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People have different tastes and preferences. And there are common dislikes, like telemarketers, and phobias, like spiders, that we're all familiar with. But what if you're bothered by something very common? What if your discomfort is unusual?

Reddit user squalorid asked: 

"What common thing makes you oddly uncomfortable?" 

Here are some of the most interesting and often amusing answers.

Insincere Sincerity

Opening presents in front of the person who gave it to me. Even if I love the gift, my thank you always sounds so awkward and fake. Dumbledore27

What's the Protocol

Seeing someone you were once acquainted with in the past from work or school.

Do I say hello? Nod my head? Does this person even remember me? And commence the 'pretending not to have seen each other' routine.  ZyuMammoth

Facing the Boss

Asking for a raise at work despite rightfully deserving one.  [deleted]


Search Party

When you're meeting your friends in a bar/club/restaurant and you have to walk around looking for them. 
I dunno why, but I always imagine they're watching me and laughing at my confused features as I look for them.  MellotronSymphony

Reluctant Recliner

Laying down on a mattress while mattress shopping. I'll sit on it, thank you very much. I feel a deep seated anxiety laying on a mattress in public while a salesperson looks down at me. Nope.

Those places need a lockable room where people can test-lie.

I can't think of a single thing that could go wrong with giving people a private room and bed in your business that you want to keep clean.  fauxtato-lay joker38 thisismy25thaccount

Feliz Cumpleaos

The happy birthday song.

Hearing it sung, having to sing it with people to someone, or good god having to sit while people sing it to me. All around uncomfortable, no good way about it.  b8le



Saying someone's name, or even their title. I never called a teacher by name and instead always just said, "Excuse me" when I needed something, and I don't even like to call friends by their name for some reason.  EyesOfEtro


Telling someone my condolences.  icecreampopncereal

Happy Happy

Those awful custom birthday songs that some family restaurants require their servers to scream at you if you even so much as whisper the word "birthday" on their property. They seem to be intentionally designed to be as humiliating as possible for everyone concerned.

walks into restaurant

"I'm so happy we could go to your favorite place on your-"



The ground trembles. Children look up in fear. A cloud of dust appears on the horizon. Thousands of waiters, waitresses and bussers descend upon you like screaming demons from the pits of hell.



Text Me

Texting new people. I recently changed jobs, and one of my co-workers and I really got along. So we exchanged phone numbers to talk outside of work. But I get so nervous initiating the conversation, so I just sit and wait for her to text me first.  twilightsentinel

All By Myself

Making new friends. God I'm awkward.  Ananas8

Hands Off

Shaking hands. I have no idea if they want a hand, a fist or a high five! Completely disarm the person by delivering a crisp smack to the face, and then say "how do you do?" When in doubt, I go in for the open-mouthed kiss.  Occlpv2 squalorid PopeliusJones


Hard Sell

Walking past someone on the street, at the mall, or in the doorway of a large store who is trying to sell me something. I avert my eyes and walk faster while holding my breath the entire time. I hate it soooo much. Especially those aggressive people in the booths at the mall that practically chase you down to try to sell you dead sea minerals, nail kits, or phone cases.  Two_kids_two_pugs


Calling in to work sick.  Outrageous_Claims


I hate when people rub their hands together really fast. Like as in I freak out if I hear it. 
A radio station in my hometown once asked the very same question so I called in and told them on air. Of course, they do it and I scream. I end up winning some tickets for something or other. But the best thing is that they used the clip of my call as an advertisement for their show for at least a year!  sophiespo


Cottony Soft

My wife has a mini freak out if you rip a cotton ball in half then yells "How does that not freak you out?!" It's a good way to pass the time.  KingGrognak

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Compliments. I grew up as a below average looking kid who was bullied a lot for my looks, etc. This led me to believe I was ugly, and I suffered very low self esteem until later in life. I didn't really receive a compliment of any sort until, maybe, 18? Even now, when someone compliments me, my mind sort of tells me that it is a back handed insult of some sort, or some sort of prank. I have to remind myself that this isn't high school anymore and these people don't have any reason to poke fun at me like that. That's one of a huge problems with childhood bullying. You never really grow out of it and it has the ability to impact you for a very long time.  Yoinkie2013

Gimme a Meh

Dishonest enthusiasm - No, you're not SO PASSIONATE about changing our account process, Kyle.  Ganglebot


Tit for Tat

My wife when we buy something with styrofoam and I rub 2 pieces of it together. She gets me back though because I can't stand the sound of someone clipping their toenails. I literally get nauseous and have to leave the area.  DaftFunky


Having to say "here" in class, I always over analyze the way I'm saying it and get extremely anxious waiting for my name to be called.  Baekahchu


Saying goodbye on the phone. "Okay, well, thanks again. See you... uh... next time then. Okay.... Alright... Okay. Bye." UGH Please please PLEASE just let it end.  laffydaffy24


Au Revoir

Saying good bye in group settings like family gatherings, parties, weddings, etc. I'd prefer to ghost.  evolve20

I Need Space

Having someone i barely know touching me. I mean I love physical stuff but if I don't know you I'm going to assume you're trying to rob me or show dominance.  floraisadumbass

Sloppy Chops

When people make that lip smacking tongue flapping sound when they eat.  BucketofFeet



Haircuts. It's basically forced and awkward conversation hour.  K_Murphy

Ding Dong

Doorbells. Can't even explain why, but they make me jump out of my skin.

That's why I prefer knockers.  Reddit

Back Off

Hugs from people I barely know. I get that they're being nice or whatever, I just don't like people in my space. Just shake my hand and move on.

"Don't be like that (licks your face) I'm just saying hello!"  Optimus_Pitts squalorid


Private Pain

Really public Facebook posts about continued grief, like on the anniversary of a death or such. Especially when I'm sharing that grief, for some reason it really bothers me. I know this isn't always the case and that (grief) is different for everyone, but in my head it feels like making a spectacle of that loss or using it for attention.  Tinystompfriend

I Can Hold It

Using a public restroom with someone else in there.  Mr_Cheddars

Eep Veep

Married couples calling each other "Mom" and "Dad. Even after they have kids, I find it creepy. And yeah, I know it can be a kink, too, but woe the man who ever calls me "Mom".  Kay_Elle

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