People Describe The Clear Signs That They're Getting Older
Aatik Tasneem/Unsplash

People say age is nothing but a number, or maybe it's a state of mind.

In my case, it's mostly a state of bladder.

In all fairness to my bladder, I'm not even 5 feet tall so it would be weird if I had some enormous elephantine organ.

I've always had to pee a lot ... but now I'm almost 40 and have a few pregnancies under my belt and honestly it's easier for me to just announce when I DON'T have to pee.

It's never. The answer is never.

Don't even ask me.

Yes, I have to pee.

And I'm not the only one.

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People Break Down The Things They're Waiting To Do Until They're Older
Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

Some people love to ascribe time limits to when they can and can't do things.

There are sayings out there such as "LA is for your 30s," or "I could only do that in my 20s," or "I feel like I'm in my 80s," when you are doing something like eating peanuts and watching Designing Women.

The truth is, we can do these things whenever. Though it's fun to ascribe ourself these limitations, they aren't necessarily accurate. but sometimes, people make the choice to leave things for later.

With life both being "no day but today" and an incomprehensible stretch of time among us, it's natural to reserve some things for later.

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People Break Down Which Things You Should Never Do Once You Turn 30
claudia lam/Unsplash

The big 3-0. For some reason, turning 30 years old has become a very scary thing.

The past two years in particular have been very strange one's to turn the milestone age. Cosmopolitan interviewed a few people who turned 30 turning the pandemic.

One person said:

"Turning 30 is the point at which we're pressured to feel it 'all coming together.'"

Because no one had anything to do on their birthdays, and their once vibrant lives were on pause, that quarter-life crisis feeling wasn't as heavy. They were able to let go of the things they thought they needed in their 20s.

We went to Ask Reddit to learn more about what those things were that needed to change once you hit that magic number.

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People Explain Which Behaviors They're Getting Too Old To Even Tolerate
Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

The cruel reality of life is our looming expiration dates as we age like fine wine.

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People Divulge The Most Accurate 'You'll Understand When You're Older' Experiences

Growing up, I was pretty positive that my dad was a lunatic who was triggered by lights and ceiling fans. Then I started paying the electric bill ; hey turns out that particular bit of "lunacy" might just be genetic. So is the one that makes you really excited about a good air fryer.

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