I know that many of you love the chili from a certain fast-food restaurant that rhymes with "Bendy's," but I'm here to tell you that that stuff is not fresh. Not one bit.

Okay, that statement might not hold true from franchise to franchise, but it's something worth thinking about.

Sorry to burst your bubble: This is a dark secret I've carried inside me for more than a decade.

Keep in mind: It was tasty. Quite. But it did sit out for a while. Didn't stop the customers from eating it though, and they were happy and I was paid for my work and that was that.

But there are other job secrets out there that you might not be aware of.

People shared the deets with us after Redditor You_are_a_dolt asked the online community,

"What’s a trade secret you know from working the industry?"

"I work for a printing company."

"I work for a printing company. The number of jobs that we print that say "printed on recycled paper," and it is just normal paper is astronomical."


This doesn't surprise me one bit. Cutting corners? Just business.

"If you call a call center..."

"If you call a call center of any kind, and the person you're talking to puts you on hold with no hold music, they can hear everything you're saying. I worked in an insurance call center when I was really young. I had so many people accidentally confess to insurance fraud that way."


As they say, "loose lips sink ships." It's quite accurate, especially in this case.


"Vinegar is the best thing to get your cutlery shiny in a restaurant or bar."


This is very true! When I worked in a restaurant, a vinegar solution was the way to go.

"Interned for a plastic surgeon..."

"Interned for a plastic surgeon who is very well known and does work on celebs. They sold their skincare line for hundreds of dollars and touted it as having highly advanced ingredients of the highest quality."

"They bought most of it from a wholesale retailer who stuck their name on the bottle. Website looked sketchy tbh. Also had '24k gold face masks' that were purchased in bundles off of Amazon for cheap."

"These fancy skincare lines are such a scam, don't waste your money."


Good to know! Your wallet will thank you later.

"I worked at an incredibly under stocked..."

"I worked at an incredibly under stocked coffee shop once. If someone asked for whole milk I was told by management to tell them we had it, then serve them 2%. Then one day I served a milk farmer. I've never been called out on my crap as fast as the damn milk man himself."


You never know who you might be dealing with — especially in customer service!

Tread wisely.

"Phone plans are significantly less..."

"Phone plans are significantly less expensive that what we quote you a lot of the time. TPR wants us to sell you as much literal useless junk as possible that you would not ever agree to paying for, so they make us bundle it in so you don't even think about it. It's pretty shady, but I also got a kid to feed, definitely still searching for better."


Best of luck! It's rough out there. The job market can be cruel.

"When you shop at Walmart..."

"When you shop at Walmart, do you sometimes hear the announcement saying security cameras to zone six, or another number? They play them randomly in the hopes that someone who might be stealing will get paranoid thinking they’re being watched, and will decide not to shoplift."


I used to work in a grocery store that did the same thing. It took me way too long to realize we didn't even have security.

"There's actually no difference..."

"There's actually no difference between a $300 champagne room and a $150 private dance. We're supposed to say it's more private etc, but it's the exact same just with a different price tag."


This doesn't surprise me either. Shady, but it works. Many people fall for it.

"As a freelance photographer..."

"As a freelance photographer, most magazines and newspapers don't pay you for using your photos. They offer you photo credit only. If you ask to be paid, they just get a similar photo from someone else."


Also if you have a unique photo or video, always go non-exclusive and sell it to everyone. You get way more that way than just selling to one as an exclusive.

"Never buy..."

"Automotive Industry. Never buy the first year of any new model car."


Hell, I could have told you that one! No point, it's a trap!

All of these will make you think twice when interacting with employees of any kind or the next time you call a company.

But don't worry — you're bound to have plenty of secrets of your own. Wield that power responsibly.

Have some info of your own? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below!