People Reveal How They'd React If The Person They're Dating Had A Secret OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans has really become quite a phenomenon.

People have chosen to take control of the currency of their own bodies.

That is a good thing.

The performers are being paid directly.

But what does that mean for the people who know the content creators?

Can you, as a partner, accept this side of a lover?

Redditor SlightlyNaughty03 wanted to know how many of us would react when discovering a partner's saucy secrets, so they asked:

"You’re dating a girl and you really like her and then you find out she has OF… how do you react?"

I think I'd be ok with an OnlyFans past.

That's just me.

Your Check

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"You could've paid for dinner this whole time??"


"This guy has his priorities in order."


Do Research

"Check out her page to see if she posted us having sex."


"If she did, demand a cut. 'I’m not cheap b**ch!!' As Chappelle would say. Have some dignity."


"That’s super illegal and sites like that have protections in place. Like even automatic facial recognition of (I assume just a percentage) of the content posted. You need to provide verification (consent and proof of age) for every person that is shown on your page."


Keep Going

"I’d personally move on. People are entitled to do what they please, of course. It’s just not for me, no hard feelings."


"Second this, moving on while respecting what they do; however my reasoning would be that if they’re actually popular on OF, then a large amount of time is spent talking, performing, and recording for those 'fans.' It takes a lot of their attention away from you as a significant other and continuous, but unintentional, neglect isn’t something many people enjoy in a relationship."



"If we are in a relationship and I love you. Then for me our bodies are sacred to our relationship. I don’t want me and you to be sexualised by other men/women. It’s our private 'place' to be vulnerable and close. Not something you sell for money... just my opinion. I respect everyone else’s too."


Be Real

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"Ask her if she needs someone to play a pizza delivery guy."


I hate the pizza guy trope.

Not Ready

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"I’m emotionally mature enough to know that I’m not emotionally mature enough to have a partner that does Only Fans."


"Girlfriend experience"

"It's not the lewds/nudes that bother me, its the selling subs a 'girlfriend experience.' Find it very sad/creepy to chat up your subs with fake affection, I mean who are the kind of people to pay for this delusion? Probably very insecure, desperate people, some poor sap dropping thousands a year to feel some modicum of affection."

"Just feels creepy knowing this and then taking that money. I don't know how to date someone while they're 'playing house' with who knows how many delusional people."


Make $$$

"I actually dated a girl doing this, making very very good money, really depends on how sensitive you are to those sort of things, me personally the relationship was good and the money was good and it didn’t really bother me. Each to their own I suppose."


Grow Up

"Talk about it like a reasonable adult."

"Why does she have an OF? Is it as a sidegig or a main gig."

"Then what kind of content she makes, I've heard about a lot of different types, one was pretty much just cleaning in lingerie which doesn't seem bad to me, whether she'd give it up we ended up in a relationship, stuff like that."

"Once we've figured out the details, I'd make a decision."


Go Fish

"I'm a bi woman fwiw. It'd be a no for me. I wouldn't like a partner interacting with other people sexually in this context or fake-romantically. That isn't an unreasonable boundary imo. I'd worry about whatever issues her career might entail re: burnout on sex and emotional intimacy, crazy subscribers, doxxing, etc."

"Platforms like OF have a lot of ethical issues with trafficking, CSA, insufficient verifications, etc. again, so it's not something I'd feel comfortable in supporting. I don't believe in making sex into a commodity. It indicates incompatible views about sexuality, which is an important standard for me. Overall just isn't what I'm looking for in a relationship and there are plenty of fish in the sea."


Over & Done

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"Never again. I’ve been in 4 relationships with OF girls and they are consistently on their phones all day and night. From what I’ve learned is you need to set boundaries and dedicate time for a relationship."


It seems like these Redditors laid it out for us: discussions would be key, as well as boundaries.

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