People Share The Best Low Effort Jobs With Surprisingly High Salaries
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Have you ever worked one of those jobs that just paid you to kinda sit there? If you have, you know the joy that comes with watching the entirety of Breaking Bad at the office while waiting for the phone to ring. It's pretty lit.

Wanna know where to apply? Check out the inside scoop from these Redditors. Rabahi asked:

What's a low effort job with a surprisingly high salary?

Ever wanna get paid large hourly wages to sit in a room and do nothing? Keep scrolling.

$35 an hour?!

“I once took a job as tape operator for a production company who was making a docu series.

I got paid $35 an hour to sit in a room overnight for 4 months with boxes of tapes, mark in/out points, and transfer digital copies to server.

It's still the easiest job I've ever had."


Best job in the world.

Dog Snuggling GIFGiphy

“I once had a job at a dog kennel and my job was to sleep In a bedroom with a dog or two, provided a comfy bed & netflix/wifi. I was getting paid $30/hr to basically cuddle with dogs.”


“Why would one leave this job, for any reason?”


Uhhhh this is my dream job.

“In college I had to catalogue and convert old radio shows. I was literally paid to listen to old comedy shows. The actual 'work' was loading the reels and pressing a button.

Neat side effect is Looney Toons cartoons make more sense, I am getting more of the jokes, turns out they were just meme fests for their time.

I am most likely the only person under about 60 who has heard the entire run of "Fibber Mcgee and Molly’."


A great job that warrants a great pun.

“I worked as a massage "model" at a massage school. My job was to lay there and be massaged for a few hours while the students did their lessons or took their exams. It was £30 an hour which isn't loads, but better than the £10 an hour office job I had before.”


“Yeah, but sometimes that's the kind of job that can just rub you the wrong way.”


​Other types of low-effort jobs just come with the fact that everyone at the workplaces knows their sh*t.

​Being efficient has many perks.

Hacking Work From Home GIFGiphy

“I do admin work for the Government. My pay is 55K. At best I get 5 emails a day with about 2 that actually concern me. No B.S; my phone has rang about 20 times since June 1st. On a super busy day I have about 45 mins worth of work to do.”


“No one wants to work in my position because they think it's extremely difficult. I spent maybe an hour today actually working.

I am super efficient so something that might take someone else 15 minutes takes me less than 5. I've also proven myself to be reliable so I don't have to justify my time with anyone like some people I work with. It's nice!”


The Best 'Actually, You're Speaking To The Boss' Experience | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Best part about having great coworkers.

“I.T. Manager at a university. The techs know their jobs, their users, and manage their own schedules and workloads among themselves. Managers basically just have to rubber-stamp timecards, confirm parts orders, and make sure the techs don't all take vacations at the same time."


“I think this is true with a lot of managers. If you hire good people, you don't have to do a whole lot. My Manager doesn't. We have a self-managing team for the most part. and our workload is medium-heavy, and we try to do as much proactive stuff, so we're not bothered on the weekend."


​$120,000 to knit all day? Sounds fun.

“I have some relatives that work for the (US) Federal Government that often talk about jobs where they work in areas like Accounting and Project Management that make over $100,000 and might on a busy day have as much as two hours of actual work.

My Aunt was talking about this one older women near retirement that made over $120,000 a year and her only job was running some transactions every morning, which usually took no more than 20 minutes, then she would spend the rest of the day knitting at her desk.”


​Low-effort jobs are the best jobs. Getting paid six figures to just chill? Sign me up.

That neighborino has a good gig.

homer simpson skiing GIFGiphy

“My next door neighbour works in a power station. His job is to sit in front of a monitor and make sure everything is working well. If something goes wrong, he calls the appropriate work station and they fix the problem. Because an alarm sounds if something is out of sync (which rarely happens) he is able to play games or read a book 99% of the time. He is on $150 per hour to basically play games and chill at work.”


“Are you Ned Flanders?”


Valid question.

“As a closed captioner broadcaster for the News, I work from home. I set my own hours and earn anything from $50 to $70 per hour, depending on the assignment. It takes a lot of money to get started, but the payoff is well worth it.”


“Do you ever worry that auto-generated captions will take your job?

They're starting to get pretty good at it.”


A legend.

“Vanna White's job on Wheel of Fortune. She gets paid $4 million a year walking back and forth in 20 feet.”


“Hey she used to have to physically turn the tiles over… she paid her dues.”


Not every job is as good as Vanna White’s, but sometimes you can really get lucky with the jobs you land.

Now where do I apply?

A truly stressful job can destroy your self-esteem and confidence. It's been said that people don't necessarily leave jobs, they leave management.

Indeed, bad management can leave you feeling unmoored and unsupported.

There has been a wider conversation about hostile work environments over the last couple of years now that the COVID-19 pandemic has afforded many people the opportunity to switch careers and/or call it quits with their awful jobs.

No job is worth your mental and physical health.

People shared their stories with us after Redditor yourmaeve asked the online community,

"Redditors who changed careers from a high paying but stressful job to a lower paying but low stress job, was it worth it, why or why not?"
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