were about the ex."

"Naturally I answered her questions but always tried to move the conversation back to me, her, whatever. Next day she texts and says she didn't think I was ready to date, that I was clearly still in love with my ex because I kept talking about her on our date."


Fixer Upper

"A ‘fix me’ person. I will support you to be your best. But I am not responsible to fix you."


"I think what’s even worse is when they treat you like you’re the fix-me-up. It’s very condescending and humiliating. That’s more of a pet relationship."


"I have a bad habit of picking partners who need fixing, it's unconscious really, but it's happened often enough to be an obvious pattern. And even as a person who sought out this trait, dealing with a person who needs to be fixed is exhausting."


Blocked him fully...

"When u notice that they want to change you into ways they like more, subtle hints at start but progressively they get more ballsy."


"I dated a guy who saw me as a lump of clay he could mold to his liking. I told him repeatedly that I was uninterested in attending grad school despite getting great fellowships because I got the job I thought I needed graduate school for."

"He sat me down and told me he could leverage some of his connections to get me into a good program, I told him absolutely not and that I didn't need his help, that I had gotten into good programs,, and he ignored me and just kept on with his pitch. I broke things off directly after this and he vetoed and said he didn't agree so we were still together. Blocked him fully."



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"Not brushing your teeth/poor dental hygiene on a regular basis."


Teeth are the key to life.


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"Old body odor stank."


"People need to realize that just because you don't smell it doesn't mean other people don't smell it. It's the same sh*t a smoker thinks."



"Flat Earther."


"I just recently dated a Flat Earther! Didn’t find out until a few months in. Also didn’t find out about his ex being pregnant with his baby several months in, that was the dealbreaker for me but I should have stopped at Flat Earther."


"Or Young Earther."

"A couple years ago I dated a guy for a month before learning that he believed the world was just 6000 years old. The day I learned that, I showed up at the house of my biologist friends who had just been ranting about their college students who didn't 'believe' in evolution. I set down the beer and backpack I was holding and said, 'Guys, he's a Young Earther.' Took them a second to sort it out, and then we all collapsed with laugher. I broke up with him within the week."



"A bad temper."


"My stepfather had a bad temper. Never violent, but I could never understand why my mother married him. Never date, much less marry someone with a bad temper."


Not a Weapon

"Using their mental illness as part of their identity. No attempt to truly address it and leverage their illness to guilt others."


"It's maybe not the best thing to talk about during a first date. But it's the kind of thing I would want my date to know beforehand. I'd rather be told that she's not interested because of my mental illness than not telling her and letting her discover this side of me."


Adults Only

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"As someone who doesn't want children, dating someone who does is a dealbreaker. Suffered a couple broken hearts over having to make this decision."


"This is so important! And, to add, believe someone when they say they don't want kids. Don't take it to mean that they don't want them right now, or any time soon. If they firmly don't want children, that's not likely to change."


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