"What is the scandal in your family?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor morningmotherlover, and it certainly struck a chord.

Families are complicated, you see. And just because you might be related by blood doesn't necessarily mean you have to associate with them either, contrary to popular belief.

These people bared it all! Let's just say that if you're lucky to have a decent family, go ahead and count your blessings.

"My uncle has a..."


My uncle has a $20,000 debt from gambling, his wife doesn't know and really wants more kids (they already have 3). They're about to lose the house but he hasn't told her anything.

It's about to hit the fan yo.

For context, said uncle is on my dad's side, and I have another uncle from my mom's side (they're about the same age) and he is dating a woman who works with the said uncle.

So THE uncle with the debt confided in the coworker who's dating my other uncle, who told my grandma (his mom) who told my mom, who told me.

YUP. Welcome to my family.

Majority of my family is not very fond of the wife, so no one cares to intervene.


"From what I've been told..."

My great grandpa. From what I've been told he was an abusive drunk. He died before I was born but it's a family joke that my great grandma killed him. And sometimes there will be some Jokes being thrown around about it. I don't know if it's true or not but every time I hear it I just kinda question if my now 95 year old great grandma did it or not.


"My younger brother..."

My younger brother (in his early 20's) proposed to his girlfriend last year. Oldest sister (early 40's) decided everyone was secretly lying to him about our support of the marriage and told him so. The rest of us all actually support it and think it's great. They proceeded to get married, she refused to go to the wedding and called him a four year old who needs to grow up and apologize (uh.. for... deciding to get married?...), and now any time brother and new sis-in-law are in town visiting, oldest sister refuses to visit. And, of course, she truly believes that she is the victim in the entire situation.


"My sister-in-law..."

My sister-in-law cheated on my brother with the same man twice. After my uncle died my aunt stole his car and sold it to pay for a holiday instead of using the money for his funeral. My cousin's husband murdered a teenage girl and she didn't divorce him until he'd served a chunk of his time.


"We are concerned for her health..."

My very vain mother has 25+ year old large HARD breast implants that are super perky and round on her very frail and thin 60 year old, 90 pound body. A hug feels like torture. She denies that she has breast implants. We are concerned for her health, so we have brought it up several times. She immediately turns into a teenager who gets extremely angry and runs off. We, her kids, are almost 40. We really don't want to pretend anymore but she just cannot admit that her breasts are fake. She is emotionally immature in many ways, and her vanity is probably making her sick. It's sad and probably our longest running scandal.


"One of which..."

Well my little sister is getting married this year (June) and she stacked her bridal party with 5 girls meanwhile her fiancé doesn't really have any close friends/family so he has 2. One of which is my older sister's ex husband whom every one in my family hates.

It's gonna be a wild ride.


"My brother is a felon..."

My brother is a felon and heroin addict who likes to burglarize the houses of friends and family.

It's actually a pretty serious ordeal.


"My uncle died around the time..."

The scandal is less of what happened and more of how my family handles it.

My uncle died around the time I was born. I have no memory of him. No one ever talked about how he died. I didn't find out until I was 21.

I was at my girlfriend's parents house. They've always got the TV on, usually turned to that crime investigation documentary channel or whatever. During a pause in our conversation, I heard my grandma's name come from the TV. Whatever show they were watching was playing an episode about my uncle. I learned way more about how he died than I could have ever wanted to. It wasn't pretty.

I never told my family that I saw that on TV. They have to know it's out there, right? Anyways, my family never speaks about how my uncle died. And I found out in the absolute worst way possible.


"My grandmother had a brother..."

My grandmother had a brother that she didn't know about until she was an adult. My mother has a brother that she didn't know about until she was an adult. My siblings and I bucked this tradition, a bit. We have a sister we didn't know about until we were adults. But that's only because we thought she was our brother.


"It's kind of jarring..."

I'm black, and my dad remarried a white woman. This has caused a huge strain on my immediate family on my dad's side because his parents and family don't really like her for that reason alone.

On my other side, an uncle of mine has an illegitimate kid despite still being married to and living with his wife that he already has 4 kids with. It's kind of jarring when his kids post on social media talking about strong family values.



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