Scandals and gossip are the bread and butter of small towns, where nothing much really happens, and any small faux pas can turn into a misstep everyone in town will remember for the next decade.

Sometimes, though, truly remarkable things happen in small towns. Whether it's a spectacular crime such as a murder or a politician embezzling town funds, or simply some bizarre event that nobody could explain, it'll definitely end up in the local paper.

There's not much to do in small towns, after all.

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Actors are some of our favorite celebrities. We get to watch their rise to fame on the big and small screen. We can watch them grow up, and grow into their careers over time.

On occasion, there's a celebrity who will do something so scandalous that Hollywood closes their doors on them and their careers are over. Sometimes it's an affair that comes out later after their rise to fame, sometimes it's a rumor we could never confirm ourselves but it's enough to cause a stir.

Hollywood wants to keep a "good image" so they won't hire people with a shady backstory. Even if it's not true, it can ruin an actors career.

We went to Reddit to hear about what actors careers in film and TV are totally in the trash.

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When word of a high school scandal first gets out, there is about a 45 second buffer period before every single person in the town knows what happened.

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Our memories are riddled with haunts. Haunts that can be impossible to get rid of. In fact, more often than not, the dark memories seem to linger the longest. They even haunt us when our minds trap us later in life. Because of these issues it can make life feel like the bad outweighs the good. This is why therapy is key. Our childhoods are riddled with moments that follow us. Nevermind the paranormal. It's time to sever the ties.

Redditor u/BabyAcid2001 wanted to hear about hauntings of the past people can't shake by asking... What is a creepy, unexplained childhood experience that you had?

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Everytime I start a new job I make a solemn pact with myself that I will not get mixed up in an unnecessary drama. I will promise to avoid any all scandals. And I refuse to bear witness to or participate in any and all salacious nonsenses. Cut to me and two to three weeks later... the main character or important supporting player in a storyline too hot even for Melrose Place.

Redditor u/lanyeweisst wanted people to dish on some salacious nonsenses they came across by asking.... What's your workplace scandal?
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