People Speculate On What Was In The Briefcase In 'Pulp Fiction'

People Speculate On What Was In The Briefcase In 'Pulp Fiction'
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Pulp Fiction, the film that catapulted director Quentin Tarantino's career into the stratosphere, has entertained countless film watchers since its 1994 release.

But one question about the film–which has been analyzed to death–continues to prevail above all. Here it is: What in the world was in that briefcase?

In the film's original screenplay, the briefcase contained diamonds. But of course the final product is a bit more abstract than that.

People shared their theories after Redditor Skuddy587 asked the online community:

"Though it was never revealed, what do you like to imagine was in the briefcase from Pulp Fiction?"

"The first time I watched..."

"The first time I watched the movie I assumed it was gold or other bright pricey mineral, the co-writer Roger Avary said once that he and Tarantino thought of the inside as diamonds while writing the characters reactions, though they never revealed it on screen."


Considering diamonds were in the briefcase in Tarantino's previous film, Reservoir Dogs, it makes sense that Tarantino did not want to repeat himself.

"I have no idea why..."

"I have no idea why but when I first saw it my friend matter of factly told me it was comic books. I went years believing that to be fact until I realized one day that it made no sense at all."


This is rather cute. Imagine watching Pulp Fiction and falling for something as innocuous as comic books.

"A Laserdisc..."

"A Laserdisc of Shazaam starring Sinbad."


The horror. You sound like a sadist.

"Same thing..."

"Same thing that was in the Chevy Malibu's trunk in Repo Man."


Look at you, figuring it all out. So simple!

"A golden ticket..."

"A golden ticket to the chocolate factory."


Okay, something tells me you watched an entirely different film...

"Someone suggested..."

"Someone suggested to Tarantino that is was some golden suit from an Elvis Presley famous concert. Tarantino did not confirm, because there is no answer, but said that it was possible."


It might actually be the suit of the Post-Master General, Deputy Chairman of the Bank, and Head of the Royal Mint of Ankh-Morpork.

"The Krabby Patty..."

"The Krabby Patty secret formula."


Don't forget: Embarrassing pictures of SpongeBob from last year's Christmas party!

"I like to think..."

"I like to think Marcellus Wallace's briefcase contained his favorite flashlight and that's why it lights up when they open it."


I love the idea of Marcellus Wallace having a favorite flashlight. He never leaves home without it.

"Something embossed..."

"I like to think it was highly valuable bonds, or maybe stock tickets. Something embossed, hence the golden sheen, but light enough to just carry around."


You've been watching Heat again, huh?


"Pickles for an emergency."


The emergency was the missing pickles though, let's be real.

Ah, the possibilities are endless!

Considering Tarantino likes to troll us, it wouldn't surprise me if he agreed with every single one of these suggestions.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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