Cottonelle Is Doling Out Some Amazing Responses To Haters Of Their New Ad Featuring A Gay Couple

Cottonelle Is Doling Out Some Amazing Responses To Haters Of Their New Ad Featuring A Gay Couple

One of Cottonelle's new "DownThereCare" TV spots includes a gay couple and some people are up in arms about it on Twitter.

The ad features a young man in slacks, dress shirt and a bow tie nervously awaiting a meeting with the parents of his significant other, while a voiceover extols the benefits of Cottonelle's rippled toilet paper in helping you feel clean and confident.

The commercial finishes with the line:

"So before they sit you down, give your booty a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean and make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother."

See for yourself:

Cottonelle® DownThereCare: Meet His Parents TV

In the 16 second clip, the couple is featured for no more than a few seconds. The fact that they are gay is in no way the focus of the commercial but, as always seems to be the case, some latched onto that one facet in outrage.

There are, of course, some people who simply can't handle the presence of a gay couple in advertising. Cottonelle wasn't having any of it, though, and took a definite stance against the vitriol.

Cottonelle wasn't the only one calling people out for their unwarranted outrage, though.

Some attempted to reason with the offended.

Others chose the more humorous approach.

Inclusion of members of the LGBT+ community in media of any kind, including advertising, is not "pushing the gay agenda," and the only way you could claim it was "in your face" is if you're sitting too close to the TV.

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