People Share The Best Examples Of A Victimless Crime

People Share The Best Examples Of A Victimless Crime
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There are so many layers to crime, so many levels.

Are there crimes that aren't really crimes?

We're not talking about murder here, but what about jaywalking?

If there is no victim, does it count?

There are also quite a few local laws that don't quite make sense.

Should those count as a true crime especially if they get repealed when people find out about them?

One Redditor wanted to discuss the ways we end up in trouble with the law without a body, so they asked:
"What’s the best example of a victimless crime?"

I'm probably guilty of everything we're about to talk about.


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"Eh... I jaywalk and don’t care. As long as no cars are coming I just go."


Get a Handbook

"Piracy of Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products."

"I've read that Adobe just allows it to happen, because it means that the young generation of designers and creatives get trained on the software as kids/students, and then when they're at work in the real world the companies that actually have to pay for whatever they use have to buy it, because Adobe products are what people are familiar with."


Just Us


"If two adults want to have sex it's 100% fine. But if two adults want to have sex for money it's 100% illegal. It's just a moral thing not a logical thing. Think of all the tax money they could get from it."


When in Michigan

"Up until a few years ago it was illegal in Michigan to leave your car idling and unoccupied, even on private property. The law was in place to discourage auto theft. But practically everyone does it on winter mornings to warm up their cars. I'd never heard of it being enforced until a few years back when a guy got ticketed for having his car running in his own driveway. Most people were surprised to find out that there was even a law about it. It was repealed soon after."



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"Apparently saving food that was going to be thrown away. Feeding the homeless."


How is it a crime to feed needy people? Insane.


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"Pretty much breaking any laws that are meant to prevent injury or harm. i.e. not wearing a seatbelt. speeding, jaywalking, carrying a firearm in public etc. The are only potential victims, but no actual victims yet."


On Her Own...

"When the school called me because my kid was smart enough to buy a 20 dollar bag of candy, and start nickel and diming it for a profit to other students.

"The whole economic system is based on this very principle. My 7th grader figured out how to make a buck. On her own."

"I insisted on entering the science fair using this scenario as a social experiment. She's thinking about it."


Zoned Out

"A lot of zoning violations that are more about aesthetics such as having unregistered cars in your yard, not painting your house a certain color, too many or not enough plants, other stupid things that aren't hurting anything other than your nosy neighbor's feelings."

"I agree with zoning for health and safety. But just for showiness, it's not hurting anything. If they don't like my house and yard don't look. Mind your own business."


Simple Stuff

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Mere possession of pretty much anything. If something is considered dangerous/bad, the crime lies in how it’s used, not simply possessing it."


Well, these really were some interesting cases.

Do you have any other victimless crimes you'd like to pose? Let us know in the comments.

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