People Break Down The Biggest Scandal To Ever Happen At Their School
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When word of a high school scandal first gets out, there is about a 45 second buffer period before every single person in the town knows what happened.

Let's face it, normal school days grow mundane pretty quickly. So any form of juicy gossip is exciting to talk about for anybody--students, parents, and even teachers.

And while there are usually a few big scandals in a given four-year period that spans a student's entire high school tenure, there's always one that seems to take the cake.

Redditor CreateAGoodDay asked:

"What is the biggest scandal that's ever happened at your school?"

Many Redditors, of course, recalled the sex scandals. Often, it revolved around an adult teacher acting inappropriately.

Gotta Be a Better Way to Teach That

"One of them was a health class that was trying to show how STDs spread - by asking the student body to 'anonymously' submit who they've slept with."

"Went on for a couple days before that got shut down, lol."

-- MeeptheNinja

Immediately Dealt With

"One of the teachers at my secondary school had apparently offered higher grades to students if they sent him nudes. As far as I know, nobody every sent them, and the police quickly got involved."

"He ended up getting fired (obviously), and I think he spent a few months in prison. In any case, he's out now, he moved away, and doesn't work in education anymore."

-- Aspharon

High Tech Perving

"Teaching assistant ran an after-school sports club for a while, the guy was well liked so his club was popular. Then someone discovered his gym bag pointed towards the changing room showers with a camera sticking out."

"His house got raided and the police found a whole library of videos of students from this sports club in the shower. It made the news and he went to prison. He went from being one of the most popular members of staff to the most hated overnight."

-- PM_me_ur_navel_girl

And Everyone Knew

"English teacher slept with a senior on the football team. He got a full scholarship to a P5 program and played a few seasons in the NFL as a slot receiver."

-- PM_Me_UrRightNipple

Downward Spiral

"Spanish teacher was pregnant but lost the baby in childbirth. When she came back after the birth she had taken a job at another school closer to her husband and other son and left. After she left I found out she had been screwing some of the boys in the class and sending nude Snapchat's and she actually screwed some in her classroom after graduation."

"Everyone knew, even the principals but they couldn't do anything because no one wanted to be the guy that had screwed her but I know a lot of people had seen the Snapchats."

"She's since been removed from her other teaching job for mental health reasons and her husband has left her. Some people speculate if the baby was even his."

-- Living_Article_4086

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Switched Tapes

"History teacher getting divorced, marrying some random fella from far away, getting high at school and sending nudes to him during the breaks... As we were kinda nosy teenagers we went to her computer while she was away and found them... It wasn't that nice..."

-- ToddaS8

Others recalled moments of violence or threats of violence. When the safety and well-being of teenagers is on the line, you can bet that everyone's ears perk up.


"We had a week long string of bomb threats. The first one was legit, but then students realized it would get them out of school early. After the 5th one, administration threatened to add on the days we missed to the end of the school year if it happened again."

"It didn't happen again."

-- bangersnmash13

Just Like the Movies

"In college, a girl in my dorm was the daughter of a mafia guy. One night at the bar, a guy gets into an argument with her boyfriend, takes a swing at him and hits her by accident."

"2 days later her father came to campus with the two biggest human beings I have ever seen in person. They went over to the kids dorm, pushed their way into the building and where trying to kick in the door of his room when campus security and the police arrived and got them out. The kid left school that night and never came back."

-- Jealous-Network-8852

Ripple Effect

"A student got sassy with a teacher about a grade and the teacher kicked him out of the room. The student grabbed a pencil and stabbed the assistant teacher in the room. Just in the hand, but still."

"So the teacher goes rage mode and physically marches the student down to the deans office. Everyone is initially furious at the student, he'll be expelled for sure. Assistant teacher is shaken but fine."

"Daddy was a big donor to the school and the kid was on the state championship bound basketball team. Daddy argued with the school, who reverses the expulsion and instead fires the teacher for 'laying hands on a student.' "

"There were walk outs, several other teachers quit, the local news picked it up, the whole nine yards. Nothing changed. The school kept the little ahole to keep Daddy happy and fired a very, very good teacher."

-- SalemScout

The Ultimate Sacrifice

"This kid had a fake toy grenade and threw it in a classroom. The teacher dove on top of it and began to yell out to the students to go now. That kid got into sooo much trouble and had to transfer to a school out of state since nobody wanted him."

"I have no idea what happened to him but I know that he was hit with absolute crazy charges. Rumors began to spread that he was being sent to prison for insane amount of years."

-- fallin1ne

Peace and Quiet

"In college we had a reported active bomber/shooter situation. Someone called the police and told them he had students held hostage in a library study room and had a bomb in another location."

"After HOURS of standoff, SWAT arriving, news crews, people being located and ID'd, they identified the student."

"Turns out he was in an entirely different building working on a huge project with my roommate and two other students from about 3pm to 11pm. They were working with highly sensitive equipment so none of them had their phones on them."

"The kid left the project to use the restroom around 5:30 and called the cops, then came back and worked on the project for 5 more hours without dropping a hint to his teammates."

-- ProfessorBeer

Double Life

"Had a cool english teacher, allegedly an american, which just did not show up one day or the next, he was an external teacher for multiple schools. After asking around a bit, we found out he was not an american, but originally german which spent most of his life in the USA, slowly building his way to be the top dog of one biker gang..."

"...which ran pretty much everything from dope, weapons trafficking, murders, anything. He actually did not show up because the cops came to arrest him to another school, as he was wanted in Austria for kidnapping and attempted murder."

-- Jacoobic

Panicked Tragedy

"A student was pregnant, hid the pregnancy from her parents, had the baby at home while her parents were at work, and the baby died. Then a lengthy court case followed because they were never able to determine if she killed the baby or the baby died of natural causes."

"They were a pretty prominent family in the area too. It was quite a spectacle. It came out that she had had several abortions prior, and her uncle got in trouble for threatening the judge. Oh and did I mention we were a Catholic school?"

"She went to prison. Not sure what happened to her after that."

-- Hoorayforkate128

And of course, there was horrifying bathroom behavior to consider.

An Infamous Title

"Someone was writing messages in human feces all over the walls of the men's bathrooms. They were dubbed 'The Fecal Terrorist.' It went on for a surprisingly long time before the culprits were caught."

"Turns out the reason it took so long was because it was actually two guys, and they would alternate committing acts of fecal terrorism while the other one had a solid alibi."

-- ElToberino

This Time, Self-Titled

"There was a period in high school where a kid was writing 'I'm the chocolate sailor.' In poop on the bathroom wall. Then it stopped for a month or two but the next note read 'return of the chocolate sailor' I don't think the culprit was ever caught. But it was an odd thing ill never forget."

-- nkwonown

Just when you thought your school was weird or uncomfortable, here's a list to remind us that there's weird people with poor judgment everywhere you go.

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