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Cheating on a test: Chances are you've done it at least once. And if you didn't, you likely entertained it. But for most of us, it's little more than a thought. Why risk failing the class entirely, right?

Redditor Conchobarrubio9 is responsible for today's burning question: "What is the craziest way you've seen someone cheat on a test?"

"A while back..."

A while back in this business law class I took we had a final that was online, multiple choice, had to be completed in 90min, and there were 90 questions. We had a minute per question for a business law class and each of them were pretty detailed. A couple classmates asked if I wanted to take it with them and I declined. So anyways I heard

  • That half of the class ended up taking the final together
  • They started and ended at different times
  • They assigned groups of three to ten questions each
  • They for certain questions they decided to chose different answers so they didn't have the same answer as the rest of the group
  • One person had a running list of the answers that they found.


"A kid..."

A kid in my grade 11 social studies class made a huge poster-sized cheat sheet and hung it on the building across from our classroom so that he (and several other students) could see it when they looked out the window. The teacher never suspected anything until the principal happened to walk by outside and noticed it and gave the funniest look at our classroom through the window. Someone got in trouble but secretly, I think the principal was actually kind of impressed.




Overheard two of my peers learn Morse code to cheat.


"My brother..."

My brother has diabetes and he didn't study for his math test. The class before he gave himself too much insulin so that his blood sugar would drop in the middle of the test. He asked if he could go to the nurse's office to check his blood sugar. The teacher took his test and told him to finish it tomorrow. Before he left he wrote down all the problems to the test and went home and solved them. He got a A+ on that test.


"Had a friend..."

Had a friend try to learn Braille so he could cheat in Spanish... he soon realized it was just easier to study Spanish than learn Braille, plus he had no real way of actually generating Braille cheat sheets.


"I know someone..."

I know someone who had the answers on their smartwatch. This was before they got super big.


"As a teacher..."

As a teacher I had a totally different person try to take an oral English test in place of one of my students. It was obvious because I knew all the students (despite having ~200 students that semester and stereotype of white people thinking all Asians look similar), and I definitely knew the students who had enough English to argue politics. The exam was fun, we had a good conversation, and the student got the only F in the class.


"In a listening language-test..."

In a listening language-test, the smart guy would cough if the correct answer was A, scratch his ear for C, fiddle his pencil for D and most brilliantly: do nothing if the answer was B.


"Our high school..."

Our high school had a uniform, which was pleated skirts for girls. I knew someone who would put strips of paper in the hidden part of the pleats. It wasn't too obvious to check and no one was going to ask her to unfold her skirt.

I also knew someone who had their friend distract the teacher so that he could sneak into the classroom, put the CD for the test bank in the computer, and memorize the answers to the final. He got over a 90% on the 100 question test, which makes me believe he was smart enough to not have needed to cheat.


"Saw a stack..."

Saw a stack of Aqaufina labels lying around in my friend's dorm room and noticed that the nutrition facts and ingredients space was blank. When I asked about it, he proceeds to show me a template on his computer to type out answers onto the label's blank spaces. He just prints out his cheat sheet, wraps it around a spare water bottle, and keeps it on his desk while taking the test.




Geography, the teacher was quite old with a very thick glass.

One of my friends simply wrote and draw random things on the blackboard, then erased it to made it looks like a dirty blackboard, wrote the test subject on the blackboard then lightly erased them just enough to be readable from the back row.

The whole class cheated on that day.


"In high school..."

In high school, my U.S. history professor had us turn in our phones at the front of the room during exams to make sure no one used them to cheat. While annoying for us, I suppose it gave him one less thing to worry about when looking for cheaters.

Well about halfway through the semester my professor had us switch seats, and I ended up next to this girl near the back of the classroom. When the next exam rolled around she turned her phone in with everyone else. Then during the exam I watched as she proceeded to pull out a second phone and use it to look up answers.


"My friend stole..."

My friend stole the USB drive from our teacher's projector table in Chemistry. We were given Macbook Airs as school supplied tech for the entire year so he just airdropped the whole USB to every student in the class and put the actual drive back on the table mid lecture. That dude sells drugs now. I mean, he did in high school too, but as far as I know that's all he does. Brilliant mind that just doesn't give a sh*t.


"When I was..."

When I was in 7th grade my friend and I shared a basic calculator during every math test. We came up with a way to help each other out.

She sat in front of me and there was a ledge on the wall next to us. If we had a question about one of the problems we would type in the number of the problem and slightly slide it to the other. If we just set it down and didn't slide it there was no question. The other person would reply back with 1 meaning the answer was A, 2 meaning B, and so on. If we replied 10 then we didn't know the answer.

Never got caught and ended up getting an A in that class.


"The teacher didn't notice."

In my middle school, this one kid dropped his cheat sheet on the ground under his desk. Any time he wanted to cheat he just put his head down and read from the sheet on the floor. The teacher didn't notice.


"Mission completed."

Our class has a very good relation with some older classes. We were making a French test, while the last years had their exam stunt. Our French teacher is very blind.

So many last year students were walking and running around the hallway. A friend sitting next to me (next to the window that shows the hallway) just casually showed his tests to one of them. The older guy wrote the answer on a paper and ripped it out of his notebook and slipped it under the door. Mission completed.


"Some girl brought an earpiece..."

Some girl brought an earpiece with her boyfriend on the other line during a chemistry quiz, which was easy anyways, so not worth the effort imo.


"I saw this one girl..."

I saw this one girl who went through a book that had all the answers in it and memorized all the important bits. When the test came around she knew everything.

Crazy what some people do for good grades.


"These could be erased..."

In our 6th grade science labs, we had black tables that would leave light smudges if you used your eraser on it. These could be erased if you licked your finger and wiped it off. Apparently the kid who sat in my seat during 8th period the previous day wrote the answers for the test the following day on the table, and I got accused of cheating. Luckily, the teachers believed me, because I was a good kid.


"Professor sat us..."

Professor sat us to write exam in bunches of only 6 people at once. Not only she saw everyone, she went back and forth, sometimes going to the back room and watching us there while enjoying conversation with fellow colleagues. Don't ask me how, because I have no idea, but girl, who sat in first row, right in front of me at some point started talking, and only moment later I realised that she's on the phone with someone who dictated her answers. Some people.


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