People Describe The Clear Signs That They're Getting Older

People Describe The Clear Signs That They're Getting Older
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People say age is nothing but a number, or maybe it's a state of mind.

In my case, it's mostly a state of bladder.

In all fairness to my bladder, I'm not even 5 feet tall so it would be weird if I had some enormous elephantine organ.

I've always had to pee a lot ... but now I'm almost 40 and have a few pregnancies under my belt and honestly it's easier for me to just announce when I DON'T have to pee.

It's never. The answer is never.

Don't even ask me.

Yes, I have to pee.

And I'm not the only one.

Reddit user NordicModro asked:

"What is a clear sign of you getting older?"

Before Leaving

"You don't dare leave the house without peeing."

- GrimmRetails

"Especially in the winter."

"One of my biggest fears is getting into a car accident and pissing my pants, laying in the snow in wet pants waiting for the EMTS, ambulance, freezing my ass and Vjay off."

"I HATE being cold, but wet cold is hell."

- gerrywasi

"Oh yeah, and before you sleep, and when we wake up in the middle of the night and then the second time."

- docsav0103

"Whenever I see large sport championship parades or events like NYE in Times Square the first thing I think is: Where do they pee? I also will not go anywhere without knowing beforehand there will be enough facilities LOL."

- Capital_Pea


The Elder Scrolls

"When you are asked your birthday online and you realize how much you have to scroll to get to your birth year."

- ManicPrincessofKink

"It feels like I'm spinning the wheel on The Price is Right."

- Bubbly-Explanation

"The Elder Scrolls"

- NearbyBreakfast

"I had to travel in the early days of covid and my state required an online travel declaration before arrival."

"The web page only let you enter your birthdate through a calendar widget. I had to manually scroll back 598 months."

- needlenozened

"I was setting up my online bank account and they wanted my birthday. To get to it you had to click the calendar back month by month."

"I was born in 1964. That's over 680 clicks to get to my birthdate."

"That system was designed by a blithering idiot. Probably a teenaged blithering idiot."

- PaperPlaythings



"I saw this somewhere yesterday, you live your 30's just like your 20's until 'the injury' or 'the diagnosis.' "

- -Words-Words-Words-

"This is me."

"No injury, but life-changing (not life-ending) diagnosis -and the following ramifications- at 33 signaled the end of the good times, and forced me to come to terms with my mortality."

"Now my Friday/Saturday nights consist of couch, Cooper’s Hawk (home by 10), or DnD. Youth, and life, is precious ya’ll. Don’t waste it."

- deltavictory

"I feel attacked."

"Ate sh*t on a snowboard last year and dislocated my shoulder to the point it needed surgery. Now I walk like an old man on slippery surfaces for fear that something else is gonna fall apart on me if I go down."

- Puzzled_Reply_4618

"Yup. I strained the hell out of my back when I was 35 and In good shape - sitting on the ground pulling a weed. Could not move on my own. Needed to go to the ER for meds! That was like smacking into a wall"

- JohnExcrement


Sneaking Out

"I used to sneak out of home to go to parties."

"Now I sneak out of parties to go home."

- TheYoungWan

"Your next stage of old is not going to parties in the first place."

- YouveGotItMister

"I hate you and feel attacked by this comment. This is amazing. And hurts."

- Phoenixapartment

"Fact! My husband and I have a code word for when it’s time to go."

- Notjustapornacct


Action Movies

" 'Ooh I like their cabinetry' while watching an exciting action movie."


" 'Who is going to pay for all this?' after an explosion"

- AtmospherePerfect532

" 'As if they'd furnish a million dollar penthouse with Ikea furniture. How unrealistic' - Me watching Hawkeye"

- BCS24

"Haha, I've been telling my husband about the cabinetry in the second season of the Punisher for two years now!"

- CallieCatsup


Legitimate Comfort

"You don't feel as compelled to engage as much. For better or for worse I suppose."

"I'm in my early 40's. And at this point I've learned to be ok with people being wrong. Used to feel like some sort of crusade to make sure everyone had the right information. Like many things in life, you always have to ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze."

"End of a game of Overwatch, had a bad game? Some random says 'Wow thanks for throwing, you were trash' My response? 'gg' "

"Someone cuts me off? Give them room."

"I just leave people the fuck alone as I want left alone. It's kind of become my life's mission. Fuck all that bs about pushing yourself."

"Seek some goddamn legitimate comfort because life will never stop throwing you bs to maintain that hobby of dealing with challenges. But what life will never offer you without you making it for yourself is comfort."

"And I find comfort in ignoring almost everyone. Most of the time. Not from a lack of compassion. Just don't like the volume that loud you know?"



No Longer Static

"The biggest one for me is realizing and recognizing that my parents are getting older."

"For my childhood, they were these static, never changing figures. But now, they're older and I can see that. It's definitely pretty saddening and worrying."

- Kaidsburg100

"I had this realization last year."

"My dad is almost 60. I've always had young parents but the years are finally starting to show and it freaked me out. Like a glass shattered moment. '

'I hate it."

- PirateQueenDani

"Had this realization last week when my dad turned 70, it just made me sad."

- stevio87



"After sitting still for a long period of time, standing and walking involves shambling about like a zombie."

"You're fine after a seconds of movement, but initially nothing works right."

"To be honest, it can be solved by more movement in our lives."

"Daily walks, stretching exercises, yoga, that sort of thing. Aerobics would be great, but nothing high impact."

"The older you get, the worse being sedentary is for you; sitting down without moving or stretching for long periods (over a few hours) is fine when you're 20. When you're 40, it means your joints lock up, your muscles fall asleep, and you get cramps."

"If we moved every hour or so (even just standing up and doing a few stretches), it would likely go away."

- Kiyohara



"I schedule plans with friends earlier and earlier every passing year."

"There's just something so satisfying about getting dinner and drinks at 6p and being back at home wearing my comfy fit binging the show du jour by 9p."

- cheerioguvna

"Yep. I'm 34 and now limit evening activities as much as possible."

"Just can't be bothered anymore."

"It's wet, cold, dark, you have to drag yourself out when you really don't want to then have the effort of getting home again afterwards."

"Screw that. I'd rather do stuff during the day and just have a quiet evening in to myself."

- _spookyvision_


The Grumpy Neighbor

"You know that movie trope where some kids play baseball or something and break an old guy’s windows?"

"As a kid I thought that guy was a grump. Now I just think about what a pain it would be to have your windows replaced."

"So yeah, that’s my sign I’m getting old."

- KickedInTheDonuts


Welp ... after having read all of this I am now more convinced than ever I'm really, really, old—and maybe I always have been.

Time for a nap.

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