People Describe The Most Unexplainable Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
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We like to think we have more control over the world than we really do.

Not to venture into dime-store super-villain territory, but so much of the world is chance, or luck, or a random simulation of numbers assembling in front of us in a Matrix-like scenario. Life is chaos.

We can't predict everything that will ever happen to us, nor should we, because how could you ever predict anything like the following stories?

Reddit user, Financial_Lime_252, wanted to know what could never be fully understood when they asked:

"What’s the most unexplainable thing that’s happened to you?"

Turns out the world is not as big as you think, if these random chance encounters are anything to go off of.

What Are The Chances Of Finding You Here?

"I was visiting the united states, tens of thousands of miles from home, walking along the beach and heard someone call out from the terrace of this cafe. It was my former boss from back in my own country. My mind can't even begin to calculate the unlikeliness of that."


...Not That High, Apparently

"I was walking down a busy street in Dublin on my way to work and I bumped into a guy who was the bouncer at a club I used to go to before I left to go overseas. We both stopped, looked at each other and said "what the f-ck are you doing here?" at the same time. That was over 20 years ago. I'm back in my home country now and not long after I moved into my new place I bumped into him. He lives a couple of streets away from my place."


Maybe the inexplicable thing that happened to you isn't so much bizarre and otherworldly, but a just a crazy random happenstance that would take eons to do the mathematics on.

Baby Trash Panda Stories Are Always Cute

"Was in a Krogers parking lot trying to figure out a car issue. Dude who had something tucked under his arm came up, and asked me if I needed help -- I knew what I was dealing with, but said yes, because I'm a computer guy, not a car guy, and you don't know what you don't know, so to speak."

"He proceeded to take the tool I was using to mess with the battery terminal, and handed off the thing that was under his arm, which happened to be a raccoon pup, saying, "Don't worry, he don't bite." I'm completely stunned, holding and petting a completely calm raccoon while this guy sorts out my car. He takes it back, and goes about his day."

"One of many random and unexplainable encounters in my life, but probably my favorite."


The Connection Is Made

"When I was really really small, like 4 or 5 years old, a woman my mom worked with at the insulation plant, gave my mom one of those 90's fisher price dollhouses because her daughter outgrew it. I even remember the night my mom brought it home, she was so excited that she woke me up at midnight to give it to me (she worked a late second shift). An insulation factory wasn't really a safe place for a really small child, so I had never met the lady. I only knew her name was Rosella, because I thought it was such a beautiful name."

"I had never seen photos or anything to identify her. Fast forward about a month after mom brought home the doll house, I was walking into the general store with my mom. I have no idea what compelled me, but I ran up to a lady checking out in line and yelled out "Rosella!!" Turned out, it was her. My mom just stood stunned, and Rosella had assumed that mom pointed her out to me. Except I had yelled out her name before my mom had even seen her."


Your Spider-Sense Tingled

"My husband was driving and I was a passenger in the front seat. I dont know what made me do this but I quickly grabbed his arm and I shouted “slow down!”which he did. Then a few seconds later a car on our left side sped past us really fast, then careened into our lane and crashed into the car in front of us. The person speeding died and the person in the car in front of us died. Had I not had told my husband to slow down we would’ve died because we would’ve been hit."

"It’s inexplicable what made me do that but I’d like to believe I have a good angel watching out for me."


We like to think there's random luck in the world, where fate and chance meet at the crossroads of life, giving us wondrous experiences to tell later on.

However, not all of these events are actually random, no matter how much we wish they were.

Do Dogs Climb Trees?

"like 15 years ago while still lived with my mom we had a big backyard and had two dogs, one night i heard the dogs running back and forth not barking but they were whimpering, like scared or something, and when I went out to see I saw another white dog, like a BIG white husky dog, and it looked at me with piercing red eyes, then turned around, climbed a fucking tree and jumped to the backyard next door."

"To this day I know for sure I wasn't high, and still don't know what that was."


Well, That's A Little Easier To Comprehend...

"I have very bad luck, but I think the most significant was when a cop thought I was someone they were chasing (on an open street) and I got tazered in the back and was hit with a baton several times in the face and ribs. The cop realized I wasn't the person and just ran off without saying anything."

"I called the police and they claimed they have no record of it, and I got a lawyer and tried to pursue action against the police department but it all just fell flat and everyone acted like it didn't happen, even most of my family."

"So I got the pleasure of having partial blindness in my right eye (left eye dominant so thank goodness) and suffer from a broken nose and two broken ribs along with being tazed and humiliated in public for no reason. Things are good, I tell ya what."


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Not Even Security Footage Can Explain This

"My wife had the week off work, so she offered to drive me to work. I asked her to check if she had her keys, phone, and wallet before we left. She noticed her wallet wasn't in her pocket and asked me to help look for it. I sort-of recalled her putting it on the mostly cleared kitchen island the previous evening. It wasn't there. We moved the few things off of it, but still couldn't find it. Both of us thought that she might've dropped it while she was out shopping the previous day, and to call around to the stores when they opened."

"So we went about our day and she drove me to work. She was quite disappointed to have to spend one of her days off calling the bank to cancel all of her cards, going to ICBC (auto insurance provider) to get a replacement drivers license, and going to her work to get a new key card. She stopped by the two stores she visited the previous day but both had no such wallet in their lost & found. She decided to head back home so she could grab her passport/other ID incase she was asked for it."

"She walked into our condo and saw the wallet, sitting alone on the kitchen island, in the exact spot that I remembered it was. We have security cameras but the footage during that hour corrupted and wasn't viewable."

"Neither of us can explain what the fuck happened. No one has spare keys except my MIL, whom was out of the country. No friends stayed over. The only "logical" explanation is that one of our cats took it off of the kitchen island, hid it, and then brought it back while we were out."

"We definitely had some odd situations happen in that condo."


You Found Your Doppelganger

"When I was 5y/o my mom opened the door to two cops who where telling her that her daughter, (me) was outside alone in spring with only a t-shirt and shorts at 1AM ish."

"At the time I was sleeping with her every nights. So she told the cops it cannot be true I’m in her bed right now. She comes to get me and we go in the entry. The two cops said that the little girl knew where she’s living and that’s her who said she was living at my house. The two cops then look at me creep out and ask my name. I have a very unique name by the way."

"Then the cops took the little girl to show my mother that it wasn’t a joke of some sort. The little girl entered and ran to my mom yelling “mommy mommy it’s me lili”. My name is Livia I don’t know how the f

"We often tell this story with my mother to family reunions. I wish I was kidding, she had similar physical traits too, not identical but similar."

"She knew my name and made a nickname with it to this day. I do believe she heard the cops asking me questions. Then I started to cry and eventually the cops left with the little girl."


Helping Someone Pass Beyond

"My best friend passed away this past March. On the morning that she passed, right around the time that the coroner said she must have died, I woke up from a dream where she had been dying. In the dream, she thanked me for everything I had done for her. A few hours after I woke up, I sent her a text just wanting to check in. It was right after I sent that text that I got a phone call from her mother who told me she had passed that morning."

"I’ll never understand why I had that dream, but I like to think that on her way out she visited me one last time."


Things. Hurt.

"I still have a print of the photo."

"Around 1996, I borrowed a new digital camera from my work and brought it to band practice at our bassist's house, who was also studying computer programming at the time. I took a bunch of "band pics" and excited about the new technology, we loaded the photos onto his computer to get a good laugh at our drunken foolishness."

"In one particular shot of the bassist, we were stunned to see something bizarre. The TV screen behind him in the photo was black, except for white, cloudy "ghost writing" that said "things hurt." We had NO explanation for this. My friend printed the photo on his black and white printer, and I still have a copy to this day."


The world is a big place, and a lot can happen to you in that time. Think critically. You'll find the world makes a lot more sens if you do so.

Keep an eye out for baby raccoons.

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