People Break Down What Jobs Should Not Exist

People Break Down What Jobs Should Not Exist
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In a Capitalist society like the one in the U.S., there are jobs that we can point to that show us how that society creates jobs based on those values.

Capitalism takes the stance that "greed is good" and rewards bad behavior. It's clear that the jobs created under a system (founded on colonialism, slavery, and imperialism) are bound to make jobs that are for that sole purpose.

Plus, it can turn people into some real a**holes.

Redditor Vaderson69 wanted to know:

"What is a job/profession that shouldn't exist?"

Let's see what people came up with.

Lobbying shouldn't be a thing.


- icmigz

"As a paid position no. As a volunteer I'm fine with it."

- Dendad6972

"So you shouldn't be able to bring up issues directly to members of a legislature?"

- CitationX_N7V11C

"Corporations shouldn't be able to bribe politicians to pass legislation favorable to them."

- Clunt-Baby

"They're not bribing them, they're purchasing them."

- F*ck_you_sl*ts

Influencer culture is vicious.

"Influencer or life coach."

- Coffee_666

"Saw a pic of some influencer posing in front of her dead dad's open casket at his funeral (I think in r/awfuleverything). Sad this phenomenon seems to have taken off of people doing absurd sh*t for the views and commission."

- DarthContinent

Street cleaning.

"I would love to live somewhere that doesn't need a small army of people picking up trash in the streets."

- WatchTheBoom

"I saw Dune last night at the IMAX. Before the movie they came on the intercom and said how excited they were to have a full theater for the first time in a long time. Then they asked everyone to please check their area to make sure they take all their trash with them."

"After the movie I had to wade through a river of garbage and popcorn to leave."

"People suck."

- bclagge

Insurance Providers.

"Health insurance provider."

- themanwith2arms

Here's a great article explaining the downfalls to private health insurance.

"A health plan that is good for sick people attracts more sick people and that is not in the self-interest of anyone who is in charge."
"Ironically, failing to meet all the needs of people who are sick can be profit maximizing."

There are places you literally cannot pump your own gas.

"Gas pumpers."

- FishingGirl77

"They still exist? I haven't seen one in years."

- bluejester12

"Oregon & New Jersey have them. It's illegal to pump your own fuel there."

- Methelsandriel

Bounty hunting is still legal.

"Bounty hunters. The idea that a random person without any legal authority can go after criminals like some sort of vigilante is something that should have died with the saloons from the Old West, where they used to hang out."

- jose628

"There's a reason it is outlawed in all but two countries, the US and the Philippines. It's an awful practice and leads to more problems than it solves. If the police are unable to bring in fugitives, they need to step up their game, not allow some low life to bring them back in."

- Commander_Shepard_

According to HG Legal Resources, U.S. bounty hunters reportedly catch over 30,000 bail jumpers each year or about 90% of the fugitives who jump bail.

Paparazzi are paid stalkers.


"I find their behaviour in order to get 'exclusive' pictures voyeuristic, aggressive and stalking in all but name. Anyone who buys or circulates paparazzi or unsolicited pictures of people going about their business on their own time is part of the problem."

- IndigoRose72

"I agree that our culture's obsession with celebrities is troubling, but the paparazzi themselves are only responding to demand."

- Plantayne

These Actors Seemed Miscast But Absolutely Nailed The Role | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

The Actors Who Seemed Miscast But Absolutely Nailed The RoleFew people bought into the idea of Bryan Cranston in the role of Walter White before Breaking Bad...

Somehow this is still a thing.


- RedshiftSinger

"Hello it is Flo here to renew your Insurance press one"

- Affectionate-Pop8781

Marketing and Human Resources.

"Sorry guys, but most marketing and HR positions are complete bullsh*t."

"The best Marketing department I ever worked for was small, hands-on, and dealt with the tangible. The larger the company, the more utter bullsh*t that is generated. There was one guy at my old company that the sales guys would not allow at any of their meetings because he talked such utter nonsense. LOL."

"I've worked for several companies that had HR people who dealt mostly with employee morale (you know the 'Hawaiian shirt Friday' people) and I am pretty sure most companies could do without them, seeing how everyone makes fun of their goofy, embarrassing little events."

- Francesca_N_Furter

"As former HR, can confirm. We were already a bloated department and then we hired a chief diversity officer despite already being a 62% female and roughly 40% black company."

- RealArby

"It would make more sense to hire HR people who would be there to help employees out when they run into trouble at work, or they're ill, have a family member ill etc. silly parties that no one wants to go to are only annoying."

- Rosieapples

"HR people do that, it's called FMLA."

- _homealonemalone_

We pay people to put our stuff back for us.

"Shopping cart wranglers. If people would put their sh*t back where they found it."

- ThunderMuffin233

"I can assure you without knowing you that you are one of the people who don't do this every time either. No one does."

- CitationX_N7V11C

"Not gonna lie, I don't always put it back where I got it, but I put it in the cart return in the parking lot if available."

- ThunderMuffin233

This might offend some people.

"I know some people will be offended but 'professional gamer.'

"I might as well be a professional movie watcher."

- Forsaken_momo

"Movie critics would like a word."

- bruinslacker

"Yeah hate those a**holes."

- Miserable-Air1243



- Skycat9

"Slumlord, landlord is necessary."

- Dendad6972

"Society would function just fine without a privileged class of landowners leeching vast sums of free money off the backs of those who need it most. F*ck em."

"Yes all of them."

- Skycat9

24 hour news.

"The whole 24 hour news cycle industry."

- Eman_Modnar_A

The 24/7 cable news eventually lead to the sensationalizing of every day news because companies like MSNBC, CNN and FOX News started competing for viewership.

Throw the whole thing away.


- b1ue777


- Miserable-Air1243

"The whole system is completely ridiculous. People shouldn't be charged absurd legal fees just to know their rights/ defend themselves, or do some procedures. The whole thing is f*cked."

- b1ue777

"Bathroom attendant."

"I'm pretty sure I can pick up the towel myself."

- LostSailor25

It's really about keeping the bathrooms clean and safe, but often is a thankless job.

Accountants for the rich.

"The accountants who's job it is to help rich people not pay taxes."

- Brianshissler2013

Here's a list of all the ultra rich that didn't pay taxes.

Regardless of the reason for the job or the intent of the person working, it's a product of our society. A system that puts pressure on their workers to fend for themselves and rewards them for being ruthless is bound to create some issues.

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