Mom's Response To Daughter's Gay Best Friend Asking If He Can Sleep Over Is Pure Brilliance ๐Ÿ˜‚


Mason Brian Barclay wanted to hang out with his best girl Houston, but there was one problem. Houston and the girls were having a sleepover. Well, what's a poor self-proclaimed "very homosexual male" to do when all his friends are hanging out without him? If you're Barclay, you go straight to the source and get yourself invited.

That's just what this teen did. Barclay texted Houston's mother and very politely and hysterically wiggled his way into an invite, but no one was expecting Mom's classic comeback.


The internet loves Mrs. Shelton. Like for reals!

Now we need to know more about Mr. Shelton.

Hopefully we'll get a follow up.

H/T: Good, Twitter

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