People Break Down Which Meals They Consider To Be The Cultural Foods Of The U.S.

Many cultures and countries are associated with a specific food or dish.

Most people won't visit England without having fish and chips at least once, while others dream of having authentic Spanish paella.

This leaves one to question, does the United States have a food synonymous with their culture?

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries tend to come to mind.

Foods that interestingly have their origins, or at least their inspirations, from elsewhere.

Thus begging the question: what is the food which defines America in one bite?

Redditor FruityandtheBeast was eager to hear what people from near and abroad considered to be the answer, leading them to ask:
"What do you consider to be a cultural food of the United States?"

A Foreigner's Perspective

"As someone not from the states I would kill to try a peach cobbler or a pumpkin pie."- DukeOfPoose

pumpkin pie family GIF by SimpleGiphy

Based On Their Origin, At Least

"Buffalo wings, perhaps."- Upstairs-Try6583

"Peanut, Penut Butter, and Jelly!"

"I was grocery shopping recently when a very nice German guy approached me for advice."

"He had friends coming to visit from his home country and he wanted to introduce them to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and could I advise him on the best ingredients?"

"He already had some kind of bullsh*t artisan bread from the bakery department in his cart."

"I told him to put that back, go to the bread aisle and get the crappy white Wonder Bread."

"Then there was discussion about the merits of Welch’s grape jelly vs. strawberry jam, and how most big brand peanut butter is optimal as opposed to the oily natural kind."

"Lastly he learned to use the term 'PB & J'.”

"He went away delighted, and it felt great to be a cultural ambassador!"- RedBattery


"Idk if it was originated in the US but it's not that popular in other countries, although it's shown a lot in American cartoons."

"I literally tried PB&J last year for the first time and it's freaking delicious, 10/10."- burber_king

Peanut Butter Food GIF by DineoutGiphy

"You're Killing Me Smalls!"


"I've traveled the world and no one knows what smores are besides Americans, whereas even if burgers or whatever are American, everyone everywhere knows what they are, so..."- decehod235

With Or Without Chili!

"Cornbread."- Deadp*ssyf*ck

Shrimp, Chicken, Anything!

"Cajun."- tnmcnulty

Stevie J Cooking GIF by VH1Giphy

​French Fries Are So Passé

"Tater tots."- tdly3000·

Maybe Depending On Where You're From?

"Shrimp and Grits."

"Nashville style Fried Chicken."

"Texas BBQ."

"Carolina BBQ."

"Kansas City BBQ."

"Memphis BBQ."

"NY Style Pizza."

"Po Boys."



"Ambrosia Salad."

"Clam Chowder.:"

"Manhattan Clam Stew (it is not a chowder)."

"Conch Fritters."

"Chicago style Brownies."

"Chicago style Italian beef."

"Philly style chopped steak and cheese (NJ and DE have pretty good ones too)."

"Beef on Kimmelweck with creamy horseradish sauce."

"Lobstah Rolls (Maine only, every other one sucks)."

"Maryland crab cakes."

"Tex-mex style everything."

"Chicago Deep Dish Pizza."

"Chicago style hot dogs."

"Texas style corn dogs."

"Bagels with Lox (smear optional but I never get one without it)."- RandomUser0666

All You Can Eat Eating GIF by The Righteous GemstonesGiphy

Don't Let The Name Fool You

"The Cuban sandwich - originated in Tampa Bay."- OhSeesOhMees

Simple And Delicious

"Biscuits and gravy."

"The reason it came to my mind is I have been making them now in the winter months."

"Here is the recipe I use for biscuits."

"It takes practice but they come out great."

"Very cold butter and not overworking or touching the dough with your warm hands is key."

"I get a little better at each time I make them."- wanted_to_upvote

The Sweet Treat Everyone Craves

"Chocolate chip cookies."- whoathererockstar

Baking Chocolate Chip GIF by Nestle Toll HouseGiphy

Breakfast Combos

"The USA are fierce contenders against mainland Western Europe for the greatest breakfasts in the world."

"You people are visionaries when it comes to breakfast."

"Like, chicken and waffles?"

"Who the f*ck thought of that?"

"You did, that's who, you beautiful bastards."

'It shouldn't work, but by god, it does."

"And steak and eggs?"

"Who the f*ck eats steak in the morning? "



Needless to say, what constitutes being "American" has proven to be a highly, some might say unnecessarily, divisive issue.

Even so, it's hard to believe there are any people out there who can't put aside their differences to enjoy a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, followed by a slice of Apple Pie.

A stepping stone for improved diplomatic relations maybe?

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